Cannin’, Cookin’, and Fixin For Winter

posted by Uncle John @ 17:22 PM
October 14, 2010

That’s ok Bea.  Uncle John here.  Don’t worry about what old Jude’s saying.  I’ll pray with you.  That ole grouch ain’t prayed for nobody but himself for years.  With all that Jael is talking about, its time that we all started praying more anyway.

 Say, did you read what she’s  saying about what’s coming this winter?  Boy, that could be scary.  I know you’re canning stuff, setting aside for the winter Bea.  I really enjoyed the tomatoes, beans and corn you sent me last year.  They made great soups to help keep me warm.  I just added some onions and celery––or really whatever veggies were leftover in the fridge––and meat from the freezer, and hmm boy were them soups good!  By the way, I’ve really stocked the freezer so I won’t have to go out much this winter.

  And I’m doing everything possible to get ready for winter too.  This is what I mean:  I had Ed’s company come and clean out the chimney flue, and change the filters in the furnace, hot water tank and air ducts.  They also cleaned out the gutters so nothing gets frozen stuck up there and lets water start linking into the walls and basement.  Those boys gonna come and clean off my sidewalks and driveway too when the snow starts, cause it ain’t good for me, a senior citizen, to be out there trying to shovel off that stuff.  Its just too dangerous.

 And this summer I used that government grant to put in some of them sun panels on the roof, don’t you know.  That should really cut down on heating bills this winter.   OK Bea I got to go.  I’m going online to buy the grand kids some wholesale Christian gifts for the holidays––the kind that’ll keep ‘em warm.  But don’t worry.  I won’t forget to pray.  Let’s see I’ve got to pray for the kids, and my neighbors, and you and Jael, and yea, even Jude.  And oh yea, the mayor and governor and president . . . .  Goodness, Bea!  So much praying to do!

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