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Bad Governments Make Killer Decisions Over The People They Rule

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 11:00 AM
February 14, 2014

beijing-smog       Those who rise to civic leadership for reasons other than to protect and serve the people for whom they are responsible constitute oblivious governments that are willing to kill, steal and destroy for the masters they really serve.  China is one example, West Virginia is another. But there are far, far too many other examples.

China’s solution to the wretched air pollution poisoning the citizens of Beijing is simply to lower measurements of polluted air from dangerous to nearly normal.  They hope their citizens will not recognize they are breathing in death.

As Bloomberg’s Adam Minter writes:  “. . . as the smog that has choked Shanghai for . . . week[s] reached hazardous levels, the city’s environmental authority took decisive action to address the frequent air-quality alerts: It adjusted standards downward to ensure that there won’t be so many [alerts].”

And this ‘environmental authority’ is charged with keeping people safe?  Minter adds:  “It was a cynical move, surely made to protect the bureau’s image in the face of unrelenting pollution that only seems to grow worse, despite government promises to address it.” Ahh. Lies to protect the government’s image!

According to Reuters, the Social Science Academic Press and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences rank Beijing the second worst environment among 40 world cities. In 2012, the strangling smog delayed flights, shut down schools and continually brought the city to a standstill.

The problem is no one believes the problem is solvable.  No entity wants to do what is necessary to change the air: not the government, not workers unwilling to sacrifice their jobs, and not drivers of polluting Chinese cars.

The same may be true in ‘coal country’ West Virginia. The Guardian says in ‘West Virginia Chemical Spill Hits West-Virginia-Water-LineWater Supplies’:  “Up to 300,000 face tap ban and schools and shops close after 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol spills into Elk river in Charleston.” The governor put nine counties under state of emergency.

Now, over a month later, because of this poisonous spill from the coal industry, people still cannot drink water flowing from the Elk River. The public elected Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, knowing he had close coal company ties.

He was popular because he put coal miners back to work, and at the same time eliminated many anti-coal company rules. When non-profit advocates tried to sue companies for polluting practices, the governor would take over the cases and settle with companies for a pittance––always giving them a clean bill of health.

Now it has backfired.  Greg Botelho and Tom Watkins of CNN add:  “Businesses––including 15 McDonald’s in the area, according to their ownership group––have shut down. Hospitals have taken emergency measures to conserve water.  The emergency’s ripple effects included the closure of the state Supreme Court of Appeals in Charleston, courts in Boone and Lincoln counties, and the cancellation of classes at West Virginia State University.”

And no one knows when those chemicals will wash away.  So voters may have fired up the coal industry, and put workers back in the mines. But was it worth endangering lives, or hurting local businesses?  Coal threatens miners lives, and it pollutes the air.  Now it attacks the water, and probably the soil as well.

Such situations calls for divine wisdom, but that means people must respect God enough to ask Him what to do.  However, too many leaders are willing to risk their people’s lives for other objectives. As Christian messages explain:  “The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes (Psalm 36: 1).” That fear of God must come before all else!

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