Good New: Little Ways to Go Green

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:46 PM
June 17, 2011

In addition to buying smaller cars that get better gas mileage, more Americans are finding ways to go green, hoping to help the nation lessen its carbon footprint.  These methods include: changing household and other everyday habits; buying low-cost green homes, furniture and appliances built with modern-day trash; buying used items instead of new ones; and pushing lifestyles back two or three generations to a simpler, easier and more natural way of life.

 Bloggers, domestic “eco-friendly green advisers” and environmentalists all agree that 21st century advancement is, in fact, killing the planet, and it must be reversed.  For instance, squidoo writes on this site: “Going Green is a phrase referring to the pursuit of knowledge and practices that lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, thus helping protect the environment and sustaining its natural resources.”  That sites makes an astounding statement about today’s lifestyle:  “It is estimated that: We only use 20% of the stuff in our homes.  We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  De-cluttering eliminates 40% of work needed to clean the average home.” 

 While it is not said distinctly, those turning to a “greener” way of life, reject business advertisers insistence that Americans must buy new, buy often and buy plenty.  In contrast, they suggest that Americans should buy used and recycled items as often as possible, and scale down and simplify modern lifestyles.  This struggle between “green-lifers,” and the corporate moguls and politicians who push-back against Global Warming is real.  It reflects divisions within the society about what is more important:  saving jobs or saving lives.  It also reflects the argument as to whether or not mankind must fight to save planet Earth.

 On his blog, among other vital ideas, David Toomey, author of “101 Ways to Go Green and Save Money,” suggests:  1)  Hang clothes outside for drying to save electricity and the need for wrinkle-free cloths; 2) Use ceiling fans to cool rooms and circulate air rather than air conditioners; 3) Insulate the basement, as well as the attic, and ducts and pipes of your home; 4) Use authentic items, not paper substitutes, such as cloth diapers instead of disposable ones, and china plates and cups instead of paper ones; 5) Walk, run, cycle, car pool, or use public transportation to go to work and other locations, etc.  Toomey’s book is free and can be downloaded from his website.

 The quandary is which way of life is better for the country, its economy and its people.  The correct answer can only come from godly wisdom.  As Bible verse cards for Job 12: 13 say, with God is wisdom and strength; He gives counsel and understanding.  But these blessings only come to those who ask Him for them.  Regardless of which lifestyle they choose to follow, believers must ask God’s wisdom for the nation.  Only He can deliver from this disastrous dilemma.

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