WW III Has Started

posted by Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
November 16, 2015

massacre-ParisMaybe now our readers over the years will believe us since the highest profile (i.e. attended by most world leaders) summit on Global Warming must switch agendas from the scorching planet to the deadly ISIS attack in Paris, France, this Friday night. Yet, both topics are so urgently needed in these last days.  While one is drastically needed now, truthfully, the other is not so far away.

Maybe now that even Pope Francis, speaking from his nation next door to France, says ” . . . a mini World War III has started” — readers will believe what we have been writing for years–get ready, The Body of Christ is running out of time to repent, to pray as we have never prayed before: “Father forgive us, we have selfishly lived our lives in luxury, failing to witness about The LORD Jesus, failing to pray for the lost, failing support the gospel message.”

Maybe now that computer systems for this site, as well as our sister site, worldscollide-culture-Christianity-endoftime.com, have been mercilessly attacked, will readers believe that those in Satan’s kingdom do all they can to suppress the truth from coming from these sites, as well as that of extinction protocol, utopia collapse, and others.

Maybe now those stupid human and spiritual scions who serve Satan will finally get it–God’s Holy Spirit gifts-holy-spiritcannot be stopped.  Try to shut down His servants meager blogs, and He opens up another ministry on internet radio–Home for Today and Tomorrow–which can be seen on You Tube or listened to on Worship Center Radio.

Maybe now, people will believe Apostle Peter when he warns in wholesale Christian Bibles: “But the end of all things is at hand, be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer (I Peter 4: 7).”

Maybe now.  Yes, maybe now.

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