Days of Noah’s Rain Hit U.S. As Global Warming ‘Steals’ News Stage

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 15:28 PM
August 14, 2014

torrential-rain-storms    Still think Global Warming is some kind of political hoax? Still don’t recognize that this year’s July and August will go down in history as the ‘coolest’ summer months in history?  Still don’t think it strange that California’s historic drought comes with destructive fires in Washington state? Still think all is o.k.?

Well it is time to Wake Up!  These endless pelts from nature on our nation are not normal. Neither are this week’s torrential rain storms sweeping through half the U.S.  Call it deluge, monsoon or ‘unusually’ heavy storm––Global Warming reminds Mid-Atlantic and East Coast that it still reigns.

Major American cities have water standing in streets, highways washed out, concrete roads buckled, etc. Thanks to these hellish rains, hundreds of homeowners with flooded basements discover their homeowners insurance doesn’t pay for such damage.  And this prelude of things to come, preys yet more on small businesses.

Most cities, counties and states affected have declared states of emergency. In ‘Storm Of Historic Proportions’ Dumps 13 Inches Of Rain In Some Spots Of Long Island,‘ CBS News quotes Joe Pollina of the National Weather Service:

“From Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning, Islip [New York] got more than 13 inches of rain, more than the normal total for June, July and August of 11.75 inches.  More than 5 inches of it fell in just a one-hour period.”

When he declared his area an urgent emergency, Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone, insisted:  “It was unprecedented and unpredicted — the size, the extent, the scale. This could be a 500-year storm we just witnessed.”

In the Detroit area, some drivers express shock as towing company charge as high as $ 900 to get stalled cars out of muck and mire.  Leonard N. Fleming of Detroit News blares:  “After coping with frightening floodwaters that stalled their cars during the heaviest one-day rainfall in 90 years, motorists are pummeled by whopping bills for getting their cars towed off streets and expressways.”

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder quipped “simply a record event of rain.” Meteorologist Steve Considine adds:  “We were maybe surprised by some of the higher amounts. It not just developed quickly but right over the heart of Detroit.”

Kamai Algahmie of Dearborn laments that his house and those of his brother and parents all had flooded basements:  “Maybe I would’ve made sure my stuff wasn’t flat out on the floor . . . But maybe the water would’ve come up to the table. You really can’t do anything when it comes to that point.”

And sewer systems?  They are wholly inadequate to absorb such massive storms. As Craig Covey of a county water inadequate-sewer-systemsboard says:  “This is going to become more normal and we need to understand that ‘100-year storm’ is an outdated term.

“They can ignore it and we can hobble along with Band-Aids, rubber bands and glue, but if we wish to prepare and not have to go through drama of flooded streets, electrical outages and crumbling bridges, then we need to get smarter about the future.” Covey, of course understands these massive rains are Global Warming!

Then all of this doesn’t matter to those who won’t face the truth about Global Warming.  As wholesale Christian Bibles recounts an earlier flood event: “But Noah found grace in the eyes of The LORD (Genesis 6: 8).” The millions of others who wouldn’t heed warnings were simply overcome by the waves!

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