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More Threats from E. Coli: Portland Oregon Drinking Water Attacked

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 10:45 AM
May 26, 2014

Portland-water-boil-notice    The people of Portland, Oregon, are finally able to use their tap water without boiling it after officials found E Coli in one of the city’s open reservoirs. Grocery stores, large chain supermarkets, convenience gas stations, and mom and pop shops quickly sold out of bottled water, sparkling water, juice, beer and ice.

Paresh Dave says in ‘Portland Water Scare: Water Bottles Sell Out, Restaurants Close’ that as they prepared to spend a dreadful Memorial Day weekend, Portlanders also chucked food already on hand for fear it was potentially contaminated. And they used every possible pot to boil water for all uses.

He writes:  “About 670,000 people in the Portland area were told after lunch Friday to boil water used for drinking, cooking and tooth-brushing. Three routine tests this week showed the water system was contaminated by E. coli bacteria, usually associated with animal or human fecal matter.

“Restaurants, cafes and the city’s famous craft brewers responded in different ways. Several closed for the day.” On Twitter, Stumptown Coffee chain wrote :“It’s an extra safety precaution related to rinsing milk pitchers, ice, dish washing, etc. Sorry about the inconvenience!”

A health official––admitting that harmful bacteria had gotten into the city’s water supply––dismissed it as “the worst condition someone likely would suffer is diarrhea.” Thankfully, hotels also warned customers not to drink from their taps.

Finally, a full day later in an updated article, ‘Portland’s Boil-Water Notice Lifted; E. Coli Test Comes Back Clean,’ Paresh Dave explains:  “At 11 a.m., the Portland Water Bureau lifted a boil-water notice that had been in effect for about 24 hours. During tests this week, officials had detected the presence of the bacteria E. coli. The tests came back negative Saturday.

“The water bureau urged residents and businesses to discard food, ice and drinks made with tap water since Tuesday.  The bureau plans to flush out two of its open-air reservoirs, and it recommended people let their taps run for about 2 minutes to flush out any residual bacteria in the pipes.”

Portland is one of the few American cities still using open reservoirs, (even after a teen was caught on video reservoir3saturdayjpg-7afa1dfbb93d5556urinating through the fence around one).  Next April, the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule applies that all drinking water reservoirs must be covered, or else water passing through them must be re-treated.

Interestingly while all this was going on in Portland, the city’s citizens vociferously rejected the mayor’s wish to put fluoride in drinking water––again a practice in most American cities. As USA Today reveals:  “With more than 80 percent of the expected ballots counted late Tuesday night, the Multnomah County election website showed the fluoride proposal failing, 60 percent to 40 percent.”

Despite what many believers think, Christianity is not a democracy where a majority rules. In this glorious Body where Jesus Christ is LORD, and God, The Father, is Everlasting King, Their laws ultimately rule.  And while Their merciful grace and patience pours upon the earth constantly, a time comes when each ends.

As wholesale Christian t-shirts warn “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4: 17).”

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