Turkey: More Dead, 1/3 Thailand Flooded, New Atlantic Hurricane, ++

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 18:01 PM
October 25, 2011

  While much of the United States and the Western world seemed safe from natural attacks in the last few weeks, the same cannot be said for the rest of the world.  News is trickling out on the soaring number of deaths in Turkey’s recent earthquake.  And it appears that Thailand may well be washed away despite its valiant fight against unrelenting floods.  Even so, the Atlantic ocean could be stirring up a threat to the U.S. with approaching Hurricane Rina.

 Most news analyst concur that Turkey greatly underestimates the number of deaths caused by the 7.2mg earthquake that hit there two days ago.  The guardian.co.uk blog claims that over 700 will be found dead.  But Reuters upped that number to over 1,000.  News analysts base those more dire estimates on well-known poor construction standards of tall buildings in that country.

 Most of the affected population is also endangered as thousands now sleep outside in freezing temperatures. Is Turkey denying outside help because it does not want the world to know that, although it now claims first-world status, many of its citizens still live in mud homes that cannot sustain such natural disaster?

 The president of Thailand announced an official five-day holiday, through the end of the month to allow residents to escape the flooding closing in on Bangkok, the nation’s capitol.  Some residents have been moved several times when flood waters collapse supposedly safe protective structures.  Exclusive reports from Extinction Protocol claim the crisis in Thailand is mounting because over one-third of the nation is now underwater.

 Perhaps the U.S. will not have reprieve much longer.  Hurricane Rina is snaking her way toward the East coast through the Caribbean, Cuba and the Gulf.  Several cruise ships have rerouted Caribbean cruises as far away from the storm as possible.  Mexico issued a Hurricane watch as Rina strengthened to a Category 2.

 But perhaps for weather-wise news, more interesting than Mt. Etna’s erupting, or the 7.6 earthquake off New Zealand’s coast, or the massive under sea volcano explosions, is David Cutler’s article for Reuters about the number of high-level earthquakes increasing each year.  In most years, there was only one major earthquake in some land mass of the world.  In 2010 quakes  hit Haiti and Chile.  But this year, there have been three: in New Zealand, Japan and now Turkey.
 Three times, in Matthew 24: 7, Mark 13: 8 and Luke 21: 11, The LORD Jesus issued Bible prophecies that multiple earthquakes in various places were a sign of the end times.  And closely related to earthquakes are the shakings of these massive volcanoes threatening around the globe.  Undoubtedly, Planet Earth is now in turmoil.  What better time will there be for Christians to kneel in serious prayer?

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