Therein Will We Be Judged

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:52 AM
August 12, 2010

Responses of the United States media and government to the tragedies in Pakistan and Russia are beyond negligent. The devastation in these countries are bell-weather warnings to this country and the world.  Both Pakistan and Russia probably treated the phenomena of Global Warming with the same lack of bureaucratic urgency as the United States does now. But now both countries suffer, and will suffer for years, from Global Warming’s vicious attacks. 

 According to the Washington Post, the worse flooding in its history has now destroyed Pakistan’s infrastructure.  Homes, schools, roads and meager medical facilities in that country are washed away.  For decades, even as it struggled against internal warring with taliban insurgents, the country has been trying to climb out of third world status, to keep up with its hated rival, India. But the floods have set back those efforts indefinitely, and strengthened taliban fighters, who have been on-hand to provide more aid to flood victims than the Pakistan government. 

 Millions of refugees have no shelter,  and they await those diseases that follow massive flooding.  The United Nations estimates that destruction from Pakistan’s monsoons far exceeds that of Haiti or the tsunami that hit southern Asia a few years ago, and that billions in aid is needed to restore Pakistan to livability.

 But Russia is a different story.  By most sociological measures, Russia is not a third world country.  It has vast areas oil, mineral and agricultural wealth, vibrant governmental, military, educational and economic structures. But fires from Global Warming have destroyed the nation’s massive wheat crop, burned down many of its rural villages, killed and injured thousands of its citizens, severely damaged its economy, and plunged the air above its massive land areas into thick blankets of smoldering smoke. 

 But television news outlets in the United States barely mention the struggles of either of these countries.  And if our government is doing anything, other than sending a few soldiers and helicopters to Pakistan, it is not known.  Massive popular annoyance from American citizens needs to awaken the government to put Global Warming issues on the “Urgent Act Now” list. 

 Apparently, even the Christian community assumes that God will spare our nation such devastation from the Global Warming that our own lifestyles feed, assuming, like other Americans, that our lives and homes will be protected.  But it is past time to break out Christian prayer books and start urgent non-political prayer for our nation and its leaders.  It is also past time to study wholesale Christian books to learn our responsibility to take the blessings of Christian experience to those nations we now scorn in their distress.  Therein will we be judged.

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