A Joint Report from Earth End’s Committees on Global Warming!

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June 22, 2013

We want to thank Jael for giving our staff more interns, allowing division of Earthend’s Global Warming Study Department into:  Climate Change, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Floods, Hurricanes, Drought and Governments Confront Climate Change. Here is an up-to-date report from some of those sub-committees:

2013-drought-monitor       Climate Change:  Warm, comfortable, soft-breeze weather is over for Hawaii, and California.  CTV News reports:  “Nowadays, . . these breezes, called trade winds, are declining, a drop that’s slowly changing life across the islands. The winds also help bring the rains, and their decline means less water.”

As we reported, it was snowing in Russia and upstate New York earlier this month.  But while this summer may seem cooler to some,  Alex Kirby and the Daily Climate say that heat is going into the oceans:

“A rise of 4°C in global average temperatures could mean far higher regional rises. The oceans are likely one day to give up much of the heat they are now absorbing, which will return to the atmosphere. So warming could accelerate fast and unpredictably.”

Hurricanes and Flooding:  Reminding his readers of ceaseless flooding from Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and dangers awaiting those living on ocean coastlines, in ‘The Impending Deluge,’ Brian Fagan writes:

“For the first time, we may have to confront the problem of permanent environmental refugees. This will require unprecedented levels of international cooperation and funding, and so far unformulated policies to handle millions of involuntary fugitives from the ocean.”

Wildfires: According to Reuters News Service’s latest update, this month the largest fires in Colorado’s history has destroyed at least 502 homes, left some five people dead, covers over 25 square miles, displaced tens of thousands and it’s still not over.  Moreover, another fire has broken out in Arizona.  Scientists attribute both to extended unyielding periods of droughts.

Drought:  Allow our committee to add that because of those midwest-drought-06-horizontal-gallerydrought periods,  Midwest farmers now complain that long-sought-for rains threaten another planting season.  In ‘After Drought, Rains Plaguing Midwest Farms,’ John Eligon writes:  “One of the worst droughts in this nation’s history . . . has ended with torrential rains this spring that have overwhelmed . . . much of the farm belt.”

After praying for rain, farmers now want God to stop the rain!  “This is the worst spring I can remember in my 30 years farming,” Rob Korff of Missouri told Eligon.  “Just continuous rain, not having an opportunity to plant. . . as [for] a good crop or a great crop, that’s not going to happen.”

We must turn to Christian prayer books, and offer different prayers.  Earth End sees these developments as signs of the times:  “ . . .O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? (Matthew 16: 2-3).”

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