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Animal Kids: Manatees, Arctic Falcons, Rhinos––All Dying Forever!

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December 27, 2013

ew130322b        Animal Kids: So why are we here Butterworth?  You know these people still kill beloved animals sending them into extinction.  Let’s see, manatee deaths in Florida are over 800 by now.  And you adults do nothing!

Man-made Global Warming sends so much rain into Canada that it is killing Arctic Peregrine Falcons.  Now who needs more dead birds?  Don’t cats do enough?  And what about a 1,000 South African rhinos slaughtered for their horns?

When do you people ever get enough? The ivory-billed woodpecker, amur leopard, northern sportive lemur, saola, and yeah, the leatherback sea turtle––their killing volunteers trying to keep those turtles alive. What do you say about that?

Butterworth:  Yes. I know, I know. Look you could add the Siberian tiger, Northern Right Whale, Javan Rhinoceros, the Chinese Giant Salamander, and even the Little Dodo Bird. But some people really are trying to save these animals.

Animal Kids:  Trying?  What do you mean trying?  They take the animals’ lands, pushing them to starvation, overfish and pollute their oceans, they kill them for their treasures like ivory, or skin, or sport, or something else stupid!

Butterworth:  I know this is a bad record for this year.  Things are the same, only worse.  But look, people still try.  Capt. Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds fight in the whale wars to save as many of those sea mammals as possible.

And––thanks to members of the Sierra Club––the Governor of Puerto Rico has signed a law protecting Leatherback Turtles on that country’s 3,000 acre Northeast Ecological Corridor (NEC) from development. says Puerto Rico environmentalists have fought for 15 years to save those turtles.

Also writes that some 150 organizations in South African have formed to protect rhinos, including groups from the World Wildlife Fund. They have banded together in this effort, including efforts to de-horn the rhinos.

Please believe there are groups of people who are just as concerned about saving animals from extinction as you peregrine-falconsare.  And oh yes, the is a 40 plus year old organization dedicated to saving peregrine falcons, as well as other birds of prey, from extinction.  They say many other birds are threatened:

“The Peregrine Fund is a non-profit dedicated to saving birds of prey from extinction. Throughout the world, birds of prey are threatened by shooting, poisoning, and loss of habitat. Saving these birds is an effective means of conserving the rich diversity of life that is critical to the future health of our planet and the well-being of generations to come.”

Animal Kids:  OK Butterworth We’ll let you off the hook this time. But, tell Jael we want more people to get involved to save these animals. Number two, the chimpanzee’s not endangered but we just think this one looks smarter than people.

And number three, remember what Christian clothing wholesale warns:  God directed men to “have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth (Genesis 1: 28).” Dominion means we are suppose to take care of them, not needlessly kill them!

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