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Ebola Update: Thousands Dead, New Congo Strain, World Withdraws

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 15:24 PM
August 28, 2014

Ebola-Outbreak-Deterioration    Things deteriorate in West Africa: Thousands, including medical personnel, die from the Ebola Virus, food and medical supplies run low, some areas suffer quarantine, and international communities only slowly respond to this emergency.

Apparently the ZMapp ‘miracle’ drug doesn’t work on everyone as well as it did on the two American workers recently released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hospital in Atlanta. The others who received the drug died recently. ZMapp and other suppliers work to produce more of the serum.

According to The Extension Protocol, as many as 13 people––including a doctor and four nurses––have died from a different strain of Ebola that broke out last week in the Democratic Republic of Congo, further south of the continent.
As in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, affected areas are on quarantine.

Desperate to keep those within quarantined areas from escaping, Liberian troops use tear gas, forced curfews, and fire live ammunition on potential escapees. Clair MacDougall and James Harding Giahyue of Reuters report that in Monrovia, some four people are injured during attempted escapes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it cannot contain the disease outbreak without another $ 430 million dollars. International officials are most concerned that the virus doesn’t jump to more heavily populated South Fighting-Keep-Ebola-Outbreak-ContainedAfrica, or spread further in Nigeria, the most prosperous African nation.

WHO told Giahyue:  “. . . the countries hit by the worst ever outbreak of the deadly virus were beginning to suffer shortages of fuel, food and basic supplies after shipping companies and airlines suspended services to the region. Liberia said its Ministry of Health warehouse had run out of rubber boots and bottles of hand sanitizer, essential for preventing the spread of the disease.”

Michael J. Nyenhuis, President of AmeriCares writes that it: “. . . has been working closely with our pharmaceutical donors . . supporting these health workers on the front lines. Shipments of urgently needed supplies and supportive care medicines to the affected areas are in transit,” but donations are urgently needed.

Meanwhile, Canada, China, the U. S., etc. have pulled their medical teams out of affected nations. The Economic pleads: “The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in west Africa is unprecedented in many ways, including the high proportion of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who have been infected. To date, more than 240 health care workers have developed the disease in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, and more than 120 have died.

“During past outbreaks, few health workers have contracted the virus. . .once the virus was identified proper safety measures were put into place, ‘cases among medical staff dropped dramatically.’  Unfortunately, . . this outbreak is ‘different’ and the virus continues to spread among medical personnel . . .When are people in the western world going to wake up and start taking this disease seriously?”

Good question! And when will those in the Body of Christ wake up and understand that the world needs genuine Holy Spirit-led revivals that include workers with gifts of healings?  As plus size Christian sweatshirts aver: “ . . . God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings (1 Corinthians 12: 28).” Please pray!

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Are Foxes Still Guarding the Hen House? Unsafe Foods in the U.S.

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 18:05 PM
August 26, 2014

Foods_associated_with_Salmonella_outbreaks_in_US    Not much good news on the food front!  Some almond and peanut butters have salmonella. The same bacteria swarms in some fresh vegetables, but officials still don’t know which or where. And meat and fish prices continue to soar.

According to Schuyler Velasco, a massive recall of peanut and almond butter products is now underway in the U.S. Produced by nSpired Natural Foods, these ‘butter’ items are pulled off shelves in Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, etc.

Associated Press (AP) adds that at least four people have taken ill eating MaraNatha and Arrowhead Mills peanut and almond butters, as well as products from the same types of companies issued under store-brand names.

As Ruth Reichl points out in ‘The F.D.A.’s Blatant Failure on Food’: Every year, antibiotic-resistant infections kill at least 23,000 Americans and make another two million sick, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Thus, a recent ruling by the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals is so appalling.

“It allows the federal Food and Drug Administration [F.D.A.] to leave an antibiotic used in animal feed on the hqdefaultmarket even if the agency openly states that the drug’s use is not safe and increases the risk of antibiotic resistance in people.  This means that the dangerous misuse of antibiotics in industrial livestock and poultry can continue unabated.” Thus such dangerous resistance passes to people.

