Japan’s Continuing Nuclear Meltdown: No End in Sight!

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May 30, 2012

   As usual all of us here at Earthend clamor for on-line blog time, but when I gave Jael the avalanche of breaking news about nuclear troubles in Japan, she let me go before Sarah who has another stack of bad news about Global Warming.

Well here’s a summary:  1) A pool of used fuel rods filled with ‘vast quantities’ of radioactive cesium covered only with a thin sheet of plastic still sits on the top floor of a ‘heavily damaged’ reactor building;  2) Highly contaminated cesium levels will continue to rise in Tokyo Bay until 2014;  3) Human bones of last year’s tsunami will wash up on U.S. shores soon––huge stacks of buoys, styrofoam and other debris already amass on Alaska’s shores;

4)  Fearing loss of its sovereignty, Japan refused to allow the United States to send on-site nuclear experts to aid with the containment;  5) A prominent physicist genius says Fukushima is a ticking time bomb, easily set off by a small earthquake or pipe break; and 6)  So-called safe low levels of nuclear contamination are already bringing cancer to infants in Japan.

In their report for The New York Times, “Spent Nuclear Fuel Drives Growing Fear Over Plant in Japan,” Hiroko Tabuchi and Matthew Wald warn that the Japanese public is increasing concerned about those rods of cesium only separated from them by a sheet of plastic, especially when a wall holding it all together began to bulge.

At that point, the Japanese government sent in ‘experts’ to give official assurances that everything is alright.  But they have no ‘public relations’ answer to TEPCO’s estimate that it cannot empty that pool until late 2013.

Kyoto University Professor Hiroaki Koide says, “The No. 4 reactor is visibly damaged and in a fragile state, down to the floor that holds the spent fuel pool.  Any radioactive release could be huge and go directly into the environment.”

Moreover, at great personal risk, the author of fukushima-diary.com issued this statement from a TEPCO worker at one of the distressed nuclear plants:  “If another major aftershock hits Fukushima, they can’t even get close to the reactors and the risk is not only SFP4, it would be all the reactors.  I tweeted this before but in case of another major aftershock or Tsunami, it won’t be only reactor 4. I think all the reactors will be in crisis.”

Physicist genius Dr. Michio Kaku demands that Japan’s nuclear complex be buried:  “Fukushima reactor is on a knife’s edge. . . A small earthquake, another pipe break, another explosion could tip it over . . . It’s like a sleeping dragon.

At some point, populations around the world must demand an end to nuclear energy.  As Christian messages warn:  “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy (Proverbs 29: 1).”  Thus, if we don’t speak out, we may invariably bring on our own destruction.

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