Letter to the Editors From Ethel Mae Johnson

posted by Ethel Mae Johnson @ 14:20 PM
November 30, 2010

Look here.  I’m writing because I hear that some lady named Bea has been asking around about me.  She is Jude’s friend and he lives up the street from me. I just moved into the neighborhood a few months ago.  My grandkids and I got this house through those Habitat for Humanity people.
 These are my daughter’s kids.  And she died a few years ago, and so now I have to raise them.  I don’t know where their father is.  He don’t do nothing to help.  I’m a retired senior citizen widow woman too.  So this is hard on me.  But I wasn’t gonna let my kith’ and kin’ be raised by some of them foster folks.

 We moved into this neighborhood with hardly anything,  but most people has been kind and neighborly.  And, although I understand that a lot of people think Mr. Jude is sometimes mean and stingy, I am sure grateful for the help he gave us with the front yard, and how he trained the oldest boys to take care of it.

 Please tell Miss Bea that she don’t have no cause to worry about me taking her friend.  I don’t know what Mr. Jude means to her, but we’s all too old to be thinking ‘bout such things.  That’s what’s got so many people in trouble with The Lord nowadays anyway.

 By the time I finish trying to see after these kids, feedin’ them and gettin’ their clothes ready for school, I’m bushed.  Ain’t got no time or strength for anything else.   And ole Mr. Jude ain’t never even suggested anything like that to me.

 I’m a praying woman and some say that Miss Bea is too.  I don’t know what else to say except that I reads my Bible everyday, and I’m praying that God will provide some good warm Christian clothing wholesale for these kids this winter. It’s all I can do to keep food on the table.  These kids eats so much.  So I just have to trust God for their Christmas gifts.

 Please give Miss Jael my regards.  Tell her that I have my grandson put her on everyday and he reads the blog column he copies from them puters at school to me.  He also helps me with this letter.  And please tell that Miss Bea lady I don’t mean her no harm!

 Well I’s got to cook some rutabagas and snap beans with corn pone for dinner.  So thanks again!  Bye now.

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