Too Little, Too Late? Will Nations Confront Global Warming? Part 2

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 10:29 AM
November 30, 2012

    Hurricane Sandy proved that projections in the United Nation’s 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report about rising sea levels were shamefully off––and that by sixty percent!  They were also wrong that one of Earth’s poles would compensate for the other’s melting ice!

These errors were discovered recently through satellite measurements.  Andrew Kemp of Yale University writing for LiveScience quotes Stefan Rahmstorf, German oceanographer and climatologist who leads a recent study:

“This study shows once again that the IPCC is far from alarmist, but in fact has underestimated the problem of climate change.  That applies not just for sea-level rise, but also to extreme events and the Arctic sea-ice loss.”

Rahmstorf, Grant Foster and Anny Cazenave published their findings in ‘Environmental Research Letters’: “ . . . the rise in CO2 concentration and global temperature has continued to closely match the projections of the IPCC’s models over the past five years, while sea level continues to rise faster than anticipated.  The latter suggests that the 21st Century sea-level projections of the last two IPCC models reports may be systematically biased low.”

The IPCC also projected that the Antarctica would gain enough mass to compensate mass losses from Greenland.  In ‘Researchers:  Sea Levels Rising 60% Faster Than Previously Expected,’ Meteor Blades adds:

“The three scientists said average sea levels are rising at a rate of 3.2mm a year. That contrasts with computer-model estimates of 2mm a year presented by the IPCC just five years ago. That 60 percent higher rate may not sound like much, but sea-level rise is already presenting problems for coastal cities.”

Kemp explains:  “Seas-level rise is thought to be driven by glacier melt as well as a phenomenon known as thermal expansion, which occurs when ocean water expands as it warms.  Rising tides are a concern because they boost the threat of extreme flooding in populous coastal areas, putting millions of people at risk worldwide.” The East coast beaches Sandy decimated are ample proof.

Rahmstorf and his colleagues issued their scathing critique of IPCC 2007 calculations in time for the United Nation’s Climate Change meeting which begins Monday in Doha, Qatar.  But again, will the world leaders listen, and act aggressively to Stop Global Warming? Or is it just a case of ‘Too Little!  Too Late?’

If Christians are ever going to put aside denominational, political and other differences and get down to serious repentant prayer, the time is now!  These scientists are not just talking about ‘foreign’ nations or ‘other’ people.  They are talking about us, the U.S.A.!  Surely Hurricane Sandy is proof enough of this.

A verse selection in Christian Prayer Books reads: “He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him: He also will hear their cry, and will save them (Psalms 145: 19).”  If we are ever going to let Our God hear our cry, the time is Now!

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