The antibiotics allow meat industries to fatten animals quickly while storing them in unsanitary conditions.  But these questionable additives increase antibiotic-resistant bacteria within the animals.  FDA simply warns the industry of possible harm to people; that agency, established to protect, people does nothing about it.

These practices, she points out, produce ‘superbugs’ such as found in salmonella in Foster Farms chickens that sickened some 600 people. ‘Superbugs’ get into water and soil and can bring “life-threatening” infections. says––in addition to soaring prices of beef and pork––avoid eating shrimp: “A devastating bacterial disease called ‘early mortality syndrome’ is crippling the shrimping industry all over Asia right now. Supposedly the disease, which kills 90% of infected shrimp in Asia, has no affect on people who eat the 10% left. Do you believe that?

Besides Clarissa A. Leon in ‘5 Ways to Avoid Seafood’s Dirty Secrets’––along with Jane Brody from The New York Times, and U.K.––claim much of the surviving shrimp is farmed by slave labor. Ugh.

Brody adds “ . . .shrimp farmers simply move on, destroying more miles of mangrove . . . wrecking habitats for . . . wildlife. . .” Paul Greenberg, of ‘American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood,‘ says U.S. needs more fish farms.

So read food advisories, wash all foods, cooking them thoroughly and above all pray over your meals.  As wholesale Christian Bibles say read your Bible and pray every day: “Neither have I gone back from the commandment of His lips; I have esteemed the words of His mouth more than my necessary food (Job 23: 12).”

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Animals Going Extinct: Ebola Slaughtering Gorillas + More Plagues P2

posted by John J. Jr. @ 17:39 PM
August 22, 2014

gorilla-babyEbola steadily wipes out Africa’s gorilla population. Penguins––especially the Emperors––die of by thousands as Climate Change continues to melt Antarctic ice. China’s insatiable appetite for ivory ravishes what few African elephants and rhinos remain. Birds burn to death in mid-air. And man yawns with disinterest!

Indeed, the fact that many Africans still eat gorilla meat factors as one vehicle for the spread of Ebola virus among people. Author David Quammen noticed in 1996 in a village in Gabon, Ebola broke out after boys brought home a a dead chimpanzee they found in the woods and cooked and ate it. That meat killed some 21 people. Quammen noticed that 13 gorillas near the village were dead also.

The Extension Protocol and and Steve Baragona of Voice of America News cite Quammen’s latest book, ‘Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic,’ as his critique of the impact that human population growth has on God created animal habitat’s for ages:

“There are now 7 billion of us on the planet. We’re going into these diverse ecosystems. We’re cutting down trees, we’re building mines and roads. And as humans encounter the animals living in these ecosystems, We’re giving the viruses those animals carry the opportunity to jump to a new host.”

It’s now a familiar story among scientists in various fields. As William Karesh adds: “It’s becoming very clear that there’s a strong correlation between environmental change of any type and disease emergence. Whether it’s deforestation or agricultural growth or reforestation, it’s that change that allows that disease to emerge because it’s disrupting the natural balance.”

So, in short, by insistence that man is free move around the planet as he wishes, man is in essence killing himself. Disrupting the natural balance? Hmm let’s see––how about sea otters. At its 99th Annual Meeting this week, the Ecological Society of America lamented horror stories about how declines among sea otters––again caused by people––has upon other ocean animals and plant life.

SPX News reports the Society’s findings on how removing sea lions as predators, has sent “ripples throughout the food web” in oceans. “The fur trade spanning the late 1700s to early 1900s decimated their [sea lions] numbers across their range, from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico.”

The sea lion population fell from an estimated one million to around 106,000 world wide. Now that the hunting has seaottersstopped, these animals must confront Global Warming. According to Rebecca G. Martone from Stanford,“The near extinction of sea otters is one of the most dramatic examples of human-induced impacts to the structure and functioning of temperate nearshore marine ecosystems.”

SPX explains: “Without sea otters, the undersea sea urchins they prey on would devour the kelp forests, resulting in dense areas called sea urchin barrens that have lower biodiversity due to the loss of kelp that provide 3-dimensional habitat and a food source for many species.”

