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Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us to All of You!!

posted by The Whole Gang @ 7:00 AM
November 28, 2013

Happy-Thanksgiving-2013Jael Ever:  We thank those readers who view our blogs often, and believe in our work. And we thank Our God for another year to seek The Truth of His Son.

Sarah Newsworthy: My crew and I thank God that horrific hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, sink holes, etc. have not hit the U. S. so far this year.  We pray for     those in our country and the Philippines who Global Warming has injured.

Frank Butterman:  And I am thankful for folks working in wildlife services across this country and Canada who are fighting to save dying moose populations, and for food inspectors, and other government workers keeping us safe.

Wendy Weathersbee: We should also be thankful for hard working weather men and women who tell the truth about Global Warming.  God Bless Them All!

Animal Kids:  We thank Our Big God for all the animals that have lived through Global Warming.  And we pray for those elephants in Africa, manatees in Florida, wild porpoises in China and others Global Warming still threatens.

Lucy Lip: I know its Thanksgiving, but you guys need to tell the truth. People kill our animals with their ‘industries’ and no body does anything about it. I’m just thankful that Jesus is coming soon to end all this adult foolishness.

Ally I. Feermeno: My sister’s right. But she has it easy.  If you want to see ‘crazy’ come to Japan with me, where the same company that poisons earth with nuclear waste, now ‘tries’ to clean it up. Thank God you’re in the U.S.A.

Dr. Ad Versery Bored:  And I thank God that we have not seen ‘accidental’ germs killing people, or deadly epidemics, or hundreds dying from galloping diseases. Yes Our Father has indeed blessed America!

Maleekie Ambularie:  In fact Doc, it has been pretty quiet around the world––diseases and all I mean.  If it weren’t for armies of men killing humans, this     would be a good year everywhere.  So, let’s be thankful for God’s grace.

Cecil Certifier:  Well I’m new to the club so to speak.  I want to thank Jael and Taryn at I.E. Plexus for giving me a chance.  I find that I.E. Plexus is a great internet company that supports our blog stores and all.  Thank God for them.

Jim Seerfar: Yes Cecil. And for Taryn and I.E. Plexus support of our sister blog too, Thank God for their work.

Rev. Repriestly:  As we sing on our wholesale Christian sweatshirts:  “Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto Him with psalms (Psalms 95: 2).”

John J., Sr.  May our prayer groups remember His Word:  “O give thanks unto The LORD, for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever (Psalms 107: 1).”

John J. Jr.  Amen father. Amen. Don’t forget to pray for our brothers and sisters overseas now being persecuted because Blog+-+Thanksgiving+2013they believe in Jesus. Please remember them in our prayers during this holiday.  Right Brother Michael?

Brother Michael:  Yes. Let us pray!  Heavenly Father we thank You for Your loving grace in preserving our lives and those of fellow Christians around the world.  Thank You for a country where we can freely worship You. In praise,     thanksgiving and surrender to Your Will! In The Name of Jesus! Amen.

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Dengue Fever Mosquitoes Attacking U.S. From Florida to California

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 11:52 AM
November 26, 2013

dengue1_20100304    Global Warming (i.e. Climate Change) now invites Dengue Fever into the U.S. in full force.  This mosquito-borne disease has especially hit Texas and other parts of the South West, invaded Florida, and now even reaches to California.

Eric Wuestewald reveals in ‘Why Dengue and Yellow Fever Could Be Coming to a City Near You’:  “This past summer, Aedes aegypti—the invasive African mosquito best known for carrying the potentially deadly diseases Dengue and Yellow Fevers—made its unexpected debut in California, squirming up from Madera to Clovis to Fresno and the Bay Area.”

Only resulting from infected mosquitoes, Dengue Fever cannot transfer from person to person. This disease was once erased in the U.S. through preventive education and controlled insecticide spraying. But after 60 years, the danger returns.

In ‘Dengue Fever Presence in Florida at a Pretty Serious Level,’ Patricia Sagastume says recently the Florida Department of Health found affected patients suffered bites from infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.  Now health workers find these types of mosquitoes in 30% of the homes in one Florida location.

