The Urgency of Global Warming

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:13 PM
July 29, 2010

Yesterday’s blog stressed the urgency of these heat waves caused by world-wide Global Warming.  Generally, a heat wave can be defined as weather that is hotter than usual for a longer than normal period of time––including both night and day.  While norms differ around the world, in the United States it is usually defined as three or more days  with temperatures at 90F degrees or above.

 Most climatologists and other scientists now agree that Climate Change, caused by Global Warming, will continue to bring increasing and even more intense heat waves, as well as other stronger weather phenomena. Researchers stress that this horrific hot weather will also devastate major crops, thus affecting national and world economies.

 To prevent this type of economic collapse, as well as other horrors, citizens must get involved in at least two ways:  First by changing life-styles toward greener living, especially in areas of fossil fuels; and second, by pressuring local and national officials, as well as business scions, to put Global Warming at the top of their priority list.
 If  citizens do not get urgently involved, at least the following disasters will become commonplace:  1) Thousands of deaths across the nation from extreme weather patterns; 2) Drastic economic declines in all areas; 3) Crop failures and food shortages; 4) Repeated power shortages and power failures; 5) Epidemics from newer, as well as known, diseases––such as polio, the bubonic plague, unstoppable influenza, the black death, hemorrhagic fever, and other pandemics; 6) Drought so severe in the Midwest as to make some areas virtually unlivable; 7) Uninhabitable smog conditions on the West coast, etc.  These are not hysterical predictions, they are well-researched conclusions from scientists studying all aspects of Global Warming.
 There is a third category of actions that sincere Christians can achieve to help prevent further tragedies from Global Warming:  1) Pray for God’s mercy over these circumstances because He alone has the infinite power to change and/or forgive man’s mistakes, and to change their consequences; 2) Use wholesale Christian books to study connections between Global Warming and end-time prophecies; and 3) Use wholesale Christian gifts as witnessing opportunities to awaken receivers about God’s power and love, and what His Word says about Global Warming.  More on Global Warming in future blogs.

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