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Man’s Trashy Garbage on Earth, In Oceans & Now in Space

posted by Newsworthy and Seerfar @ 19:07 PM
November 7, 2013

hi-space-junk0_1762594c    Trashy garbage has become a major hallmark of human existence.  It is dumped on and buried under the earth. But a world full of land seems insufficient for man’s junk. Thus, it now floats atop streams, lakes and seas––enough to create multiple football-fields of uninhabitable dead zones, robbing sea life of food. And now nations sending men and machines into space clutter its atmosphere as well.

In ‘Wasted Space: U.S. Military Looking for Ideas on How to Curb the Threat of Orbiting Junk,’ John Matson reveals: “Gazing up into the sky on a clear night, the heavens can appear as pristine as a mountain stream. But in truth, at least in Earth’s vicinity, the trash factor in space may be more akin to what is found in New York City’s East River.”

He explains that space ventures from so many nations has even left enough discarded junk orbiting around this planet to cause multiple space ‘accidents.’  Apparently, after ‘scientists’ play their space games, they leave “spent boosters [and] other satellite requirements” whizzing around on their ‘space streets.’

“As of July, when NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office published its most recent quarterly newsletter, roughly 15,000 pieces of space junk were being tracked in orbit by military monitors. (That catalogue only includes debris 10 centimeters or larger—roughly softball-size and up.)

“More than 2,500 of those fragments originated from a 2007 Chinese missile test in which a satellite was deliberately destroyed; another 1,100 stem from an accidental collision in February between a defunct Russian satellite and a functional communications satellite owned by a U.S. firm.”

Soooo. Now the military seeks to set up a ‘Superfund’ to pay for the clean-up of man’s ‘in space’ discards.  Otherwise, there will be more be more accidents.  Even fatal ones.  Thus, the U.S. military’s DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), implies no more trips into space authorized until private space companies ‘pony up’ for the ‘Superfund.’

David Wright’s article, ‘Where Did All That Space Debris Come From?’, informs: “In recent years the number of large xin_442020612215678125891objects tracked by U.S. military sensors and listed in the official government catalogue has reached an all-time high of around 15,000 pieces of debris, plus about 1,000 active satellites.

“The very high speed of objects in orbit means that debris as small as a centimeter can seriously damage or destroy a satellite. And debris can linger in orbit for decades or longer at high altitudes so it builds up as more is produced.  The risk of collision between large objects in low Earth orbit has doubled in the last five years.  The chance that an operating satellite in the heavily used altitudes . . . will be hit by a large piece of debris in its lifetime is now likely.”

So now they fear that swiftly orbiting junk will crash into men-driven space craft, or rockets or satellites!  Hmmm.  More junk.  Honestly, Jael should have given this story to her new reporter, Cecil Certifier, who relates such accounts of insanity.  Indeed, whether on land, or ocean or in space, man’s wasteful refuge floating around God’s universe is absolutely crazy.

In wholesale Christian Bibles, God declares judgment against such inane foolishness as to clutter His earth and skies with useless junk:  “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient (Romans; 1: 28).”

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‘Keep Slaughtering Dolphins’! Go Ahead! Bring Down God’s Judgment!

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 11:04 AM
November 5, 2013

dolphin-slaughter-taiji  Hello Dad, its me, John.  Look we really need prayer up here.  Lucy Lip is about to lose it.  And I can’t blame her.  All the other kids are just as upset.  My new job is suppose to be controlling this next crop of Animal Kids world-wide reporters to be more professional.  But I guess I’m failing at it.

We talked to Dr. Butterman about the huge increase in animal extinctions everywhere. And all he said was he’d look into it.  That’s not enough Dad.  Me and the kids really want something to be done to stop people being so cruel to animals.

Look Dad, can’t you get your prayer groups to pray about this.  I know it may not seem important considering the mess in wars, politics––and the new diseases Dr. Ad Versery warns about––international relations, and stuff like that.

But God made animals too for people to look after, and right now we do a lousy job of it. Take this week, the News Kids from South America sent us stories about fishermen in Peru killing dolphins and cutting them up as bait to catch sharks. Ugh. Dad this is awful!  Something must be done!  World Wire Press says:

“Marine conservation groups around the world are expressing shock and outrage in the wake of reports and videos documenting the killing of thousands of dolphins to be used as bait in the offshore shark fishery.”

