Deadly Heat Waves Globe-Wide: Mainland U.S. Must Get Ready For It

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:59 PM
June 8, 2015

heatwave    Summer may have just begun, but most of the world in the last week languished under heavy loads of heat, waves and waves of it. Experts see no end in sight.  And the lower 48 states of the U. S. must prepare for those heat waves now.

Even ‘always-chilly’ Alaska now suffers extraordinarily hot weather.  Writing for Eco-Watch, Cole Mellino explains:  “The signs of rapid warming in Alaska were everywhere this past winter. Now the 49th state experienced a heat wave at the end of May. Over Memorial Day weekend, while Texas was being inundated with floods, parts of Alaska were warmer than Arizona.”

“This may sound like nothing compared to the current heat wave in India, “but north of the Arctic Circle, this is extreme warmth for late May,” Mellino quotes The Weather Channel.  In India, both The Extinction Protocol (EP) and The New Indian Express increase the heat wave death toll there to over 1,826.

EP writes: “Hospitals in India are struggling to cope with an influx of victims of a blistering heat wave. Hundreds of people––mainly from the poorest sections of society––die at the height of summer every year in India but this year’s figures are unusually high.  In southern Andhra Pradesh––by far the worst-hit state––1,020 people have died since May 18, more than double the number of heat-related deaths for the whole of last year.  Experts expect those numbers to rise.”

Even Europe swelters under the blazing sun.  Reporting or the Washington Post this weekend, Angela heatwave-2Fritz illustrates: “Parts of Europe are sizzling on Friday as an early-season heat wave sweeps across the continent. . . it’s pretty early the season for temperatures of this magnitude in northern Europe. Late-afternoon highs were surging into the low 90s, particularly in the Rhine River Valley in southwest Germany and eastern France.”

In Vancouver, CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe says it felt 30 degrees warmer in Canada this weekend. CBC reporters Kiran Dhillon and Tamara Baluja quote her: “That is rare for this time of year, and will likely break some records. This is pretty early on in the season to see these temperatures.

“. . . it’s important people prepare themselves for the heat and watch for signs of heat stroke. Because this is so much hotter than what we’re used to at this time of year, watch for symptoms of heat illness, dizziness, nausea, fainting and make sure to stay hydrated.”  Officials are denying rights for large campfires.

Wholesale Christian Bibles refers to such destructive, even deadly, hot weather as one of the end-time plagues:  “And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give Him glory (Revelation 16: 9).”  Thus, we have more signs that it is time for Christians to repent and pray in love for lost souls for a true Wave of Holy Ghost revival that men may be saved from never-ending burning heat.

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