But reckoning days of judgment come so very soon. And most humans among this planet’s billions do not sense that their earth-borne home is failing, for one reason among many––because they needlessly kill God’s animal kingdoms!

Hmm. And the birds, chimpanzees, penguins, etc. We need a plus sized Christian sweatshirt with the simple verse: “The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein (Psalm 24: 1).”

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Animals Going Extinct: Butterflies & Birds Interfere with Money Plans

posted by John J. Jr. @ 18:33 PM
August 19, 2014

birds-going-extinct    So many creatures in the animal world now face extinction that the kids asked me to summarize as much as I could in a few posts. While the world looks at some 1,200 people now killed by the Ebola virus, it takes scant notice of thousands of gorillas that virus has killed. In the same way, man ignores the millions of birds and land fowls killed to stop the various H1++/N1++ diseases.

Like elephants, sea otters are vital to survival for much flora and sea animals. Yet their numbers are down by the millions and now few can survive.  Melting Arctic poles greatly threaten penguin colonies. And have you heard that these giant solar panels are so hot that they scorch birds to death as they fly?

David Yarnold, President of the National Audubon Society, writes: “The Army Corps of Engineers wants to kill at least 16,000 Double-crested Cormorants — more than 25 percent of the entire western North America cormorant population.  It’s a misdirected effort to reduce avian predation on endangered salmon. . . it won’t do much to help the salmon. . . it will devastate the cormorants.
“The cormorants live and nest on East Sand Island, a globally-significant Important Bird Area (IBA) in Oregon’s lower Columbia River estuary. The cormorants do eat salmon, but that’s not why the fish are in trouble. The real culprits are dams, pollution, habitat loss, and an array of other factors.”
In ‘Two New South Florida Butterfly Species Listed as Endangered,‘ UPI reporter Brooks Hays reveals: “The U.S. florida-leaf-wing-butterfly-lgFish and Wildlife Service has named two new South Florida butterfly species, the Bartram’s hairsteak and Florida leaf wing, to the endangered species list––triggering additional protections for thousands of acres of critical habitat.” If enforced, these rulings will save other creatures as well.

Why ‘if enforced’?  Well, Hays explains, if the new regulations take place September 11, passage will interfere with “ . . . several hundred acres surround the Zoo Miami, including a chunk of land where the county wants to build an Orlando-style amusement park,” as well as “a piece of property where a Palm Beach County developer aims to erect a Walmart-anchored mixed-use development.”

Had not some stealthy businessmen and unethical wild life workers colluded for years to stop authentic scientific studies to protect wildlife, USFWS would have been able to stop construction of these only ‘potential’ money-making developments altogether.  But now laws will only “require developers to do their due diligence in minimizing their impact on butterfly habitat.”

USFWS biologist Mark Salvato says: “Anything that’s going to be done with these animals has to have our review. We’re not to the finish line yet, but it would be pretty bad if someone knew this was going forward and rushed to mow down butterfly habitat.” This may help. But truthfully, few butterflies are left on earth.

According to Christian prayer books, when church leaders in the Old Testament led prayer services, they cried to God: “Thou, even Thou, art LORD alone; Thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and Thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshippeth Thee (Nehemiah 9: 6).”

These men led their congregations to worship God because of His creation.  They understood that the universe––including all on this Earth––belongs to God. If mere mortals think they can destroy parts of God’s Earth––including His animal kingdoms––whenever they want to, they face devastating astonishment come judgment day!

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Days of Noah’s Rain Hit U.S. As Global Warming ‘Steals’ News Stage

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 15:28 PM
August 14, 2014

torrential-rain-storms    Still think Global Warming is some kind of political hoax? Still don’t recognize that this year’s July and August will go down in history as the ‘coolest’ summer months in history?  Still don’t think it strange that California’s historic drought comes with destructive fires in Washington state? Still think all is o.k.?

Well it is time to Wake Up!  These endless pelts from nature on our nation are not normal. Neither are this week’s torrential rain storms sweeping through half the U.S.  Call it deluge, monsoon or ‘unusually’ heavy storm––Global Warming reminds Mid-Atlantic and East Coast that it still reigns.

