“I See Trees As Men Walking”

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:55 PM
July 26, 2010

As if Global Warming, species declines, ocean and air pollution, earthquakes, killer storms, melting glaciers, etc., were not enough, one must also consider deforestation. From elementary school, people are taught that the earth needs trees to:  cleanse carbon dioxide out of the air, protect top soil’s enrichment, and provide habitat for hundreds of plants and animals.

  In her internet article “Causes and Effects of Deforestation” Rita Putatunda points out that industrial and agricultural scions are cutting down forests in unprecedented numbers.  They take the wood to: construct houses, build furniture, burn for fuel, make paper protects, etc.  They also clear land of trees to build giant agricultural farms, or arrange massive grazing areas for industrial-size cattle herds.  Moreover, forest fires brought on by Global Warming dryness likewise destroy millions of trees. 

  Of course, the continuing destruction of the rainforests around the globe urgently destabilizes necessary oxygen in earth’s atmosphere.  Not to mention the medical cures and foods from rainforest vegetation pharmacists discovered in the last century.  “Rainforest Facts” publishes food lists of some 200 common food items discovered in rainforests, including avocados, bananas, pineapples, coconuts, squash, yams, coffee, nuts, etc. Thus, for the supposed sake of modern culture, the uncontrolled avaricious greed of a few people adversely affects medicines for millions, takes food and shelter from animals, and destroys homes for millions of  indigenous people living in forests, and deprive the earth of necessary oxygen.

  Moreover, trees have definite Biblical significance.  They provided man’s test in the Garden of Eden, and they will yield healing foods as prophesied in Revelation.  In Psalm Chapter One, trees symbolize successful believers who take in God’s water and bring forth good fruit.  Ezekiel chapter 31 and Judges chapter Nine present trees as metaphors for competing kings. And several Psalms speak of trees praising God with singing and clapping.  The Books of Zechariah and Revelation symbolize trees as God’s faithful people who stand full of His Spirit, always waiting to serve Him.  And, as Jesus was healing him, a blind man cried out, “I see trees as men walking.”  Now that is symbolism!

  Surely, as Jeremiah says in Lamentations (3: 21-23), it is only because of The Lord’s mercies that He has not consumed the guilty in His wrath.  But, grace compels Him to give space for repentance.  While it is restrained, however, God’s judgment against earth’s unrepentant destroyers is inevitable.  The Book of Genesis establishes a continuing Biblical theme about God’s covenant promises with all plant, animal and human life.  If one knows anything about Him, it is that God keeps His promises.  These are urgent times.  Christians who are faithful trees should do all they can to tell everyone about His soon coming judgment.  Wearing plus size Christian t-shirts is one way to witness.  Displaying Jesus t-shirts with messages of God’s power is another.

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