John Calls: Times For Urgent Prayer

posted by Uncle John @ 19:49 PM
March 29, 2011

John:  Hey gang!  I ask’d ma bell to get us all on this tele so we can talk ‘bout ‘portant stuff.  Ok say yourse name so we knows whos’ on line.

Bea:  This sher is me John, Bea.

Ethel:  Tanks much for ‘viting me sir.  I’s em Ethel.

John:  Jude is ya here?  Let me git that operat girl. He’s spose ta be shear.

John:  Jude, Jude she say you’se on da line.  So say somethung!

Jude:  ok ok I’m shar!  So what ya wants me ta say?

Bea:  Why’s hello Jude.  Beens long time I ain’t spok’ or seen ya.  Is ya doing right fine ok?

Jude:  Yeah, yeah.  So wha’s this all ‘bout John?

John:  Well first I’d wanna let us all ta say hi to Ethel.  She’s new to us en’s pals group.

Jude:  Corse I know her.  She’s mys neighbor. Come on!  I ain’t got all days.

John:  Bea, I don’t think ya knows Ethel, does ya?

Bea:  Well, no I guess I’s don’t knows her, or met her or nyeethang.  So’s I gess I’d best says hi to her.

John:  O.K. Say it then!

Bea”  Hi Ethel.  Been meaning to call and say thanks fo the gift.

Ethel:  How ya doing Miss?

John:  Good thang! Now I’s calls us cause we needs to form a prayins’ gets togeth’r.  A phonen’ prayins’ gathern’.  There’s much we’s got to pray ‘bout.

Jude:  First yas gots to pologize fo ways you say stuff bout me in Jael’s page.

John:  Ahhhh!! Come on man. Ya knows I twas just jossen ya.  Taint notin ta bes upsets bout.  Butz ok if yas want, I pologize.

Jude:  Well I guess that’ll be ok.  But I’s still miffed bout it.

Bea:  Com’ on Jude.  We’s got to be ‘n Christian spirit.

John:  Right!  Now da world seems ta be in a mess.  We’s gots to pray bout them peoples in Japan’s sufferin’ and that that thar ‘tomic plant cant blow us all up.   And we’s got to pray for da right peoples to win in dat fightin all round Israel.  And for our boys and them guys trying ta help thems fightin for theirs freedom!  And fer da President and Congress en all.  Ens be sure ta pray what Jael’s askin’ too!

Bea:  Yeah John, but don’t we’s have ta pray fo ours families too!

John:  Corse Bea, but yas do that everydays anyhow.  Oh me! TIME’s UP and we’s still ain’t yet prayed.  God forgive us!  Note dat prayer list.  En be sure ta reads James 5: 16b “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Ours prayin’ for these thangs saves lives and brings peace.  En, we’s all ordering wholesale Christian t-shirts with ours special pictures for picnics this summer.  So tells me ya sizes you wants.  Keeps prayin’.  We talk ‘gain next week.

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