Major American cities have water standing in streets, highways washed out, concrete roads buckled, etc. Thanks to these hellish rains, hundreds of homeowners with flooded basements discover their homeowners insurance doesn’t pay for such damage.  And this prelude of things to come, preys yet more on small businesses.

Most cities, counties and states affected have declared states of emergency. In ‘Storm Of Historic Proportions’ Dumps 13 Inches Of Rain In Some Spots Of Long Island,‘ CBS News quotes Joe Pollina of the National Weather Service:

“From Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning, Islip [New York] got more than 13 inches of rain, more than the normal total for June, July and August of 11.75 inches.  More than 5 inches of it fell in just a one-hour period.”

When he declared his area an urgent emergency, Suffolk County Executive, Steve Bellone, insisted:  “It was unprecedented and unpredicted — the size, the extent, the scale. This could be a 500-year storm we just witnessed.”

In the Detroit area, some drivers express shock as towing company charge as high as $ 900 to get stalled cars out of muck and mire.  Leonard N. Fleming of Detroit News blares:  “After coping with frightening floodwaters that stalled their cars during the heaviest one-day rainfall in 90 years, motorists are pummeled by whopping bills for getting their cars towed off streets and expressways.”

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder quipped “simply a record event of rain.” Meteorologist Steve Considine adds:  “We were maybe surprised by some of the higher amounts. It not just developed quickly but right over the heart of Detroit.”

Kamai Algahmie of Dearborn laments that his house and those of his brother and parents all had flooded basements:  “Maybe I would’ve made sure my stuff wasn’t flat out on the floor . . . But maybe the water would’ve come up to the table. You really can’t do anything when it comes to that point.”

And sewer systems?  They are wholly inadequate to absorb such massive storms. As Craig Covey of a county water inadequate-sewer-systemsboard says:  “This is going to become more normal and we need to understand that ‘100-year storm’ is an outdated term.

“They can ignore it and we can hobble along with Band-Aids, rubber bands and glue, but if we wish to prepare and not have to go through drama of flooded streets, electrical outages and crumbling bridges, then we need to get smarter about the future.” Covey, of course understands these massive rains are Global Warming!

Then all of this doesn’t matter to those who won’t face the truth about Global Warming.  As wholesale Christian Bibles recounts an earlier flood event: “But Noah found grace in the eyes of The LORD (Genesis 6: 8).” The millions of others who wouldn’t heed warnings were simply overcome by the waves!

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Money-Making Companies, U.S. Government & Ebola Treatment, Pt 2

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 16:31 PM
August 12, 2014

Ebola-Banner    Again we have more questions than answers about the spread of the Ebola Virus. But here are some factual statements: 1) Responsible organizations greatly distrust World Health Organization (WHO) figures about the actual number of Ebola cases; 2) Communities in affected African countries also distrust their own governments, as well as international accounts about Ebola; 3) The U.S. government has spent millions on Ebola research for 15 years; 4) Accounts on the number of nations exposed to the virus are again misleading, etc.

Why do officials imply Ebola Virus is not spreading?  When even this month, Extension Protocol tracks to several countries where the disease has traveled:  Rwanda, one suspected case; Nigeria, 13 cases with two deaths; Liberia, where a Congolese nun who worked with Spanish Catholic mission in Liberia dies of the disease and a Spanish priest returned to Spain for special treatment, along with another infected nun; Ghana, one suspected case of dead patient; Benin, two cases in what would be the fifth African country with the disease, etc.

Thus it is known Ebola is in the U.S. & Spain, and it is suspected that it has reached England.  Further, in their August 7 post with Julia Belluz of VOX, Extension posits:  “There are suspected Ebola cases in Europe, Asia, and North America but none are confirmed. Public health officials are relatively unconcerned about Ebola becoming a big problem in the developed world. That’s because outbreaks persist in countries with poor sanitation and a shortage of resources to contain them, not in resource-rich places like the U.S.” So just let Africans die!

Robert Roos of CIDRAP News writes:  “ Ken Isaacs, vice president of program and government relations for the relief group Samaritan’s Purse (SP) said SP’s experts believe the official epidemic case numbers from the World Health Organization (WHO) represent only 25% to 50% of the true numbers.”

