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Such Cynicism: Why This Crew Decided Not to Celebrate Earth Day!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 9:00 AM
April 24, 2014

Earth-Day-2014        Hooray It’s Earth Day.  So get a free coffee, or a ‘volunteer-for-a- day’ poster, while driving a car emitting carbon gas, on roads where state officials allow burning coal, fracked oil, or ‘safe’ nuclear power for energy, going pass rivers polluted with dark patches of goo and waste, etc.  Wow! Its a day to feel good.

Year after year, this site blogged about where readers could get ‘free’ stuff, games, and meaningless tokens encouraging readers to support Mother Earth by celebrating Earth Day. In reality the slog of researching activities in various cities for this ‘holiday’ did little to fight Global Warming or educate the public about it.

And all of this goes in a country finishing first or second each year in carbon emissions destroying the earth where earnest capitalists argue infinitum that Global Warming is a myth, and where political leaders either ignore its problems, claim it costs jobs, is too expensive to fix, or obey those spending billions to lie about it.

Bloggers here took a vote and unanimously said ‘No More’!  The truth hurts, and the truth about Global Warming must arouse action. The subject is not about fun. It means eventual death to millions, to poor nations and to this planet.

Hmm.  And apparently hundreds of other bloggers agree! Jason Mark asks ‘Has Earth Day Lost Its Way?‘ He is sad to remember the first Earth Day:  “On April 22, 1970 20 million Americans in cities and towns turned out for day of action to express their desire for a society that would live more conscientiously with this planet. People picked up trash on beaches and in streams, planted gardens, organized and attended environmental teach-ins, marched and sang.”

Now in the environmental news business, he admits “Earth Day has become diminished, has lost some of its original spirit somewhere along the way. . . the corporate co-optation of Earth Day . . . reveals that caring about the environment, if only for a day, has gone mainstream.” In short, there is no real commitment!

Anastasia Swearingen of posits:  “This Earth Day, a host of organizations and companies are urging you to ‘go green’ . . . but what does being ‘green’ really mean? Unfortunately . . . many ostensibly ‘green’ products . . . are little more than glitzy marketing campaigns.

“Earth Day offers a great opportunity to make real lifestyle changes to reduce your environmental impact. Ride Earth-Day-Reduce-Reuseyour bike to work, plant a tree or do some composting. But simply renting a LEED-certified apartment or purchasing GMO-free groceries are feel-good steps that make virtually no difference.”

Chloe S. Maxmin tells the Harvard Crimson:  “I am a committed environmental activist, and I think Earth Day is the bane of the environmental movement . . . Americans officially devote only twenty-four hours to being green deliberately. Too many people believe that celebrating Earth Day can exempt them from further action. This is absurd, and it’s damaging the environmental cause.”

Admittedly, some Earth Day critics, denying that fossil fuels harm the planet, disagree with anti-Global Warming advocates. These critics prefer to ignore the planet’s problems. Rather they obfuscate them by trivializing Earth Day with cotton candy, profit-making t-shirts, and other ‘sales’ of environmental items.

But doing more than free coffee and games means helping poorer nations more deeply affected by Global Warming. Aggressive movements against melting glaciers, rising seas, and hotter temperatures must begin.  Otherwise Earth Day becomes a symbol of confusion, allowing people to pretend love for Mother Earth, while sacrificing nothing to protect it.  And, as wholesale Christian Bibles teach:  “God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14: 33).”

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