Australia: Fires Threaten Cities––No Official Belief in Global Warming

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 14:39 PM
October 24, 2013

bushfire-raging    In order to defeat a Prime Minister who tried to protect his country against affects of Global Warming, winning opponent, Tony Abbott, based his campaign on the premise that Global Warming is a hoax designed to interfere with continuing corporate business wealth. These denials boomerang into unparalleled brush fires!

Tabbott’s positions embolden both children and military leaders to commit ferocious dangers igniting some of those fires. Two boys, ages 11 and 15, are arrested, accused of starting fires destroying thousands of acres.

As the nation’s leader casually dismisses Global Warming, his military may also. writes: “Defense live ordnance activity” is thought responsible for three fires . . . “there are links between Defense, explosive” and fires.

Current brush fires have eviscerated over 200 homes at an estimated cost of $ 90 million. One person has died, and damages are expected to overwhelm present records set. Hazes of smoke and ash blanket the capital city of Sydney, where citizens suffer breathing problems, while anxiously waiting for fires to reach them.

Shane Fitzsimmons, Fire Commissioner of New South Wales––where 62 separate fires now burn––warned that today would be the most dangerous in the current week of fires, and that they would not be able to save all homes:

“The temperature will be in the mid to high 30s (90 degrees Fahrenheit), humidity down to 10% and wind strengths of 80 to 100km/h [160 mph].” He closed all schools and child care centers, and urged residents to leave the area.

Citing that danger levels are at the highest possible, firefighters claim: “. . . outbreaks could merge to create a ‘mega NSW_bg-408x264blaze’ west of Sydney. . . . New South Wales  . . . is facing an ‘unparalleled’ emergency.

Meanwhile, as Global Warming results decimate his nation, Aussie’s militant Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, still adamantly denies it exists.  When Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, insists on a like between his nation’s fires and Global Warming, Abbot says she is “talking through her hat,” and that “fire has been part of the Australian experience since humans first came to that continent.”

Former Vice President Al Gore, buffoons that position, likening it to tobacco companies denying that its product causes lung cancer:  “And bush fires can occur naturally and do, but the science shows clearly that when the temperature goes up and when the vegetation and soils dry out, then wildfires become more pervasive and more dangerous.”

In contrast to Abbott, his predecessor, Kevin Rudd, called climate change (Global Warming) the “greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time.” And the Labor Party leader who ruled before Judd even tried to enact a carbon tax to lessen that nation’s tendencies for such fires.

So guess which leaders deserve God’s rewards for protecting their citizens and telling them the truth!  As wholesale Christian books repeatedly warn:  “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy (Proverbs 29: 1.”

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