Second Kids Rehearsal Panel: ‘Switcharoo’––Animals Attacking Us

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September 26, 2012

    Rev. Repriestly:  OK Kids.  Jael has given new orders about the Conference. She knows you favor panels about people destroying the animal kingdom.  But she also wants you to do panels on animals attacking humans on a mass scale.

John J. Jr.: But Doc, us kids have done all this internet researchin’ on Global Warming killing all kinds o’ fish in oceans, lakes and rivers.  En Aleen’s working on summer droughts killing animals.  You all got ideas on this new assignment?

Allie:  Well, my side gigs is on stray dogs, wild chimpanzees, mountain lions going into parks and coyotes living in cities.  And there’s bears killing people in national parks and going into stores for food. But that’s doubles my work!

Farley:  En I guess I can go back to looking into those python snakes creeping up through Florida and Texas into the upper U.S.  In a few years those killer snakes will be everywhere in our country.  Its a bad sign of evil.

Sissy: See here John J., I know more than just ‘bout spiders.  And I’s gonna report on those killer cats.  Don’t shake your heads!  Yea common household cats.  I am tired of all these commercials cryin’ about cuddly cats and kittens.

The truth is cats kills birds.  They kill ‘em when they cab catch ‘em.  And those salesmen on TV selling cat food, don’t want people to think about the dead birds. Some of our latest internet newspaper stories even say cats is killing people.

Look at that story a few weeks ago, ‘. . . Antibodies, Dementia, and Cat Ownership Among Men . . .’ by Dr. William A. Schwartzman and his group. It said:  “Cat ownership was associated with the presence of IgM antibodies . . . and with neuro-psychological decline and dementia.”

Farley:  She’s right John.  Our country must do more to rein in the animal kingdom.  SPX News Service ran a story a few days ago showing that crows have memories just like people.  And they remember people who attack them, and find ways to attack those attackers.

If we don’t do something about growing numbers of wild and domestic animals, we’ll soon be like Switzerland.  In ‘Wild animals on the Increase in Switzerland, Extinction Protocol explains:  “Wild animals including bears, wolves and jackals are on the increase in Switzerland, a government agency said Friday, as it reported a spike in the figures across the country.”

Reinhard Schnidrig, Director of Switzerland’s Environment Department, explains that animals are moving upward to cooler temperatures in Switzerland.  The female animals are moving first to protect their young, and males soon follow.

Rev. Repriestly:  Use this verse from your online Bible lessons as a starting point, Revelation 6: 8, “And . . . behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill . . . with the beasts of the earth.”

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