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Record Snow/Ice Storms South & East––Believe Global Warming Yet?

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 18:43 PM
February 13, 2014

snow-storm-traffic-accident    Unprecedented snow-ice-plus storms again hit the U.S. South and East. Even more is coming.  So far this weather has wrecked havoc on freeways, sent people to clean out grocery shelves, downed power for thousands and killed 14 people.

AP’s Jessica Greska writes:  “After pummeling wide swaths of the South, a winter storm dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of the Mid-Atlantic region as it marched Northeast and threatened more power outages, traffic headaches and widespread closures for millions of residents.”

For instance, Baltimore measured over 15 inches of snow and other areas report higher ranges.  As notices went out early, most schools were closed and in most states people stayed off freeways and roads entirely.

Kim Severson of The New York Times posits:  “At least 800,000 customers in the South are without power, 344,000 in Georgia alone. Once again, thousands of air flights were cancelled, and train and bus schedules stopped as well.

Apparently Raleigh, N.C. didn’t learn the lesson about staggering exits from Atlanta. They let schools and  workers all out at the same time. By 3 p.m. as the snow started cars were stalled on roads and freeways.  Some people were stuck in cars for 20 hours. And a widely-pregnant woman walked in snow for three hours.

The National Guard and police helped people out of cars and into shelters. As for police and soldiers, Adan Salazar & Kit Daniels of  aver that such scenes of empty store shelves will soon reoccur:

“. . . waging fights over food items and leaving destruction and empty shelves in their wake, a stunning precursor empty-food-shelvesto what will ensue once a major crisis impacts the U.S.”  They point out that Americans already riot over sales during ‘Black Friday’ and at sports games.

‘Infowars’ anticipates those riots will come if the stock market crashes:  “waging fights over food items and leaving destruction and empty shelves in their wake, a stunning precursor to what will ensue once a major crisis impacts the U.S.”

However, the ‘earthend-new beginning’ team believes these snow scenes––along with unbearably hot summers––will increase, leading to food riots, escape fantasies and neighborhood crimes.  The public must insist that governments admit Global Warming exists and that officials resist corporate business denials, and begin serious fights against Global Warming.

In wholesale Christian Bibles, God stresses preparation.  Noah prepared an ark. Man is warned to prepare to meet his God. And God works now preparing heaven for His children––true believers in His Son Jesus: “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him (I Corinthians 2:9).”

It is utterly stupid that governments, businesses, leaders and private citizens do not accomplish everything possible to prepare for Global Warming––and that includes storing sufficient food in case stores are cleaned out, etc.!

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