Update: Earth’s Weak Crust Is Slipping and Collapsing

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 16:38 PM
February 28, 2013

bus in hole    Around the world, earth’s weakened structure shows overwhelming evidence that it is collapsing.  Man-made structures, transportation, and industrial operations continuously destruct, sinking the planet’s shell deeply into its failing self.

If these collapses continue unabated––and mankind has no power to stop them––they will end life on this planet as we know it.  Planet Earth is telling mankind that it just can’t take any more of our “modern advancements”!

Here are just a few cases:  “A stretch of U.S. 89 in northern Arizona will remain closed indefinitely because . . . The road collapsed [which also closed] Cocoon College campus in Page” nearby.

In the urban center of Guangzhou, China recently, the ground under several buildings and commercial shops opened guangzhou-sinkhole-jan-2013-1up with deafening noises and sending smells of escaping gases that could be sensed miles away.

Also this week, a broken water main in a residential area of Grand Rapids, MI, blew open a city block-size sink hole, flooding streets and yards, forcing some residents to evacuate and threatening to dismember telephone lines.

For one detailed example of how these sink holes can vastly effect modern life: Last November, a monster sinkhole swallowed up huge swaths of forest acreage near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Dr. Steve Elwart, research analyst with the Koinonia Institute and a U.S. Homeland Security consultant, explains:

“Southern Louisiana is in danger of experiencing an environmental calamity rivaling the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, thanks to a massive, expanding sinkhole that is gobbling up the forest.”  Last summer huge bubbles of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and other explosive levels of natural gasses popped up in the bayou, along with ground tremors.  Several residents had to be evacuated.

Finally a sink hole opened up, in some places 422 feet deep, and began swallowing up trees 100 feet tall.  The United States Geological Service estimates that hole is now a canyon over six acres in size, and now threatens an underground storage tank holding 63 million gallons of butane gas.

Apparently the Texas Brine Company caused this galloping catastrophe by digging in salt domes beneath the bayous.  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers claims these caverns are part of the Napoleonville salt dome formation, “used for the commercial mining of petroleum, salt and sulfur.”

Officials expect the hole’s continuous expansion could eventually cause massive natural gas explosions.  Landowners have sued Texas Brine and Louisiana Department of Resources, claiming this sink hole endangers their lives, affects their drinking water, and defenders covered up facts about these threats for years.

Clearly, man’s greed and selfishness is causing earth to collapse upon itself.  Would to God, Christians would produce plus size Christian t-shirts with the promise of Revelation 11: 18:  “ . . . and Thy wrath is come . . . that they should be judged, and That thou shouldest . . . destroy them which destroy the earth.”

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