Two Texas Tech University researchers conclude “that Climate Change would shift rather than increase the risk for Dengue outbreaks in the United States,” and that the disease will probably become something “the U.S. must learn to live with as Climate Change creates opportunities for the disease to flourish.”

However, Florida residents prefer to look at human causes, such as fresh waters in St. Lucie Rivers and Indian River Lagoons polluted by agricultural runoffs, resulting in miles “of slimy green algae blooms that have killed fish, oysters, crabs, sea grasses and other marine life in the waterways.”

In the agency’s 2012 report, the World Health Organization (WHO) writes:  “. . .  temperatures, precipitation and humidity have a strong influence on the reproduction, survival and biting rates” of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes.  Before 2009, Florida had not seen a Dengue outbreak in over 70 years.

This disease’s early symptoms seem like the flu, but as it advances it can cause harsh stomach pain, nose and mouth Dengue-Fever-Symptomsbleeding, and even lung and heart problems.  A possible life-threatening sickness, Dengue Fever kills 15,000 people in some 100 countries every year.  As of yet there is no vaccine against it!

Along with medical check-ups, vitamins, healthy eating and expert doctors, Americans must put more emphasis on prayer for God’s protection from disease.  These deadly mosquitoes are the devil’s work shop.  So pray for God’s instruments to use against the enemy:  “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked (Ephesians 6: 16).”

Plus size Christian sweatshirts avow:  “And they overcame him by the blood of The Lamb, and by the word of their testimony (Revelation 12: 11).”  Believers must look to The LORD Jesus as The Great Physician:  “And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the Gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease (Matthew 4: 23).”

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Unusual Ice & Snow Storms Sweeping Across U.S. for Thanksgiving

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 14:31 PM
November 25, 2013

nextweek-powerful-storm    At last count, the current wrath of winter storms moving West to East across the U.S. has killed at least 10 victims, and it may well pelt the South and Northeast with a true Nor’easter, just in time for Thanksgiving holidays.

These unusual storms killed five in California, one in New Mexico, one in Arizona, and three in Texas. Before these storms, AAA expected more than 43 million Americans to travel 50 miles or more for the holidays. However, now many weather and travel experts advise against air or automobile travel this week.

Today’s ‘Winter Weather Advisory’ from the National Weather Service says ‘light freezing . . . sleet’ should hit the Charleston-Raleigh North Carolina and West Virginia mountain areas by Tuesday evening.” Road travel is discouraged.

New York forecaster, David Eichorn, explores:  “There seems to be a trend developing within weather forecast models to be developing an East Coast storm Tuesday and Wednesday.  As the storm begins to take shape on Tuesday over the Carolinas, moisture along with milder air at higher altitudes will spread north over Central New York.

“. . . the air near the ground will remain chilly. This could set us up for a wintry mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain Tuesday and Tuesday night. In western New York, toward Buffalo, the precipitation has a better chance of being all snow.  Later Wednesday, we need to watch for a batch of heavier snow to form over West Virginia or western Pennsylvania which would track northeast over Central New York. If this is going to occur, it would arrive near or shortly after dinnertime.”

Air travel is also interrupted. L.A. Times reporter, Matt Pearce,  writes: “The wintry system slushed through New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas on Sunday, dumping heavy snow over several areas in New Mexico and sleet that forced the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to ‘pre-cancel’ about 300 flights.”

National Weather Service meteorologist Dennis Cain told Pearce: “This is more of a January, February-type weather event.” For the East Coast he adds such temperatures could “even be considered cold by January standards.”

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski insists:  “Substantial snow will unfold from the spine of the w01_02018963Appalachians to the St. Lawrence Valley and far northern New England.”

Joe Harris, another National Weather Service meteorologist, told Associated Press reporter, Susan Montoya Bryan: “The ‘Nordic outbreak’ will produce a mixed bag of wily weather that will end up impacting much of the nation.” Bryan mentions the storms causing cancellation of sports events in Arizona, as well as several traffic accents in that state along with Texas.

