Business Honors Science Only When Profitable

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:33 PM
September 27, 2010

It should be apparent to all observers that the world of corporate business only has respect for science when the latter can serve its greed for massive profits. The medical field advances as if controlled by drug, insurance, and other businesses in medical related fields.  Even the space program thrives because of  supposed new inventions that space travel has provided for corporate successes.  Unless business interests can see a dollar involved, it generally ignores other aspects of science.  But this is not the case when it comes scientific views about Global Warming.   Here the two are locked in bitter divorce.  Most corporate scions , and the politicians they support, insists that scientific studies about Global Warming are whacky, that the earth is not unduly warm, and that evidences to the contrary are merely normal courses of nature, soon to straighten themselves out.

 Politicians are for the most part stymied.  Some may make powerless appearance to side with science, while behind the scenes accepting corporate donations for next-election survival.  But the power of the ballot box can easily move politicians to side with the clean cool air, clean water, side of science.  Yet that force of public pressure so far seems to have been impeded.  And that fault lies with media’s unwillingness to fully explore and expose scientific findings about Global Warming.  America’s media is after-all a body of corporations, almost wholly funded by other corporations.

 The blog Climate Progress explains that misinformation, obfuscation and political manipulation in the nation’s media has resulted in six areas of weakened public response to the problems of Global Warming, including:  “The earth is not warming and/or; Humans are not a major cause of whatever warming is occurring and/or; The problem is not an urgent one because the impacts are distant and tolerable and/or; The solution is painful if not impossible with existing technologies anyway and/or;  Adaptation is a better strategy than mitigation and/or; It’s just too damn late!”  These dark coordinated symphonies tend to keep most of the public either confused or in denial about Global Warming, while at the same time, they live daily under its increasing diseases, devastations and devious results.

 The Bible clearly states that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6: 10).   As believers don christian clothing wholesale this Fall, they should remember that God expects His people not to be deceived by the flimflam of evil men who would willingly let millions of people die so that the few of them can acquire more wealth and power.  Another verse says, “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).  However, that verse goes on to say that the same people willfully reject even the knowledge they could have.   Surely it is understood that such intentional rejection can only lead to judgment!

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