Do you get that Dad––thousands of dolphins?  Conservationists around most parts of the world scream alarms about this, but we hear little about it in the U.S.  And activists demand that Peru’s government immediately stop these mass dolphin killings.  But so far, that government is only considering it.

Hardy Jones, Director of BlueVoice rightly says: “Peru could become the next Japan as knowledge spreads of the dolphin+capture+Peru+aaincredibly cruel . . . practice of killing dolphins to be used as shark bait . . . If the government in Lima doesn’t act . . . Peru may eclipse Japan as the world’s villain [in slaughtering] dolphins.”

Sarah Newsworthy just posted a blog about jellyfish ruling the world, and people are writing her already that people should just eat them.  No, no that is the problem now.  People eat and kill sea turtles, prehistoric sea animals God created to cleanse jellyfish.  But instead people kill these giant turtles for some kind of sex thing and now jellyfish block ocean shores around the world.  And that’s the same reason they give for killing the sharks too!  What kind of foolishness is that?

Dad.  This is horrible.  You and Brother Michael must get the prayer teams going on this.  The kids and I try to pray about it, but Rev. Repriestly says that such horrible wrecks of nature bring God’s judgment onto the world.  So we are not sure how to pray.  But you and Brother Michael know, we hope so anyway.

Well, I’ll hang up now Dad.  Please forgive me for doing all the talking.  I am so upset about the dolphins.  And can you image people eating what restaurants call Mahi Mahi instead of admitting they are selling dolphin meat?  We are all so to blame for these massive dolphin deaths.  Father, please ask Our God for His mercy.

As our wholesale Christian sweatshirts promise both final blessings and judgments:  “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth (Revelation 11: 18).”  Dolphins and turtles are part of this planet God made.  Oh Dad.  Please pray!

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Deadly Ocean Jellyfish: More Destroyers of Life as We Know It!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:15 PM
November 3, 2013

jellyfish-sign        Asia’s obsession with eating Ancient Sea Turtles, and other anomalies from greedy sea hunters––i.e. garbage dumping, overfishing, and waters infected by Global Warming––has freed avaricious jellyfish to take over the world’s oceans.

By feasting continuously on fish eggs, these deadly stinging beasts make ‘normal’ fish populations disappear. They attack industrial energy lines, stop up fish hatcheries, and make normal human livelihood along ocean coasts impossible.

Ecologist Sun Song, from China’s Institute of Oceanology contends that jellyfish taking over oceans drives civilization back “to the Precambrian world, more than 550 million years ago.” Such warnings should awakened world leaders?

In reporting on his study, ‘Massive Outbreak of Jellyfish Could Spell Trouble for Fisheries,’ for Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Richard Stone says:

“In recent years, populations of several jellyfish species have made inroads at the expense of their main competitornomura—fish—in a number of regions, including the Yellow Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Black Sea.” Stone is particularly concerned about the monstrous Nomura’s jellyfish:

“It’s the size of a refrigerator—imagine a Frigidaire Gallery Premiere rather than a hotel minibar—and can exceed 450 pounds.”  For decades this giant was only seen in the Sea of Japan.  Then Stone writes that something changed:

“Since 2002, the population has exploded—in jelly parlance, bloomed—six times. In 2005, a particularly bad year, the Sea of Japan brimmed with as many as 20 billion of the bobbing bags of blubber, bludgeoning fisheries with 30 billion yen in losses. . . Jellyfish blooms can be caused by eutrophication, which can create dead zones around mouths of rivers.”  Again, dead zones kill all fish life in waters.

AFP News adds that jellyfish endanger large fish eatable for mankind: “Marine biologists say they have proof that excessive trawling of small fish species leads to proliferation of jellyfish, a worsening phenomenon whose causes have been unclear.” For example, “In the 1960s, the waters off Namibia used to yield 10 million tons of sardines annually. This has been replaced by 12 million tons of jellyfish,” says Philippe Cury at France’s Institute for Development Research.

