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Happy Easter From the Whole Gang! God Bless!

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April 20, 2014

Easter-Sunday-Christ-Is-Risen-2014Rev. Dr. Repriestly: Hi gang Jael wants us to wish one and all A Very Happy Easter Day! So tell us your plans for the summer and remember to keep it short!

Feermeno: I’m still in China.  Jael says not to mention the Chinese build up in arms against Japan over those stupid island, or their dreadful anger against     Malaysia for that ‘lost’ airplane, or Japan’s continuous nuclear spill crises.     So I won’t cause we’re suppose to be talking about Happy Easter!

Jim Seerfar:  She still has me working on diseases in space, the extraordinarily hidden NASA space budget, failures of space spy satellites attempts to provide information about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in place of human spy networks.  Cecil is working with me too. So we both say, Happy Easter!

Cecil Certifier: Yes I join Jim in wishing all earth-end blog readers A Very Eventful Easter. Jim and I have joint assignments on Russia’s cracking of Ukraine’s communication system, and how the CIA is helping them to fix it.

Butterman: Well look for more posts from me on tainted meats and vegetables     coming to U.S. stores this summer.  USDA seems to have solved the     cantaloupe, lettuce and other food problems. But remember, the U.S. imports     meats from China. I’m working with Feermeno and Dr. Bored on that. So Have A Blessed Easter!

Dr. Dr. Ad Versery Bored: Malekee and I are headed for  Guinea in West Africa to check on the Ebola Virus outbreak there.  Over 100 are infected and it is     spreading to other countries.  So pray for us at that Easter altar.

Ida B. Wells, IV.  Pray for me too. Jael has me writing a series of blogs on mafia     thugs ruling in Russia, Ukraine, other former Soviet nations and Europe too.

John J. Jr.: While you guys have positive assignments.  I’m still stuck with trying     to keep these kids in line. Since Feermemo left, her little sister stirs up the crowd about the scant space Jael gives on animal issues. I hope Jael’s book––Betrayal of Stewardship: Extinctions, Declines, & Endless Attacks: God’s Prophecies About His Animal Species––comes out soon. It may quiet them.

Sarah Newsworthy and Wendy Weathersbee:  From all of us watching Global     Warming, Threatening Weather and their many results:  Happy Easter!

Rev. Dr. Repriestly:  Don’t forget to pray about the situation in Ukraine today, for Ukraine, other post-Soviet nations, High_Altar_Smoke_Westthe U.S. President, Secretary of State,     and all the cabinet as they negotiate with Russia to end this beginning of World War III.

Also pray for Taryn at, our web adviser.  Like us, her     company has disagreeing enemies.  May God bless them to overcome because of their support on our behalf.

As Bible messages emphasize, The LORD Jesus suffered much persecution     and so will we:  “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’     sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5: 20).”

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