So this disease could wipe out thousands or millions of African lives. Mike Adams, health ranger at says this week in ‘Ebola Vaccine Pioneer Joked About Use of Genetically Engineered Virus to Cull Human Population’:
“Only in the realm of infectious disease bio-weapons and tainted vaccines does someone openly laugh and joke about murdering nearly 2 billion people with a genetically engineered virus. This is much more than a joke, by the way: globalist leaders frequently talk about using vaccines to reduce human population. This is part of their plan for, in their minds, ‘saving the planet’.”

Earlier, in ‘Twenty-one Questions about Ebola: Government Propaganda, Medical Corruption and Bio-weapons Experiments,’ he again asks:  “Given that many vaccines accidentally cause the disease they claim to prevent (due to weakened viruses still remaining active in a small number of vaccine vials), isn’t it likely that Ebola vaccines might actually cause Ebola infections in some percentage of those receiving them?” Were such vaccines already in use in Africa?

As the American government has spent millions of dollars testing for Ebola Virus over 15 years, is it not logical that some of these tests may have reached those affected areas? Is this why so many in Africa distrust their governments and doctors from the West?  Why is WHO so reluctant get really involved in Ebola treatment in West Africa?  While declaring it an ‘International Emergency,’ this world-wide ‘health’ organization says little about sending resources to stop it! They know full well that these small African countries cannot stop it on their own.

As this blog shouts from the housetops:  “We Are In The Last Days!” The Book of Revelation foretells of plague deaths, such as this Ebola Virus, by the millions:  “ . . . behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, . . .  And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with death . . . (Revelation 6: 8).”  If Christians are ever going to pray, the time is now!

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Money-Making Companies, the U.S. Government and Ebola Treatment

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 18:07 PM
August 7, 2014

EBOLA-BILLBOARD-600-x-450    Because internet and news media stories remain swamped with stories about possible world-wide Ebola virus outbreaks, we thought it best to combine resources for careful consideration of what can be ascertained as “fact.”

Dr. Ad Versery:  First, what company actually produced the drug now given to two American Ebola patients now treated in Atlanta hospital. Washington Post reporters Lenny Bernstein and Brady Dennis insist it is Mapp Biopharmaceutical:

“Charles Arntzen, Regents’ professor at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, who has collaborated for the past 15 years with Mapp Biopharmaceutical, the tiny San Diego company that produced the experimental serum given to the two Americans.”

I.B. Wells, IV: But if MAPP produced the drug, why is the: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Department of Defense funding a biotech company in Canada, called Tekmira Pharamaceuticals (TKMR on the stock market) to produce the serum?

Aimee Picchi of Money Watch then writes:  “But like everything related to Ebola, the story isn’t all that clear-cut. The company disclosed last month that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration placed the treatment’s trial on hold as it sought to ensure that higher doses are safe, with Tekmira adding that the issue should be cleared up by year-end.” Year’s end? People in Africa die by hundreds! She adds:

“The treatment is considered one of the most advanced medications for Ebola, Vox notes. The company has been awarded a $140 million contract from the Department of Defense to develop the therapy, which protected 100 percent of primates infected with a lethal dose of the virus in an earlier study.”

Ad Versery: Wait Ida, it gets more confusing: “Others are also working on Ebola treatments, with Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg working on an antibody cocktail with San Diego’s Mapp Pharmaceutical, Toronto-based Defyrus Inc. and the U.S. Army. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health told ‘CBS This Morning’ that the agency is hopeful about potential treatments to prevent infection, although he didn’t specify which company or institute is developing it,” she adds.

Wells:  Add to that, the ole nemesis Monsanto––you know the kill bees with ‘fertilizers’, plant artificial food company––also shares these ‘investments.’  Mike Adams at Natural News writes:  “Tekmira Pharmaceuticals, a company working on an ant-Ebola drug, just received a $ 1.5 million cash infusion from none other than Monsanto. . . The deal is valued at up to $ 86.2 million . . . !  He says Tekmira also got a $ 140 million contract with the U.S. military for Ebola drugs.