Dr. Ever posted on this blog three years ago:  “God created this earth with a delicate balance of the ecosystem. . . . sea turtles are needed to eat jellyfish or else jellyfish consume all fish and plant life beneath them . . .”  But nations in charge of stopping sea turtle slaughters ignored such warnings.  And now it may be too late.

Jellyfish stings are the most deadly ocean killers, even killing greater numbers than sharks.  Its poisons can kill a human being in less than three minutes.  Such carnage will surely ruin most tourist industries.  And, of course, lost of eatable fish will likewise destroy seafood businesses, also affecting grocery sales.

So sea turtles and fish now view their last days on earth.  How soon can the same be said for mankind, whose foolish leaders see neither the present nor future enemies in nature that their own negligence created?

Perhaps this is why the Book of Revelation refers to Satan’s anti-Christ as “a beast rise up out of the sea (13: 1),” or why after “. . . the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea (21: 1),” God will have to destroy His beautiful seas, as jellyfish will have eaten everything in them!

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Animal Extinctions Increase In Front of ‘Helpless’ Man!

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 16:03 PM
November 1, 2013

markhor-wild-goat-pakistan-lgJohn J. Jr.:  Dr. Butterman, I’m so sorry to bother you, but the kids are very upset.      I couldn’t contain them.  So many animals fall into extinction today.

Lucy Lip:  Yeah. Butterman.  And what are you grown-ups doin’ ‘bout it?  Nuthin’! That’s what. We tell ya and tell ya.  Our newspaper boys and girls around the world tell you guys too.  And nobody does anything for suffering animals!

Butterman: What new animal extinctions are we talking about?  This site writes     government officials, journals and non-profit ‘protect animals’ groups. We try to stay up to date.  Jael will be upset to know we have missed something.

John J. Jr.:  OK newspaper kids have sent us secret information about animal species dying out around the world:  Caribou in West Greenland; wild     porpoises in China; elephants in Chad; Sumatran tigers in Indonesia; . . .

Lucy Lip:  And about elephants:  When are you guys gonna to do something about elephants and rhinoceros all around Africa taken out every day just so crooks can cut out their horns and ship them to Asia.  This is crazy, dumb, crazy!

Butterman:  Yes. Well we do know that areas for protected animals are     under-manned, and that low-level criminals have much better arms.  But still those animal-thieves who get caught seem low-level on their bosses’totem poles.  Police seldom catch the big-money behind these horn and pelt     thiefs.  This really takes international law enforcement cooperation.

John J. Jr.:  That’s right Mr. Butterman. So what gives?  Why isn’t that international cooperation taking place? These animal seem unimportant to     people in charge.  Our news reports also reveal these criminals poison     elephants, and lions, tigers and even buffalo, either to take their horns and     skins or remove them from their ancient feeding paths so men can ‘develop’ the land.  We’re just saying more must be done to stop them!

Lucy Lip:   And what about those beautiful Himalayas goats starving to death in India.  Speaking of starving, even in the U.S. baby puffin birds starve to death because Global Warming changed fish patterns, so they have nothing to eat. And what about 300 dolphins washing up dead on the East Coast.  Some docs say they died from infections, others say they GTL-Puffinhave measles.  Aghrughh . . . Only kids get measles, not dolphins! What is going on?

John J., Jr.:  She speaks for all of us, Sir. The kids are all ‘a-crazed‘  They read a release from SPX News service, ‘Wildlife Face ‘Armageddon’ as Forests Shrink’:  “Species living in rainforest fragments could be far more likely to     disappear than was previously thought . . . the researchers witnessed the     near-complete extinction of native small mammals on forest islands . . .”

Butterman:  Say no more.  You both speak the truth.  But another truth is that we have no one truly good ruler of the world who can make people do right. That won’t    happen until The LORD Jesus comes.  Oh Satan will try to rule the earth with even more evil.  But he will be the worse ruler of all.

So pray with me that The LORD Jesus will come back to save earth’s animals soon,and   very soon.  Until then we must keep our faith in that verse on our wholesale Christian sweatshirts: “I can do all things through Christ     Which strengtheneth me (Philippians 4: 13).”

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