Historic October Snow Storm Coming to Upper East Coast

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 1:17 AM
October 29, 2011

For the second time in two weeks Jael Ever has had to pull the Good News Friday stories.  This time it is to warn our readers that a historic October snow and rail storm is headed for the upper East Coast this weekend.  Predicted to be the worse early winter storm that has hit this area in 100 years, it will start late tomorrow afternoon and last through the weekend.

The storm will start out as rain but as it moves closer up coast line, it will turn to heavy, very wet snow falls.  According to CBS News and Extinction Protocol, “This storm will be so intense it should be able to overcome these typical October atmospheric issues and draw down very cold air from aloft.”

Higher elevations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, the Berkshires and several of the mountain areas above 1,000 feet in elevation in New England could well receive six to ten inches of snow from this cold front.

Jason Samenow of the Washington Post agrees with these forecasts.  He says this early whacky weather has already begun:  “Snow has already begun at Wintergreen Resort and Hot Springs in west central Virginia and a mix of sleet and cold rain has been reported in Blacksburg and Roanoke, where temperatures are in the mid-30s.”  In addition, he writes, heavy winds will add to the storms’ pressures.

These quirky shifts in weather from warm autumn to winter snow hit Europe earlier this month.  As late as ten days ago weather had been as high as 82 degrees Fahrenheit in Bulgaria, and then a sudden winter storm hit the area.  Unprepared for such harsh weather this time of year, hundreds of people were stranded in their cars and waited as much as 10 hours, stuck in snowdrifts.  One man, age 73, died on the way to the hospital, after being stranded in the woods where he was chopping wood.   Scores of people were missing at last report.  Rail transportation was halted, schools were closed and 600 villages were without power.

Moreover, P. Gosselin, of NoTricksZone.com, and meteorologist Dominik Jung, add that experts forecast a “Shivering Winter” for Central Europe this year.    June states:  “Already during the last three years it was up to 2°C colder than the average. If that happens again this year, which we believe it will, then it would be the fourth cold winter . . . it will be especially cold in Southern Germany.”      Gosselin extends the news to Great Britain, which “had its coolest summer in 20 years and a number of butterflies died off as a result.”  And Jung puts the onus for this strange summer and winter weather squarely on Global Warming.

Symbolically, winter is a time of death.  New Testament writers explain that this is the season to stop activity and rest.  Only modern society treats winter as a time for usual working days and nights.  Apostle Paul writes in 2 Timothy 4: 21, “Come before winter. . .” which many Christian messages interpret as an urgent call for the unsaved to accept Christ as Savior NOW as death approaches!

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