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MERS: The Continuous Spread of New & Old Diseases, Part 2

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 7:00 AM
May 3, 2014

spread-of-Mers        Before advancing with the list of “problems on the horizon of the medical world,” unfortunately it must be noted: the U. S. has its first MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) case. Lenny Bernstein and Lena Sun of the Washington Post broke the news about this potentially deadly Betacoronavirus today:

“The first confirmed case of a deadly virus from the Middle East has surfaced in the United States, brought here from Saudi Arabia by an unnamed health-care provider who is hospitalized in Indiana for treatment of the respiratory ailment.” And through bus and air travels he may well have spread it around.

Anne Schuchat, Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), says: “The victim, identified as a male by a person with knowledge of the situation,
traveled from Riyadh to London on April 24 and then on to Chicago . . . then took a bus to a location in Indiana that authorities declined to disclose.”

Schuchat adds that health officials are checking people who may have had contacted with him in London, on the plane to the States, and later on the bus.  She insists MERS “does not appear to be easily transmittable and that it represents a very low risk to the broader general public.”

Yet she admits “authorities don’t know exactly how the virus spreads.”  Symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing and fever appear about five days after initial infection.  Again, those suspecting they may just have the flu, should consult with their doctors or hospital.

The MERS Coronavirus is now found in 14 countries––Malaysia, the Philippines, Oman, U.A.E., Qatar, Kuwait, Greece, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia––and the U.S. makes 15. It has advanced to infect thousands after being discovered by an Egyptian virologist in 2012.

As mentioned in the last blog, MERS is deadly for three out of 10 people who contract it, especially so for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.  There is no known treatment or vaccine, or other cure. And it is spreading.

There is no time for such experimentation. Now is time for action. Dr.  Ian MacKay, at the Australia Infectious Diseases Research Centre at The University of Queensland, sounds warning about where MERS might be headed:

“Over the last 30 days, MERS cases in Saudi Arabia have exploded from just 1-3 per day to over 10 per day, Mers-spreading-Saudi-Arabiashowing a worrisome trend. MERS is a particularly nasty disease for those who already have a disease that is chronic [including] diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, hypertension, lung disease, obesity, malignancy and those who smoke or use steroids.”

People must be cautious: washing hands often, perhaps wearing facial protections out in public, and avoiding others with flu-like symptoms.  And it may well be time to petition the government to stop flights to the U.S. from known-infected countries.  World-wide travel does nothing but spread this sickness.

The world has entered a stage of diseases far outpacing experimental medicines or the medical personnel to treat them.  It is incumbent upon Christians to ask God to endow new ministries of healings.  As Bible messages promise:

“And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived (Numbers 21: 9).” “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must The Son of Man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3: 14 – 15).”

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Continuous Spread of New & Old Diseases

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 18:01 PM
May 1, 2014

camel-virusDoctors and other scientists worry about a bevy of problems on the horizon of the medical world: 1) Cases of MERS Virus spreading in the Mideast; 2) Hepatitis C spreading to millions around the world; 3) Chikungunya, another mosquito-carried virus moving through the Caribbean arrives in the U.S. soon;

4)  Expected increases of allergy attacks from high concentrations of pollen; 5) Galloping cases of Hepatitis C worldwide; 6) Weakened antibiotics; 7) Criminal counterfeit drug sales; 8) Spreading Ebola viruses; 9) Outbreaks of pre-ancient plagues and 10) Shortages of medical personnel. It will take a series to cover all.

“Health officials in the Middle East are still struggling to stem an outbreak of MERS that has killed 93 people and sickened more than 260,” writes Katie Moisse, of

“Saudi Arabia is ground zero for the outbreak, with 339 cases and 102 deaths. Its symptoms look like flu.  It may be spead by bats or camels. And it has no cure.  But at least 13 other countries have reported infections, including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Malaysia, Oman, France, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Philippines.”

Philippe Douste-Blazy of argues: ‘Hepatitis C Medicines Must Be Made Accessible Faster than HIV Drugs Were.’ “A public health showdown is brewing over a virus that affects the lives of millions of people every year.  The face-off will involve activists on one side and pharmaceutical companies on the other. The viral scourge at the centre of this brewing confrontation is spread through blood-to-blood contact, but is treatable with expensive medicines.”

Douste-Blazy explains: “An estimated 150-180 million people worldwide are infected with hepatitis C, and up to 500,000 die every year. The virus attacks the liver, yet the vast majority of people are unaware they are infected because the initial stages have no symptoms. It is the long-term effects that can be the most devastating: cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure.”

Robert Bast sheds light on another deadly mosquito-carried virus moving through the Caribbean, and soon to hit themosquito-carrying-virus United States through Texas and Florida: Chikungunya.  Once it hit the Reunion Islands in the Indian Ocean, this virus––bringing fever and severe aches––attacked a third of the population.  In ‘Chikungunya: Nasty Virus Soon To Land in the USA’ Bast recommends stringent mosquito wipe-out campaigns. But history proves this to be unlikely.

HealthDay reporter, Serena Gordon, blames unusually high numbers of allergy attacks in the U.S. this year on last year’s harsh winter.  In ‘Winter’s Polar Vortex Ushers in Spring’s ‘Pollen Vortex,’ she posits:

“Allergy experts say that the long, cold winter kept trees dormant for longer than usual, which means tree pollen season will overlap with grass pollen and mold seasons. For those with multiple environmental allergies, that likely means extra misery this year.  As soon as the weather starts warming, the tree pollen will come out in force at about the same time the grass pollen [and mold] start to be an issue.”

Other ‘new disease’ issues will come in the next article of this series.  Quoting from the Book of Revelation (6: 8), Finis Dake explains, in ‘Revelation Expounded: Eternal Mysteries Simplified,’ that famine and diseases always follow wars and violence moving through earth:

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

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