In Gratitude, Prayer and Repentance: Thanksgiving Day, 2012

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November 22, 2012

    Dear Father, thank you for the abundant food with which You have blessed America with this year, for our stores stocked with good fresh and healthy good.  Truly You have blessed the United States of America.  We pray for those who do not have homes or families.  We ask You to give them comfort and community.

Even as we lament the loss of life and property on the East Coast from Hurricane Sandy, we are thankful for so many wonderful acts people have done to help those who lost homes and belongings in that storm.  We thank you for New York police officer Arthur Kasprzak who lost his own life after getting all of his family––including his 15 month old son––out of a rapidly flooding basement.

We thank you for the thousands of men and women in the Armed Services who rushed in to rescue victims of Hurricane Sandy, and who stayed behind to feed and shelter them.  We also think you for the mayors and governors who You strenghtened to stand faithfully through all of this turmoil.  Please bless them.

And we thank you for the new crop of civilian volunteers arriving daily to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical attention to those thousands stranded in strange places, kept away from unsafe homes, without secure shelter, or hot bath, or the many comforts that most of us take for granted.

Our Prayers:  Father, we thank You for the thousands of brave men and women in uniform stationed around the world to protect us. Please keep them safe and bring them home soon.  And Father, forgive us for the shoddy neglect we offer them when they return home.  Help us to change. Give them healing, family reconciliation and full employment when they return home.

And we thank You that––for all of our failings––we are still the greatest nation on earth.  Help us to live up to the good in our history, and to be more worthy of all the kind blessings You have given.

Our Repentance:  Father, we ask Your forgiveness that for our stubborn disbelief about Global Warming.  We were wrong to ignore the evidence of melting Arctic ices, more violent storms,  and parading diseases.  And we pray for those Sandy hit in the Caribbean who don’t begin to have our types of survival resources.

Please give us more leaders who admit that Global Warming is a dangerous threat to our future.  We look at the havoc on the East Coast, and this summer’s droughts in the West and realize we may not be able to weather another year as destructive.  So please help our leaders to build better Global Warming defenses.

Knowing that we do not deserve more of Your grace, we nonetheless pray Your forgiveness, and ask You to continue Your Hand of Blessing on Our Land, because, as Christian Prayer Books assert:  “Thou, even Thou, art LORD alone; Thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and Thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshippeth Thee (Nehemiah 9: 6).”

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