ecd1a-fukushimaradiation    How long will the pride of a nation’s leaders allow them to lie to their people  and the rest of the world? Instead of admitting that they don’t know how to stop radiation leaks from the damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant, now the Tokyo Electric Company (TEPCO) dumps radiated water into the Pacific Ocean––again––to poison the rest of the world––again!

TEPCO also claims a giant ice wall is under construction to stop more contaminated water from continually leaking nuclear poison into world’s seas.  But then few believe this zany plan will work either, or even believe such a plan exists.

But wait, another prevarication:  New York Times reporter, Martin Fackler, reveals that instead of obeying orders to slightly retreat from the leak, TEPCO workers deserted their posts in panic:

“At the most dire moment of the Fukushima nuclear crisis three years ago, hundreds of panicked employees abandoned the damaged plant despite being ordered to remain on hand for last-ditch efforts to regain control of its runaway reactors, according to a previously undisclosed record of the accident that was reported Tuesday by a major Japanese newspaper.”

Japanese officials had suppressed the testimony of Masao Yoshida, deceased hero and former Fukushima manager who actually testified: “ . . . that 650 workers and even midlevel managers fled to another nearby nuclear plant, leaving him and 68 other employees behind to try to contain a possible fuel-core meltdown at a reactor whose building had just exploded.”

Instead TEPO testified (and the Japanese government claimed to verify) they had “evacuated all but a small number of highly dedicated workers, who risked their lives to prevent the nuclear crisis from worsening.”

Such terse carefully crafted language to obfuscate the truth that “ . . . employees began commandeering Tepco buses and using their own cars to flee to the other nuclear plant . . . about 90 percent of the plant’s workers left.” So if the workers actually feared radiation they built, how should the rest of the world feel?

AFP News reports that this week, Japan started freezing soil under leaking water plants. “The wall is intended to Contaminated-Water-under-Reactor-Buildingsblock groundwater from nearby hillsides that has been flowing under the plant and mixing with polluted water already there.

“The government-funded scheme will see 1,550 pipes laid deep in the soil through which refrigerant will be piped to create the 0.9-mile frozen wall that will stem the inflow of groundwater.” See, they called it a scheme, not me!

“Coping with the huge––and growing––amount of water at the tsunami-damaged plant is proving to be one of the biggest challenges for TEPCO, as it tries to clean up the mess after the worst nuclear disaster in a generation, in which three reactors went into meltdown. . . some settlements may have to be abandoned because of high levels of radiation.” What settlements? Who still lives near there?

I have used John 8:32 on wholesale Christian t-shirts about the truth freeing people so often, that Dr. Jael won’t let me use it again.  So how about this one:  “But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God (John 3: 21).” OK Japanese leaders time to step up!!

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