Maleekie: Please stop!  I can take no more.  Do you mean that now some 1,000 people in Africa are dead, and that Ebola-Killing-the-Peopleonly a so-called Christian organization, Samaritans Purse, was given the drugs to save two Americans, and none were sent to Africa. Please in The Name of God, tell me what kind of Christianity is that!

Adversary: I understand Maleekie. We had better contact Rev. Repriestly for earnest prayer about these issues.  This cannot go on!  The world faces an Ebola epidemic where millions could die so that a few companies––financed by the U.S. government––could make money, and that with risking Americans‘ lives too!

Wells: Can we make a wholesale Christian sweatshirt combining Acts 8: 20: “But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God [i.e. Life] may be purchased with money,” with 1 Timothy 6: 10: “For the love of money is the root of all evil”? It’d make a great shirt!

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Time for Urgent Prayer: Christianity Under Attack Around the World

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 7:00 AM
August 1, 2014

Bible_Study_And_Prayer-705853    Dear Partners: Because of its urgency, I have asked Dr. Jael to allow me to repeat parts of her recent post in Worlds Collide,:‘It’s The Last Days:  Still Don’t Believe Christianity Is Under Attack?’ It shows we have much prayer work to do:

After stating: “Between staid [church services and campaign rallies, are American Christians aware that Communists countries and radical Muslim groups destroy churches, muffle Christian voices, and even slay Christians?,” she cites examples of Christian persecutions in China, the Sudan, Russia, Nigeria, etc.

She quotes Andrew Jacobs of The New York Times: “In another sign of the authorities’ efforts to contain one of China’s fastest-growing religions, a government demolition campaign against public symbols of the Christian faith has toppled crosses at two more churches in the coastal province of Zhejiang.

“ . . . congregants at the Wenling Church. . . faced off with as many as 4,000 police officers but ultimately failed to prevent the removal of two crosses from atop their building. . . as many as 40 people were detained during the standoff . . . [A]uthorities in Zhejiang Province have issued demolition notices to more than 100 churches, saying their structures violated zoning regulations.”

‘Voices of Martyrs’ magazine writes continually about pastors being jailed in Muslim and Communists countries.  Didi Kirsten Tatlow reveals in ‘Christian Pastor Sentenced to 12 Years in Chinese Prison’: Pastor Zhang Shaojie now sits in jail for the ‘crime’ of  “gathering a crowd (i.e. a church) to disrupt social order.”

Jael is particularly disturbed about stealth substitutions in Russia making a KGB secret service agent as head of thepatriarch-kirill Russian Orthodox Church. Not only is this  Patriarch Krill devoted to Russian president Putin, he also withstood Ukrainian pastors because they spiritually defended their country and their soldiers.

All Christians should be horrified about what this newly formed, but extremely violent Muslim group, ISIS is doing in Iraq.  When they took over Mosul, that nation’s second largest city, ISIS burned down its 1800 year old Christian church and demanded that all Christians either convert to Islam, leave their homes and belongings or be killed.

But Jael seems particularly angry about prayer lethargy in U.S. churches: “Many churches are headed by unChristian pastors who, commit unseen moral decadence. Some churches serve as covers for crimes. Too many churches succumb to the worst corruption of all––love of money, love of race, of ethnic culture––preference for any force that drives out the love of God and of man.”

She closes with Our LORD’s admonishment in Revelation 3: “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.”

I call on Bros. Michael, John, Sr., John, Jr., and others to renew their prayer groups and to specifically pray for these nations, asking God to:  1) Stop the rise of ISIS and to punish that group for what it has done to Christians; to bless those Christians who have been displaced from their homes and businesses;

2)  To stop Russia from moving further into Ukraine, to bless and strengthen pastors and Christians in Ukraine;  3) To stop Boko Haram’s Muslim rebel army in Nigeria which also murders Christians, tears down their villages and burns God’s churches; 4) To have the U.S. negotiate with China to stop persecuting pastors and Christians and desecrating their churches or the U.S. will not import their goods!

Pray in faith, remembering what our wholesale Christian t-shirts insist:
“Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving (Colossians 4: 20).” Report back to me on your prayer meeting schedules ASAP please.

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