Animals Going Extinct: Ebola Slaughtering Gorillas + More Plagues P2

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August 22, 2014

gorilla-babyEbola steadily wipes out Africa’s gorilla population. Penguins––especially the Emperors––die of by thousands as Climate Change continues to melt Antarctic ice. China’s insatiable appetite for ivory ravishes what few African elephants and rhinos remain. Birds burn to death in mid-air. And man yawns with disinterest!

Indeed, the fact that many Africans still eat gorilla meat factors as one vehicle for the spread of Ebola virus among people. Author David Quammen noticed in 1996 in a village in Gabon, Ebola broke out after boys brought home a a dead chimpanzee they found in the woods and cooked and ate it. That meat killed some 21 people. Quammen noticed that 13 gorillas near the village were dead also.

The Extension Protocol and and Steve Baragona of Voice of America News cite Quammen’s latest book, ‘Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic,’ as his critique of the impact that human population growth has on God created animal habitat’s for ages:

“There are now 7 billion of us on the planet. We’re going into these diverse ecosystems. We’re cutting down trees, we’re building mines and roads. And as humans encounter the animals living in these ecosystems, We’re giving the viruses those animals carry the opportunity to jump to a new host.”

It’s now a familiar story among scientists in various fields. As William Karesh adds: “It’s becoming very clear that there’s a strong correlation between environmental change of any type and disease emergence. Whether it’s deforestation or agricultural growth or reforestation, it’s that change that allows that disease to emerge because it’s disrupting the natural balance.”

So, in short, by insistence that man is free move around the planet as he wishes, man is in essence killing himself. Disrupting the natural balance? Hmm let’s see––how about sea otters. At its 99th Annual Meeting this week, the Ecological Society of America lamented horror stories about how declines among sea otters––again caused by people––has upon other ocean animals and plant life.

SPX News reports the Society’s findings on how removing sea lions as predators, has sent “ripples throughout the food web” in oceans. “The fur trade spanning the late 1700s to early 1900s decimated their [sea lions] numbers across their range, from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico.”

The sea lion population fell from an estimated one million to around 106,000 world wide. Now that the hunting has seaottersstopped, these animals must confront Global Warming. According to Rebecca G. Martone from Stanford,“The near extinction of sea otters is one of the most dramatic examples of human-induced impacts to the structure and functioning of temperate nearshore marine ecosystems.”

SPX explains: “Without sea otters, the undersea sea urchins they prey on would devour the kelp forests, resulting in dense areas called sea urchin barrens that have lower biodiversity due to the loss of kelp that provide 3-dimensional habitat and a food source for many species.”

But reckoning days of judgment come so very soon. And most humans among this planet’s billions do not sense that their earth-borne home is failing, for one reason among many––because they needlessly kill God’s animal kingdoms!

Hmm. And the birds, chimpanzees, penguins, etc. We need a plus sized Christian sweatshirt with the simple verse: “The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein (Psalm 24: 1).”

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