Forecasts: Cold Snowy Winter & Drought Relief in Parts of U.S.

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 11:43 AM
October 28, 2013

Snowfall-2013-2014    Forecasts by various weather scientists disagree on certain points, but most believe this winter season will be unusually rough and snowy in scattered sections of the country. Some claim much-needed water will fall on Western states.

Jillian MacMath from predicts in US Winter Forecast:  Snow to Bury Rockies; Slow Onset in East:’ “The season will get off to a slow start in the Northeast with only occasional shots of cold early on. The northern Plains and the Rockies, however, will be bitterly cold at times and buried in snow.

“The winter season will begin with well above-normal temperatures for the Southeast, Tennessee Valley and Gulf Coast areas.  December could yield daily record-breaking warmth for the Tennessee Valley, where monthly temperatures departures could average as much as 4-6 degrees above normal.”

MacMath and Doyle Rice, weather prognosticates for USA Today, agree that California and the West will receive  enough rain and snow to overcome past drought seasons. Rice predicts: “. . . most of the West will see the opposite weather pattern:  A cold and snowy start . . . good news for drought-plagued California.”

J. Liberatore, Jr., explains the Lezak Recurring Cycle’ in ‘Weather Forecasters Looking for 2013-14 Winter Weather Patterns to Set Up.’  Using this theory he surmises the Great Lakes region will have heavy snow this Thanksgiving week:

“Meteorologist Gary Lezak developed and discovered the Lezak Recurring Cycle which claims that a 10-month pattern of weather events will set up each year between the beginning of October and the first week of November.

“Then it repeats several times over during the winter and spring months. The wintry weather pattern that makes up theheavy-snowfall-2013-2014 Lezak Recurring Cycle ends with the return of summer’s warmth. . . it takes between 40-60 days for the cycle to return.”

The Weather Channel’s Chief Meteorologist, Dr. Todd Crawford, adds: “While we do foresee colder-than-normal temperatures across the SMidwest into the mid-Atlantic and Southeast in November and potentially into early December, there is a risk of much milder temperatures heading into the New Year, especially across the western and southern United States.”

However, Paul Douglas, founder and senior forecaster of WeatherNation TV, throws cold water on all of these weather predictions:  “To be honest, any forecast beyond two weeks should come with a warning much like on a pack of cigarettes. In the end, some things are inherently unknowable.”

Now there’s an honest man.  His warning mention of cigarettes is mindful of illness and death, which especially occur in winter months. Thus, readers must be prepared––in body, soul and spirit––for whatever the coming season may bring.  As Apostle’s Paul admonishes in Christian messages: “Do thy diligence to come before winter (2 Timothy 4: 21).” Excellent advice to know God in every season!

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