We Should Have Said Something Then: But We Didn’t!

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 1:52 AM
December 24, 2013

fracking-robocalls        We should have said something way back when ‘they’ replaced telephone operators with a phony woman mimicking on tape recordings.  We should have complained loudly when ‘globalization’ gave us calling solicitors who can’t speak English clearly.  And did we pelt Congress when ‘they’ invented these ‘robo calls.’

If we did voice objection, we didn’t scream loudly enough, and finally––in a quest to keep up with ‘prosperous’ modern life––we let it go, just as we let go many other things: clean water, unpolluted air, and preservation of skills that provided a decent living––i.e. tailoring skills on sewing machines made in the U.S.A. to produce quality clothing here. But like steel manufacturing, ‘they’ gave our jobs to other nations with what they called ‘trade agreements.’

We should have said something when computerized news put print newspapers on the endangered species list, when vicious brawlers with giant guns on you-tube computer games further disaffected our children’s knowledge of reading, writing and, well you know.  And in fact, these ‘fight’ machines helped to make some of our children and youth mass killers.  But we didn’t say very much.

Now––with robot pilots executing people around the world at will, with robots building cars and computers, with robots vacuuming floors, etc.––i.e. stealing more jobs–– they rush to make robot cars to drive us around, and flying robot machines to deliver packages in hours instead of days––ahh there go more jobs for postmen and other mail and package delivery persons.

(In fact the front page of today’s New York Times shows a picture of a robot drone taking films and snap shots of a house for sale, so realtors and photographers won’t have to go out and take the pictures themselves.)

Can’t you just see it now.  More death to birds because these robot package deliveries fill the air, crashing into one another to reach monied destinations.  But then, we say nothing about viral and ‘domesticated’ cats killing birds by the millions. Cat food manufacturers flood airways with food and play ‘necessities’ for the bird killing-animals of cat lovers.  Although a few complain, its not heard!

Does anyone wonder what jobs Americans will hold in a decade or two? They won’t be driving taxis, or cleaning jobs-disappearingfloors. Robots will perform those labors. And other jobs will be done overseas. Now that China is sending chickens here, even more of our food stuffs will come from other foreign countries––whether they are labeled or not. Certainly grocery chains and importers don’t want them labeled.

We should never stop pushing against this so-called progress, with the politicians whom we elect. This nation became the greatest country on earth, because its people spoke out to guide its governments for their needs and wishes.
With courage, we fought wars based on our principles of right and wrong.

Now we are snared by fears, cowardly leanings and laziness.  These are traits sown by America’s enemies who wish to collapse her from within.  Maybe we hope things will change, whether speak out or not.  But they won’t!

As Bible verse cards read:  “The children of Ephraim being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle (Psalm 78: 9).”  Americans are armed to speak out.  But will they do so? The day of battle is passing quickly.

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