Good News Friday: Advances in Bio-Fuels, Other Renewable Energy

posted by Jael Ever @ 19:10 PM
October 7, 2011

 It may not be the usual exciting topic for this blog, but readers do need to hear the Good News that the U.S. government is swiftly moving to advance bio-fuel production.  The Department of Agriculture announced this week that it is awarding some $ 80 million in order to expand this nation’s biofuels industry.  Environmental News Service (ENS) says that these grants will go to 163 energy producers in 41 states.

 Essentially bio-fuels are produced from either renewable resources such as plant biomass, vegetable oils, other fats, restaurant and agricultural residue, and treated waste from residential, municipal or industrial sources––all from sources not taken from food products.  Thus, new grants are not for ethanol-corn sources.

 The largest award of $ 9.94 million goes to Lake Erie Biofuels which promises to use its proprietary blending  technology for the least costly “biodiesel from vegetable oils, animal fats or a multi-feedstock blend.”

 Moreover, several million-plus dollar grants will go to companies––i.e. Smarter Fuel, Inc., Ag Processing, Inc., Environmental Energy Recycling Corporation, etc.––that will make biodiesel from discarded cooking oils, recycled from the food service industry.

 In addition, based on its own invention for special bio-fuel production, Ever Cat Fuels of Isanti, Minnesota, will receive $ 98,500 to offset the cost or producing some 880 gallons of biodiesel.  Next Ever Cat Fuels hopes to produce fuel from pennycress weeds that can be grown in even harsh soils.

 OTHER Good News:  Hundreds of energy specialists from the United States, Latin America and Europe will meet in Miami next month for the “Only Sustainable 2011 Conference.”  The goal of the three-day conference is to assess present sustainable energy projects in their countries and to project the growth of those projects in the coming years.  to be held November 7th – 9th in downtown Miami at the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College.

 According to Javier P. Palencia, Director of Only Sustainable, this one of a kind event will also be a “vital meeting place for investors, banks, companies, scientists, governments and other actors within the renewable energy sector.”  Those wishing to attend should contact

 Ignoring naysayers who think that nothing can be done to overcome excessive energy costs, a few people are doing what they can to invent better energy systems.  Likewise, God’s Word instructs Christians to ignore negative obstacles and go forward with the message of Jesus Christ.  In Philippians 3: 14, St. Paul writes:  “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  Whether in job, home or ministry, true Christians must start pressing  for God’s highest awards.  Now put that on a plus-size Christian sweatshirt!

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