Even if travel interferes with holiday plans, everyone should remember that the purpose of Thanksgiving is not necessarily family, friends or food.  Rather it is a time to reflect on God’s goodness and to thank Him for His many blessings.  As the Psalmist cries in used Christian Bibles:  “Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High (50:14).”

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‘The Night’ Cometh: Strengthen Christian Faith While There’s Time

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 1:17 AM
November 24, 2013

persecution-Christians        Can you image: Being whipped with 80 lashes because your fellowship drank Communion cups for The LORD’s supper; Or being among 366 killed because your Christian prayer group was said to engage in ‘un-Islamic’ activity; Or watching artillery shells explode your church while it was full of people?

In ‘Iran Gives Christians 80 Lashes for Communion Wine. . . ,’ Benjamin Weinthal reports:  “Four Iranian Christians were . . . sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking wine for communion, a shocking punishment . . . even as a new U.N. report blasted the Islamic republic for its systematic persecution of non-Muslims.”

Christian Solidarity Worldwide says the men “were among several Christians punished for their faith in a nation where converting from Islam to Christianity can bring the death penalty.”

Ahmed Shaheed, UN human rights reporter, claims:  “At least 20 Christians were in custody in July 2013 . . . violations of the rights of Christians, particularly those belonging to evangelical Protestant groups, many of whom are converts, who proselytize to and serve Iranian Christians of Muslim background” are witnessed.

Weinthal also explains:  “Iran’s regime has made stopping the spread of Christianity a cornerstone of its crackdown on religious freedom. The U.S. State Department estimates there [may be] as many as 370,000 Christians in Iran.” The clerical rulers believe Christianity threatens their Shiite Islamic religion.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom in, ‘Commission: Boko Haram Has Attacked 50 Churches Since 2012,’ also laments: “The Islamist terrorist organization Boko Haram has “bombed, burned, or attacked’ 50 churches in Nigeria since January 2012.  The 50 attacks have killed at least 366 persons:

“31 separate attacks on Christians . . . perceived to be Christian, killing at least 166 persons; 23 targeted attacks on Lions-Christiansclerics or senior Islamic figures critical of Boko Haram, killing at least 60 persons; and 21 attacks on ‘un-Islamic’ institutions or persons engaged in ‘un-Islamic’ behavior, killing at least 74.”
World Watch Monitor quotes Rev. Mbaye-Bondoi, a pastor in Bangui, who witnessed:  “Three artillery shells crashed into a church and killed seven people during a weekend of violence in the Central African Republic . . . Two shells landed on the church building and another one landed in the churchyard.”

The seven fallen were attending Sunday services in the Evangelical Federation of Brothers church. Several children were also wounded. The Seleka Coalition fired the shells. Since the Seleka group was formed, “there have been attacks on Christian clerics and lay people, as well as their homes and churches.”

While these Christians are martyred, too often American Christians ‘feast’ on church dinners, ‘televised’ worship, and Christianized pageantry.  If U.S. Christians don’t truly repent, this group will be just as The LORD spoke to the Church of the Laodiceans in Revelations 3 of Bible prophecies:

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot:. . . because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of My mouth. . . . thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.”

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Insane! Another Poor Nation Planning to Join the ‘Global Space Race’

posted by Cecil Certifier @ 18:02 PM
November 21, 2013

st_spacerace_f    This is it!  Space officials in the U.S. and Europe strongly advocate that the space race becomes Global!  I last wrote about India.  But now enough is enough!  Even Ethiopia is building a space program––the Ethiopian Space Science Society!

Insane!  Insane!  Another extremely poor nation that cannot even feed its own people does not need space travel.  Known as ESSS, Ethiopian’s agency will join South Africa, which has its National Space Agency, and a group of African nations now planning The African Space Agency for the African Union. Crazzyy!

Why does South African which has people sleeping on streets, in tents by the highway, and camped out under huge trees need a space program?  Why does the whole African continent need one?  How can desperately poor nations afford this foolishness?  Who is paying for it? And why do space programs have to be Global?

