Congress Ignores Its Own Report on Global Warming

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May 20, 2011

O.K. Wake Up Everybody!  Sound the Alarm!

 Earlier this month, the National Research Council, part of the esteemed National Academy of Sciences, sent a stunning report to Congress: Global Warming is real, its effects are becoming serious and something must be done about it!  But with their usual failure to act on anything of urgency, members of Congress simply rolled over and went back to sleep––and that in the arms of those corporate scions who really don’t want anything done about the advancing destruction Global Warming heaps upon this nation.
 Written at Congress’ request that the panel of scientists would give the nation’s governing body “action-oriented advice” on how the nation should react to Climate Change, the report is titled “America’s Climate Choices.”  Among other “advice,” the report insists that emitters of carbon dioxide should at least be taxed to encourage them to stop sending greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Elizabeth McGowan of SolveClimate News, also lambasts lawmakers’ non-reaction to the report:  “The average air temperature in the United States has leapt two degrees in the last five decades. Yawn. Coastal regions in the country are disappearing because of rising sea levels. Hit the snooze button. The already-arid Southwest is becoming drier. Snore.”
 She also says that scientists must find a new way of communicating with lawmakers.  Yeah, I agree:  Maybe hitting them over their heads with two-by-fours would do the trick!  What will it take for these guys to wake-up?  Listen, this year alone, we have had: huge regions of Texas burned away with brush fires;  deadly tornadoes ripping through the Mid-West; and now unprecedented flooding roaring through the South.  In many sections of the country, dark stratus clouds heavily-laden with water float over the earth with threat of violent storms, while some citizens have yet to recover from last winter’s heaviest snow falls.  And, any researcher worth his or her salt, knows that these exacerbations come from Global Warming. But members of Congress go from extremes of denying that Global Warming exists to fear that any action against it would further slow the economy.  Paul Bledsoe, from the Bipartisan Policy Center, says that it will take “religious leaders, minority groups and other organizations to push Congress relentlessly.”  

     Yeah, maybe that’ll help. But the Bible says “Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29: 18).”  Politicians don’t want to “see” or understand the devastation that Global Warming brings to this country and the world, because they don’t want to.  The love of money restrains efforts to turn this nation toward a truly greener economy.  While joining action groups to wake up these sleeping leaders, believers must get out Christian prayer books and PRAY.  Or, indeed we all perish!

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