Oregon & New Zealand Prepare For Massive Earthquakes

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September 25, 2013

130314_tsumani_drill_660    Well at least one state in the U.S., Oregon, is telling people the truth about what to expect from earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc. and other coming disasters.  Others in states and the nation merely make empty promises of funds to rebuild.

A report from the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission warns a massive earthquake and tsunami is poised to strike the Northwest coast potentially killing some 10,000 people, with town-destroying floods, and some $ 32 billion in damages.  And state geologists demand that people get ready for it!

The state sits on a major fault line, says Althea Rizzo from the Oregon Office of Emergency Management: “Single-family homes will bounce off their foundations. Landslides will cause transportation between I-5 and (Highway) 101 on the coast to be cut off for three to five years.”

She adds the expected quake will liquify the ground into pudding, collapsing sewer systems, septic tanks and gas lines.  “Most of these were built in the mid-20th century, with no thought to making them quake-resistant, . . .  they would be offline for at least six months.”

Experts claim it could take three months to repair transformers and restart the electrical grid.  Moreover, “A region’s markets have food enough for only three days, so families should store at least three weeks of nonperishable food — tuna, beans, freeze-dried items — and other vital commodities, such as toilet paper.

Thus, Oregon citizens are warned to face and prepare for the future:  “A region’s markets have food enough for only Kamaishi-fire-engi_1853498ithree days, so families should store at least three weeks of nonperishable food — tuna, beans, freeze-dried items — and other vital commodities, such as toilet paper.”

Moreover, Rizzo claims Oregon’s Coast will be hit by powerful tsunamis.  She fears that such devastation of vital utilities and transportation would cause businesses to leave the state taking jobs and salaries with them.

She begs towns and families to prepare by taking first-aid classes and Community Emergency Response Team training, and working to make their homes and belongings secure. “You need to practice this over and over because when it’s happening you’re not going to be able to think,” she said.

Likewise, officials in New Zealand are also telling their people:  “There is no better time than the present to prepare for the next quake on the Alpine Fault. The more thoroughly we prepare, the lower the eventual impact will be.”

The Extinction Protocol cites scientists there studying the Deep Fault Drilling Project with Otago and Victoria universities as: “The fault-line behind the swarm of quakes in central New Zealand may be much longer than previously realized and therefore capable of larger quakes.”

At least in some parts of the world, experts tell people the truth, rather than offering the politically expedient song and dance about billions of rescue funds coming to rebuild things they way they were.  Nothing can ever be the way it was!

At least in these two cases, leaders allow constituents to face the truth and get ready for outcomes.  Truth and preparation are essential elements in believers’ lives.  Christian messages cite examples in Jonah where God prepared for either the prophet’s obedience or his rebellion.  Either way, God is always prepared!

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