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End-Times for Grace or Judgment?: Two Sides of the Same Message

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:46 PM
December 3, 2013

prayer-meetingDr. Ever:  We were having Sunday evening prayer last weekend, and as we finished, I ‘saw’ a giant wave holding people as it was washing them away. I said, “Oh, there is a big flood coming.  Many people will die.”

Rev. Repriestly’s daughter, Nancy, who had remained with me after the prayer meeting, said:  “Well, you can pray, why don’t you pray that flood away?”

I said, “But Nancy, there comes a time for judgment.  God has sent revivals, prophets, and messengers, begging people to repent, but when listeners     continually  refuse to repent, eventually He will allow judgment.”

We then had a discussion about God’s grace versus God’s judgment, when she gave up on my explanation about God’s judgment and began to pray:

Nancy Repriestly:  Dear Lord, I pray that You stop natural disasters from coming, that You hold back the tide.  I pray that You save Christians that are in these areas, and that their lives be saved.

I pray that You give people time and space to repent of their sins.  I pray that people would see God’s judgment in the earth, and that we would return, humble ourselves, pray and turn from our wicked ways so that you would heal our land.

You said in Your Word that we could command the waves to be still, so we speak to these waves and floods that are coming and tell them to be still!

I thank You Lord for leaving the door open for more people to be saved.  I thank You for keeping the door open for laborers to usher in this end-time harvest.  I pray for world-wide evangelism, and that we pray for the nations, that You wake up the Church, the sleeping giant!

You said that the fields are ready for harvest, but the laborers are few, so pray that The Lord of the harvest send laborers.

I pray for people who are hurting during this holiday season.  I pray that you send people to comfort them. I pray that prayer-on-my-knees4hurting people would be able to minister to others so that they get their minds off themselves.

I pray that You give us doors of utterance that we may be able to minister to others who come across our path.  I pray that You give us more doors of opportunity  to witness to others and the words to say to them.

Dr. Ever:  “For ever, O LORD, Thy word is settled in heaven (Psalm 119: 89).” Please help us to see both sides of grace and judgment in the Christian messages within Your Word.

Please help each one of us to minister That Word according to the particular gifts You give to each one of us.  Forever, Our Father, in Your Holy Name we pray!  Amen. and Amen.

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