Enjoy Life While You Can For Time Is Running Out

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:31 PM
June 23, 2011

Summertime and the livin’ is easy . . . so folks in this country had best enjoy such good living now, for time is quickly eroding many other opportunities for such easy livin’ good times.  Discounting state-wide wild fires, raging tornadoes galavanting across the country, and roaring floods swallowing whole towns, weather this summer has so-far been rather mild.  But get ready, the worse may be yet to come.  (Of course, this site had a blog a few days ago about ever increasing violent winds, as can be seen by the “endless” wind-driven brush fires in Arizona.)

 For instance, this year’s hurricane season, which began on June 1st, will not end until November.  And, according to Wikipedia, weather experts at Colorado State University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict that this year’s hurricane activity will be above-average, “with 17 named storms, nine hurricanes, and five major hurricanes.”  They also cite “a higher chance for storms to make landfall in the United States than in 2010.”  Insurance experts at the University College of London agree.  They predict that “tropical cyclone activity could be about 40% above the 1950–2010 average.”

 Other forecasters also predict an above-normal hurricane season. The   Weather Wiz Kids assert:  “Climate factors considered for this outlook are:  The continuing high activity era. Since 1995, the tropical multi-decadal signal has brought ocean and atmospheric conditions conducive for development in sync, leading to more active Atlantic hurricane seasons.”

 Moreover, in his blog, Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities, writes:  “Expect hotter-than-average weather in the South and cooler-than-average weather in parts of the Plains, Midwest, and Tennessee Valley, with less precipitation than normal in the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies.”  So farmers expecting “rain in the plains” will be very disappointed.  Likewise, planting in the south will swelter under unusually oppressive heat.  These developing trends undoubtedly will result in higher food costs this fall.

 Thus, while lulling around this summer, it is a good time to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables by canning them in anticipation of the storms to come;  and also to get some flood insurance from FEMA at www.fema.gov/about/programs/nfip/index.shtm.  And, of course in both happy and unhappy times, believers must always remember what Nehemiah 8: 10 says:  that “the joy of The Lord is our strength,” regardless of the weather.  So, while the kids wade through pools and sprinklers, be sure to cover them with Christian childrens t-shirts when cooler weather comes.  And parents and Summer Bible School workers should also be sure to lead the precious ones into God’s eternal protection in the never-failing ark of safety, where they will find comfort in times when the worse storms of life occur.

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