What is this really about?  Are these nations large and small really preparing for war––war on earth, I mean?  Meanwhile, did I mention that while Iran is begging the U.S. and Europe to allow use of its nuclear power for ‘energy purposes,’ that nation also recently sent a monkey up into space?  A monkey!!

Another question:  Why are nations doing bio-germ chemical analysis in space? Since when is better to test for viruses and germs up there?  Is it because testers well know that space travel is bringing more unknown germs to earth?

And on yes, the ‘powers that be’ finally allowed India to join the ‘global space family.’  But because this site and many others questioned how a nation with millions of citizens in dire poverty could have the unmitigated gall to afford space flights, officials claimed it was a ‘low-cost space mission.’

ITN reporter John Irvine says: “India has launched its first rocket to Mars. It is spending $72 million trying to become nj51a17cb8the first Asian nation to reach the Red Planet. But the mission is proving controversial in a country where 400 million people live in poverty.”  According to Reuters journalist, Sruthi Gottipati says the goal was to accomplish space flight before China.

“India’s relations with its giant neighbor China are marked as much by competition as cooperation, and analysts say New Delhi has stepped up its space program because of concerns about China’s civilian and military space technology.  ‘The reality is that there is competition in Asia. There’s the angle of the potential space race,’ said K. Radhakrishnan, head of Indian Space Research Organization.”

Gottipati also points out:  “The mission is considerably cheaper than some of India’s more lavish spending schemes, including a $340 million plan to build the world’s largest statue in the state of Gujarat.”  Hmmm. to worship a statue!!

And in these so-called democratic countries, I guarantee you none of the common people every voted to o.k. to spend billions of dollars in space travel, space exploration, or space ‘anything else.’  To take money from the people for such foolishness at least demands an explanation.

But then, wholesale Christian Bibles tells us to avoid such crazy people:  “Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge (Proverbs 14: 7).” We should just vote them out, if it’s not too late!

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Truth of Global Warming: Don’t Let Them Downplay Midwest Tornadoes!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 19:33 PM
November 19, 2013

507283-el-reno-tornado    So far 13 counties in Illinois and Indiana have been declared disaster areas following some 80 tornadoes that struck Midwest America over the weekend. Leaving damage in 12 states, these storms killed at least eight victims, and injured some 200 others––with some in traumatized shock that everything they owned was gone––and another 600,000 in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan without power!

Within minutes after violent whirling winds touched down, horrified people screamed crying in the street as their houses were completely blown away.  CNN iReporter Anthony Khoury quotes homeowner Michelle Crumrine, who watched as her home was swept away: “A lot of people have a pile of rubble still, and I don’t have anything . . . It’s gone. I don’t know where it went.”

The National Weather Service measured tornado speeds at nearly 200 mph, speeds causing EF-4 damage, within the highest possible of EF-5.  From the air, storm consequence is easily seen in swaths of damage at least three miles long. No tornado of such strength has swept through the midwest in November since 1950.

Associated Press and report a total of 12 states affected by the storms: Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and western New York.

Designated counties are now eligible for state and federal aid in the struggle to recover from the disaster.  According to CBS News those counties include:  Champaign, Douglas, Grundy, Jasper, LaSalle, Massac, Pope, Tazewell, Wabash, Washington, Wayne, Will, and Woodford.

Complete damage reports are not in as the wind storms affected over 60 million Americans.  State Farm Insurance says it has received 1,834 homeowners’ claims in Illinois, and another 1,245 in Indiana, brought by the tornadoes and dt common streams StreamServerother severe weather damage this week.

Dominic Rushe of explains    that warm temperatures in the 60s and 70s could produce severe weather. Meteorologist Matt Friedlein told him:  “You don’t need temperatures in the 80s and 90s to produce severe weather [because] the strong winds compensate for the lack of heating.”

News coverage enthralled by the ravages of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines seems to downplay this weekend’s tornado destruction, as well as the storms simultaneously striking Italy’s Island of Sardinia in The Mediterranean leaving 17 dead, washing out several bridges, and sweeping away dozens of cars!

