Title: Yikes! Loose N.Y. Tigers, History and Time’s End

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:04 PM
June 29, 2010

    In addition to Whale Wars on the Animal Planet, another great cable television offering that reveals earth’s pending demise is The History Channel. On June 16, 2010, the History Channel devoted an entire hour to the number of loose tigers and other wild animals roaming around the U.S. The story zeroed in on the state of New York, of all places, where several suburban residents testify sightings of black tigers threatening riders on bicycle trails, and freely roaming through back yards. Several times, commentators stressed amazement that thousands of wild cats are so loosely held in the U.S, with some even unleashed on American communities. Last year, a History Channel series also stressed the number of free wild bears roaming through suburban back yards in New York and New England.

   Another great History Channel series is the one about Aliens visiting earth in ancient days. History Channel interviewed archeologists, anthropologists, astronomers, and hard scientists, etc., establishing that alien beings visited ancient civilizations, establishing themselves as gods for the visited societies. Apparently, these beings gave people scientifically advanced knowledge, resulting in similar pyramids and altars at far-reaching locations around the world. Today, most of the descendants still practicing religions from those early civilizations expect their gods to return to earth soon.

    Is it not interesting that people who claim no connection with Christianity recognize that unusually violent activities are taking place in this century. And that those activities will only intensify. One must wonder why there are more scholars, claiming no Christians affiliation, stressing the urgency of these times, than that seen from visible Christian leadership. For Christian congregations to be aware of such threats, there would have to be more in-depth Biblical teaching about Satan and his fallen angels, their webs of demons and ruling religious systems around the world, and their inner-actions with human beings. Such teaching would also make Christians aware that humble individual and group prayer can tear down those webs.

    Hundreds of years ago, the renowned scientist Isaac Newton predicted that the world would end in the early 21st century. And he did so by continuously and closely studying the Bible. A scientist, intellectual, devout Christian and Bible Scholar, Newton studied God’s Word so closely that he could profoundly predict today’s climatic events. But Newton didn’t converse much with church leaders of his day, because they would violently oppose the conclusions of his research. The History Channel also has a great television account of Newton’s life and his predictions about the end of time in the early 21 century.

   The problem is, of course, that these subjects are not history. They are current. And they test our lives and our faith. We have so little time to wear wholesale Christian sweatshirts. And even less time to study wholesale Christian books. Or take online Bible Study courses. Time is wasting. We must get busy!

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