Unprepared For Winter’s Worse

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:39 PM
November 23, 2010

Worsening winter storms are among the increasing effects of Global Warming. Severe winter blizzards, ice storms, and erratically cold temperatures are the sure results of warming atmospheres. When mounting temperatures from Global Warming melt polar ice caps, it causes water to evaporate, thus releasing more moisture into the air. This moisture enriches clouds, making heavy rains, ice storms and blizzards more likely.

 In January of 2008, China experienced its worse snow storm in 100 years.  Twenty-four people died.  Trains were halted, 19 airports closed and untold thousands of people going home for the nation’s Spring Festival were stranded.  In Europe in 2007, 47 people died as a result of fierce ice storms that swept across the continent. Thousands of homes in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic were without power for days on end.

 And the same could soon happen in the United States.  A Pennsylvania environmentalist reports, “Consistent with the predicted impacts of Global Warming, we found that storms with extreme precipitation have increased in frequency by 24 percent across the continental United States. . . . New England and the Mid-Atlantic saw storms with extreme precipitation levels increase in frequency by 61 percent and 42 percent, respectively.” In view of severe winter storms that are sure to come, the father-and-son research team of Stanley and David Changnon find that American citizens are simply not as equipped to survive severe winters as they use to be.

 Apparently,  Americans have become too dependent on expensive gas and electrical systems that are not supported by aging national power grids. Wood burning stoves and authentic fire places, homegrown food preserved for the winter, and unattractive warm bulky clothes are considered too old-fashion for modern times. Such thinking has got to change. In view of the Changnons’ findings, people should do everything possible to prepare for winter.  Better home insulation, wood burning stoves, long-lasting generators, well-stocked pantries, winterized automobiles, ample battery supplies, emergency radios and flash lights become increasing necessary in this age of Global Warming. And in really far-sighted views of preparation, Americans must do everything possible to end this insanity of carbon emissions and human-causing Global Warming.

 Proper preparation for winter months is more important than shopping for wholesale Christian kids t-shirts, Christian word puzzles, or wholesale Christian Bibles that will make great holiday gifts.  And prayer for protection to Almighty God, Who alone knows the future, should go a long way for believers who want to survive the difficulties of the coming winter.

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