Headline: The Death of Earth Speeds Forward

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June 30, 2011

Hurry, hurry, hurry!!  Run, Don’t Walk!! Get the Latest Most Vital On-Line News About Our World Today!  Don’t miss any of the End End – New Beginning blogs Brought To You by Our Great Staff of International Writers:

 Catch Sarah Newsworthy’s next installment on the dangers of this nation’s aging, outdated nuclear power plants.  Are these plants as safe as they should be, or are they poisoning our air and drinking water?  What are the government’s plans to upgrade these plants?  And Sarah asks who will pay for these repairs?  And why is it that countries like Germany can phase out nuclear power, but not our nation?

 Plus, be sure to read Jael’s series on the death of oceans world-wide.  Is it true that because of corporate overfishing, chemical and waste dumping, Global Warming and other horrors that all ocean life is quickly heading to extinction, as a panel of noted scientists from around the world claim?  Read Jael and find out!

 Our reporters lay it on the line about the hundreds of land animals going extinct as well.  Again, Jael and Ally I Feermeno are even now researching on the many land animals that are quickly falling into extinction around the world.  Also, Ally is preparing a story on the failure of this year’s United Nation’s Climate talks over in Germany.  Will it be “the same old same old” of nothing being down to stop Global Warming?  Or are some nations making progress?

 Other paper boys don’t have up to date stories on the flooding taking place across our land.  But we do!  Ally is on the scene interviewing people now in North Dakota for stories about how these record-breaking floods have been dreadful attacks on the lives of so many people.  So much of the devastation taking place across our nation from floods, forest fires, tornados, etc., is played down in main stream press––but End of Earth reporters vow always to keep our readers up to date!

 Don’t forget our special July 4th edition!  Rev. Repriestly, John, Jude and the whole gang will have special prayers for our nation!

 And say, have you been reading installments of Jael’s new novel?  Boy, its exciting: see how this man Joe suffers in hell; how the church is praying against the evil in the city and the nation; and how the devil fights against good Christians who take him on.  Make sure to sign up to get your advance copies now!

 Our supportive advertisement today comes from plus size Christian t-Shirts.  Be sure to order yours today.   And no matter how dark things look, don’t give up! Remember what the good Apostle Paul tells us:  “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life,  whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses ( 1 Timothy 6: 12).”  So keep witnessing for Jesus, and keep looking up for Our Savior is coming sooner than we think!

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