From Japan with Love: Where Else Did they Expect Radiation to Go?

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February 26, 2013

ocean-map-fish-radiation    Officials apparently wish radiation from Japan’s catastrophic nuclear breakdown would just go away.  But, alas, scientists keep finding fish containing nuclear waste’s deadly poison have swam thousands of miles to California shores.

Hmm.  Did they expect that radiation-filled water gushing into Pacific ocean waters from Fukushima’s  nuclear power plants since 2011 would just evaporate?  But if that happened it would be in the atmosphere we breath. Right?

Scientists now admit fish have ingested the poisoned stuff from Pacific ocean waters, and brought it all the way to California. So fish ‘drink’ ocean water, and thus Fukushima‘s mistake moves up the food chain to reach, ahhh, people?

And these men of science express surprise to find ‘small amounts’ of radiation still in fish today?  Where else did they expect nuclear waste to go? Hint, hint boys:  Haven’t you taught us that radiation poisons lasts for a thousand eons?

In ‘Radioactive Fish Found In California: Contamination From Fukushima Disaster Still Lingers,’ Aaron Sankin gawks surprise:  “Nearly two years after a powerful earthquake triggered a leak at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, the effects of that disaster are still being felt on the other side of the planet.

“A report released earlier this month by researchers at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station found that bluefin tuna caught just off the California coast tested positive for radiation stemming from the incident.”

But Wait! Daniel Madigan, one of the writers for this study, says consumers shouldn’t worry about eating Pacific Ocean tuna:  “We’re exposed to radiation in almost all of the food we eat . . . the isotope has been present in Pacific marine life for decades as a result of mid-20th century nuclear testing.” Well that’s reassuring!

Sankin adds:  “Some 40 percent of bottom-feeding fish caught near the Fukushima plant tested positive for high levels radiation-in-sea-food-chaiof Cesium contamination, indicating that the plant still may be experiencing low-level leaks; however, MOST of those types of fish stick relatively near the Japanese coast and don’t migrate all the way to the Americas.” My, my what other guarantee do we need?

We are to rest assured that Japan’s government has banned the sale and export of MOST of the fish caught near the Fukushima coast.  But, don’t despair.  Madigan says bluefin tuna is so over-fished that 96% of its population is depleted.

And in ‘Bluefin Tuna From The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Still Have Traces Of Radiation,’ Forbes says that people will stop buying bluefins as they are radiated, and the species will replenish.  Besides Forbes writes, at a recent auction in Tokyo, a 500 pound bluefin tuna sold for a record $ 1.76 million. Yippee!     Another reason to take heart: as Earthend’s Food Inspector Butterman reminds us, what one would buy in the market or sushi bar today for bluefin tuna probably isn’t tuna anyway, but some “better” substitute stealthy slipped in!

With such ‘optimism’ about the chances of not being killed with nuclear-powered waters, we turn to Christian messages for inspiration.  As the Apostle writes, we must:  “ . . . put to silence the ignorance of foolish men (1 Peter 2: 15).”

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