Again, weather services referred to those storms as ‘freak’!  But none of these frightful events are bizarre.  They are the result of Global Warming!  And until governments, and news reporters start dealing with the real source of these tragedies, such devastation will only drastically increase! But if they don’t:

Only Almighty God can stave off such consequences in these end times.  And He is best motivated by the prayers of those who are ‘in’ Christ Jesus The LORD, Who said in Bible prophecies:  “And there shall be signs . . . upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and waves roaring (Luke 21: 25).”

Through the power of prayer, Christians can foresee such destruction coming to earth, and ask God for revival so that millions more will be preserved for heaven before the ultimate destroyer of billions finally emerges from Syria!

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Illegal Ivory Poachers and Buyers: U.S. Slaps Wake-Up Call

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 7:00 AM
November 16, 2013

485918_460380054019821_1172444485_nThe United States gave huge symbolic warnings to poachers who massacre elephants in Africa, as well as their purchasers throughout Asia:  there will be stiff penalties if they continue in the nefarious practice of destroying animal kingdoms.

Yesterday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Denver crushed and set fire to six tons of ivory it had stored up over 25 years.  the explains: “The items were seized from smugglers, traders and tourists at US ports of entry after a global ban on the ivory trade came into effect in 1989.”
Maya Rhodan of Time Magazine says the government’s message is clear:
“The Obama administration has a message for consumers and vendors of illegal ivory: the United States will not stand for poaching.” USFWS is hoping that the sound of a massive rock-crushers smashing tons of husks, statues, ceremonial bowls, jewelry and other trinkets is clearly and loudly heard around the world.

As soon as officials realized that Asia’s newfound wealth led to slaughtering and poaching two-thirds of Africa’s elephant population, in 1989, The African Conservation Act was set in place to ban exports and imports any ivory materials.

Daniel Ashe, USFWS Director exclaims: “We are taking an important step . . . in the hopes of raising the profile of this issue and also to try to inspire other nations around the world to deal with their stockpiles.”

This summer, the Philippines crushed and burned another 5 tons of ivory, and Kenya has burned theirs as well.  But the Kenyas-illegal-ivory-trad-005push to destroy the ivory market is difficult.  According to Rhodan, “Ivory has been estimated as worth more than cocaine and gold on the black market, with annual revenue of about $10 billion.”

Thus, governments around the world, especially the United States, is sending a huge message to organized crime which has amassed native smugglers and even military teams––such as the Lord’s Resistance Army in the Congo, and alShabab in Somalia––to even kill wildlife officers who would interfere with their bounty.

Azzedine Downes, President of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, insists:  “This is a way to say to people we are not putting a value on ivory. We’re putting a value on the lives of the elephants.”

Steve Oberholtzer, USFWS special agent, further explains:  “What is striking to me is the lengths that some commercial importers and smugglers will go to conceal their ivory, everything from staining it with colors to covering it with leather.  The stakes are high in the ivory trade.”

If nefarious men who kill human beings so they can de-horn and butcher elephants, they should then understand the price that God puts upon the life of both the man and the elephant.  Several Christian messages make it clear:

“And he that killeth a beast, he shall restore it: and he that killeth a man, he shall be put to death (Leviticus 24: 21).  So how will poachers and buyers restore an elephant?  They cannot. Thus, without repentance, only death and hell remain for both poachers, their crime bosses, and the buyers of ivory products.  The price of eternity in the fires of hell for an ivory statue––unimaginable price to pay!

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Philippines Tragedy: Why U.S. Doing More Than Any Other Nation

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:28 PM
November 15, 2013

Typhoon-Haiyan-aftermath-010    As nations, corporations and individuals around the world rush in to help to the Philippines, the invaluable strength of the United States remains an ever-shinning light, while China’s jealous selfishness stands out.

China, supposedly the world’s second-largest economy, at first pledged less than $ 2 million dollars in cash and some short of materials, while the United States has so far provided $ 20 million, including massive military support.  All types of Marine and Navy ships immediately headed for the disaster.

