In addition to putting uranium and other carcinogens in the nation’s drinking water, and into its clean air, fracking can also cause earthquakes. Fracking is technology that oil and gas companies use to break up rocks deep in the earth in order to obtain natural gas.  They then use the heavy pounding of fracking to return the contaminated water used in the first operation back down into earth.  Since fracking began, people across the nation have complained about dangerous substances in wells, drinking water, and irrigation sources.  And now earthquakes!  State officials in Arkansas banned all fracking when the population complained about unexplained and repeating earthquakes.  Alerted by bad experiences in other states, officials in Maryland recently voted to ban all fracking.  New York, New Jersey and the City of Pittsburgh have also issued moratoriums against fracking.

 Citizens in Arkansas so harassed public officials about the great increase in earthquakes since pounding from two ejection wells started, until the state put a moratorium on fracking.  The Center for Earthquake Research and Information recorded 100 earthquakes in the seven days before the shutdown, and the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission reports that some 1,000 earthquakes hit around fracking sites for over six months before the shutdown.  One 4.7 magnitude quake is “the largest quake to hit the state in 35 years.”  But immediately after authorities ceased fracking operations, only 60 quakes were recorded with the majority having magnitudes between 1.2 and 2.8.  Of course, the corporations doing the fracking insist that these “minor” earthquakes are from natural causes.

 The State of Maryland,  which apparently has the largest store of shale rock filled with natural gas in the country, is now so skeptical about the environmental hazards of fracking that they voted this week to ban all fracking in their state.  Maryland Delegate Heather R. Mizeur, who sponsored the bill to ban fracking, says:  “We’re not going to be like other states that drilled first and asked questions later.”  Her bill stops all fracking activity in the Maryland for at least two years until the state’s Department of Environment completes a two-year study on how fracking affects drinking water and other threats to public health.

 Creating nuclear power, as well as digging into the earth for oil and gas, have all proven hazardous to water, earth and air––and dangerous to human lives.  At some point the United States must turn wholeheartedly to natural energy alternatives––such as solar power and wind power.  Online Bible Lessons teach about a very wise man named King Solomon, who writes:  “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom:  and with all thy getting, get understanding” (Proverbs 4: 7).  It is anything but wisdom to continuously endanger the lives of millions to obtain types of  temporary energy to enrich the coffers of energy companies, when free energy is available for much lower cost.

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