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Not Just U.S.: Global Warming Winter Also Horrific for England

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February 7, 2014

Floods-moorlandThe United States must move profit out of the home energy business, or at least fine companies more concentrated on making money than providing services.   It is untenable that citizens in “the richest country on earth” are expected to live in their homes without power in these freezing temperatures.  Moreover, foreign ownership of American power companies must end. The same apply to England!

In Great Britain, unbelievably powerful wind and rain storms have produced unheard of flooding resulting in destroyed homes, businesses, railroad lines, even separating homes from neighborhoods putting them on disconnected islands. reveals: “Stormy weather has left thousands of homes without power, as trains are cancelled amid battering winds and severe flood warnings. . . . winds in the south-west were likely to continue along a similar sort of strength.”

In their rolling 22-plus page Blog with graphic imagery, the Guardian revealed Great Britain has suffered 23 days of rain––91% higher than the average. This has been the wettest December and January for England for some 248 years.

The Met Office forecaster warned to expect wind gusts of 60 – 70 mph. The Environment Agency issued extreme flood warnings in some areas.  Even the Prince of Wales called it a ‘tragedy’ that officials had not done more to help British citizens.  He and other royals pledged 100,000 pounds to help flood victims.

Prince “Charles’s comments came amid growing anger over a perceived lack of government action to help flood-hit Flooding-Englandareas on the Levels.  Residents have begged the Environment Agency to start dredging, with many complaining they are living in ‘third world’ conditions with ‘overflowing’ septic tanks.”

The Coast Guard evacuated residents from some 30 houses. Gigantic battering sea waves have officials advising people to stay away from sea shores.  Most livestock is stuck in mud. Common Englishmen suffer immeasurably.

Meanwhile––just as in the U. S.––liberal and conservative politicians argue over how repairs will be paid for.  While royalty has visited some affected areas, as of yesterday, the Prime Minister had not, about which one victim wrote:  “The longer The PM puts off a visit to Somerset, the angrier the people will get.”

And just as in the U.S., obviously politicians in England have done little, if anything, to prepare for Global Warming.  In fact, rather than financing preparation for coming destructions, their Parliament has cut back on repairs and defenses:

“New money to help communities recover from horrendous flooding simply acknowledges that the Coalition was wrong to cut flood defense investment and maintenance. . . [Politician] Eric Pickles’ . . . decision to remove councils’ duty to prepare for climate change impacts back in 2010 puts countless households at risk.  Unless the Government plans for how climate change is set to dramatically worsen flooding, then this knee-jerk crisis management will happen again and again.”

Those politicians who willfully ignore Global Warming’s coming destruction surely face God’s Judgment.  As used Christian Bibles promise: “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries (Hebrews 10: 26 – 27).

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