Japan pledged $ 10 million and also sent workers, ships and planes.  Australia––perhaps in guilt as it dismantles carbon pollution policies––says it will give $ 28 million. This is not to mention shelter, medicines, and food offered by churches, volunteer doctors, and other non-profit agencies––all to China’s shame!

Christopher Bodeen says ‘In Philippine Relief Efforts, China Beat by Ikea’: “The outpouring of international aid to the Philippines makes China’s contribution for typhoon relief look like a trickle: Several countries and even Swedish furniture chain Ikea have done more than the world’s second-largest economy. That won’t help Beijing’s campaign to win _71057740_019959011-1over neighbors with its soft power.”

Doing more damage to spoiling its image first China said it would send a few doctors; but when the criticism rose, it increased pledges by paltry amounts: $ 100,00 each from from the government and Chinese Red Cross and $1.64 million in tents, blankets and other goods.

But the story goes deeper: First, China is angry with its smaller Asian neighbors, especially the Philippines, because they refuse its rulership. Just as it argues with Japan over sea rights, China is livid with Manila, insistence to water rights of its islands, even pressing the Philippine’s case to international arbitration.

Second, China is furious because U.S. generosity and military presence rips apart prior anti-U.S. military resentment throughout the Pacific.  As Dan Lamothe writes in ‘Everyone Hates U.S. Bases in Asia––Until Disaster Strikes’:
“It was 1991 when a closely divided Philippine government ordered U.S. forces to leave the naval base in Subic Bay, a sprawling facility that had been used by Americans for decades. The Philippines and the U.S. militaries have interacted since, but only recently began discussing the possibility of again basing U.S. forces in the southeastern Asia nation. . . [thus] the U.S. military scrambled to assist the Philippines after much of it was leveled by Super Typhoon Haiyan . . .”

Namely, China knows U.S. assistance will more than likely result in one or more permanent U.S. military bases on the distressed islands.  Lamothe continues:  “America’s involvement in the typhoon relief effort will service as a reminder to Philippine officials that there are benefits in striking a deal to allow the U.S. to base Marines and sailors there on a rotational basis.”

Murray Hiebert, Asian expert at the Washington, D.C. Center for Strategic and International Studies, told Lamothe:  “The Philippines wants this very badly. They want us as a hedge against a growing China. I can’t imagine they are going to spurn this opportunity.” China knows this and is very threatened!

Even with all its faults, the United States is still a Christian nation, while China clings to its atheist, neo-pagan roots.  As wholesale Christian sweatshirts avers: “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again (Luke 6: 38).”

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Most Effective Ways to Send ‘Emergency Help’ to the Philippines

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 16:51 PM
November 12, 2013

1325278659-destroyed-streets-and-missing-person-signs-after-deadly-typhoon_985421    After Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, calls for support are going out all over the world. Nations, organizations and individuals are either rushing there or sending emergency aid. But one of the island’s politicians is calling for perhaps the most important aid of all––‘Do something about Global Warming!’

Speaking to the 19th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP19) three days after Haiyan struck his homeland, Philippines Climate Negotiator Naderev ‘Yeb’ Saño, called the storm ‘utter madness’:

“What my country is going through as a result of this extreme climate event is madness. The climate crisis is madness. We can stop this madness. Right here in Warsaw. . . Typhoons such as Haiyan and its impacts represent a sobering reminder to the international community that we cannot afford to delay climate action” he told the 200 delegates, according to Lauren McCauley of Common Dreams.

Saño challenged Climate Change deniers  and those from countries “less impacted by the effects of global warming and therefore are less motivated to enact meaningful change” . . . “I dare them, I dare them to get off their ivory towers and away from the comfort of their armchairs.

