Massive October Snow Fall: Many Questions, Few Answers

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:29 PM
October 31, 2011

 Some things don’t make sense.  Why is it that Wendy Weathersbee reported here last Friday that an unprecedented massive snow storm was hitting the East Coast, and those charged with protecting the public did not seem to  know? 

 Why were utility companies so unprepared for this pending storm horror, when even this blog site knew?  Why has it taken so long to lob down the limbs of trees in the path of electrical wires, BEFORE winter starts––whether that winter comes in October, November or December?
 How could air traffic controllers allow Jet Blue to fly into airports already filled with snow and ice?  How can that airline allow customers to sit seven hours with no food and unsanitary bathroom conditions?  Where was the help?

 Moreover:  Why are electric lines in the eastern United States still not underground.  Why is something so essential to residential and business survival left in the hands of so many private companies?  How, in some situations, can one company own the electrical lines and another company own the wire poles?

 How in the name of anything that makes sense should 1.8 million Americans sit in the cold for days without lights or heat in what is said to be the greatest country on earth?  Who are the state and federal regulators in charge of these utility companies?  Why is such neglect deemed acceptable by those regulators?  Who holds these regulators accountable?  Would that be the governors of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey?  Why is there so much mystery around profit-making utility companies?  Why are many of them foreign owned? Shouldn’t something this important be under accountable control?

 Most areas in the Western part of the country already have underground wiring.  How can a country that rebuilt Europe after World War II, that fights wars all over the world, that gives away millions in “foreign aid,” allow almost two million of its citizens to live under such unsafe conditions––especially when everyone knows it will happen again and again this winter?  And that when just about everyone knows it could all be solved by underground wiring?

 Experts explain that underground wiring can be obtained in these areas within ten years––all it takes is the will!  In “Advantages of Undergrounding Utilities,” Don Buckner, of, insists that the entire East Coast can have underground wiring within ten years.  Patrick Mass in “Should the U.S. Electric Grid be Underground?” agrees.  But he explains that the change would need federal government subsidies.  So maybe now we must give to ourselves?

 The LORD Jesus Christ gave several Bible prophecies about hidden policies:  “. . . there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known (Matthew 10: 26).”  People’s health should not be sacrificed because truths are hidden.  It is time to pray that facts about utility services are uncovered.

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