“I dare them to go to the islands of the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Indian ocean and see the impacts of rising sea levels; to the mountainous regions of the Himalayas and the Andes to see communities confronting glacial floods, to the Arctic where communities grapple with the fast dwindling sea ice caps, to the large deltas of the Mekong, the Ganges, the Amazon, the Nile where lives and livelihoods are drowned, . . .165200-typhoon-nesat-philippines-flooding

“. . . to the hills of Central America that confronts similar monstrous hurricanes, to the vast savannas of Africa where climate change has likewise become a matter of life and death as food and water become scarce. Not to forget the monster hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern seaboard of North America as well as the fires that razed Down Under. And if that is not enough, you may want to pay a visit to the Philippines right now.”

Non-profit companies accepting donations to help victims of Haiyan include: U.N. World Food Programme, or text AID to 27722 to give $10; UNICEF at; Catholic Relief Services,; World Vision,

This blogger did not include the Red Cross which has only “deployed two people to assist with assessments in the Philippines and activated its family tracing services,” while World Vision, for instance, has 200 workers in the Philippines.  Also the Red Cross failed to give promised support of $ 10,000 to eligible families, victims of  Hurricane Sandy, although the agency raised millions for that effort.

The entire staff at asks our readers to do three things:  First, pray for survivors among those hundreds of islands, especially for those who now fear starvation; second, give funds for their support; and third, pray that world leaders will get very serious about ending Global Warming!

As wholesale Christian sweatshirts blare:  “Charity never faileth:. . . . And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity (1 Corinthians 13: 8 – 13).”

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Wealthy Men Deny Global Warming While Philippines Lie Destroyed

posted by Jael Ever @ 22:47 PM
November 11, 2013

3035142-3x2-940x627        Three days before Typhoon Haiyan left a devastating 10,000 deaths in his neighboring Pacific nation, the Philippines, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, heaped scorn on Global Warming scientists, saying “I am unconvinced that catastrophe is around the corner.”

Now that effects of Global Warming have left the Philippines lying in unimaginable chaos, is that a ‘close enough corner’ for Mr. Howard?  Just a few weeks before, those same islands were flattened with a colossal earthquake.  And just days later Australia itself almost burned to the ground with unstoppable super-wind swept wild fires.  But, no, nothing comprises ‘truth’ for Howard.

Speaking to the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a group misnaming itself because its members are Climate Change skeptics, Howard praised Nigel Lawson’s book ‘An Appeal to Reason:  A Cool Look at Global Warming,’ as his only authority for denying that Climate Change exists, in spite of the fact that 97% of climate change experts counter that Nigel’s book is where the hoax is.

Would to God that the worlds of these ‘comfortable’ wealth-endowed ‘gentlemen’ were turned upside down in the same manner as that of Philippine victims, that they would be hit with what has been called the largest and most violent storm in human history, that they would see bodies slung over tree limbs, homes demolished and starving survivors inaccessible for what little aid is coming!

Those 10,000 deaths must be laid at the feet of heartless men like Howard and Lawson who only wish to continue PHILIPPINES-WEATHER-TYPHOONmaking billions of dollars doing ‘business as usual,’ while they deny that their industrial practices produce storms in the class of Haiyan, or fires that wipe out whole towns in Australia, or earthquakes that tear up coastal cities as in those flattened by Hurricane Sandy.

In his article for The Sydney Morning Herald, Nick Miller quotes Howard’s speech entitled, ‘One Religion Is Enough,’ wherein the braggart begs politicians and businessmen to take Global Warming as seriously as ‘those religious fanatics.’ Howard claims he chose the title “ . . . in reaction to the sanctimonious tone employed by so many of those who advocate . . . costly responses to what they see as irrefutable evidence that the world’s climate faces catastrophe.”

The former Prime Minister even threatened that development dollars would be withheld from ‘developing’ nations such as The Philippines, saying their “. . . economic growth in developing countries was much more important than countering global warming. . . [and that] . . . the West had no right to deny economic development to the rest of the world in the name of Climate Change.”

Thanks to tycoons like Howard, now poor nations like The Philippines are in even deeper, unimaginable destructive poverty, because, instead of giving them aid, the choking wealth of these ‘Climate Change deniers’ merely kills them.

One would despair if it were not for those Christian messages which promise God’s wrath upon Howard’s class if they don’t repent:  “Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days (James 5: 1 – 3).”

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