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It’s Going to Get Worse: Global Warming and Earth’s Future

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 10:00 AM
October 30, 2013

The-Consequences-of-Global-Warming-global-warming-prevention    Overwhelmingly, time estimates for increasingly danger signs from Global Warming generally come in much earlier than expected. The latest reports about world-wide trends as being a generation away will probably happen much sooner.

Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science and other scientists agree that modern man’s post-industrial systems now push “. . . the ecosystems of the world out of the environment in which they evolved into wholly new conditions that they may not be able to cope with.” More extinctions will result.

Because they cannot adjust to changes in climate, tropical plants and animals will be hit soonest and hardest.  Researchers expect that Global Warming will affect some six billion people within the next decade or so.

Commenting on his organization’s report on coming devastations in Africa and Asia, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim says: “The scientists tell us that if the world warms by two degrees Centigrade . . . that will cause widespread food shortages, unprecedented heat waves, and more intense cyclones.”

Even the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Climate, which did the study for the World Bank, admitted that last year’s projections about accelerating heat levels had been too low.  The Institute told AFP News:  “. . . if the world warms by . . . 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit . . . [it] will cause widespread food shortages, unprecedented heat waves, and more intense cyclones.”

Sebastian Ostberg, head of the Potsdam Institute, told SPX News Service:  “Essentially, we would be leaving the world as we know it. . . nearly no area of the world is free from Climate Change transforming landscapes substantially.”

Camilo Mora of the University of Hawaii, lead author of a Climate Change study published in ‘Nature’ magazine, exclaims: “The results shocked us. Within my generation, whatever climate we are used to will be a thing of the past.”

Ryan Longman, co-author of Mora’s study warns:  “In predominantly developing countries, over one billion people under an optimistic scenario, and five billion under a business-as-usual scenario, live in areas that will experience extreme climates before 2050.”

His team’s study states:  “Unprecedented climates will occur earliest in the tropics and among low-income countries, Path-of-global-warming-001highlighting the vulnerability of global biodiversity and the limited governmental capacity to respond to the impacts of climate change.”  But eventually Global Warming will affect rich and poor alike!

A University of California-Los Angeles study headed by climate scientist Alex Hall reports that California’s mountains will see dramatic loss of snow falls. And Environmental Scientists, Chris Pagnutti, and his colleagues,      insists that Climate Change will continue to shrink the world’s forests.

Lists of similar scientific findings goes on and on. Yet, political naysayers about Global Warming, and their wealthy sponsors, refuse to admit its existence. As wholesale Christian sweatshirts advise, believers must “Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5: 17)” for God to send true revival around the world so that some naysayers may find salvation, or else be held responsible for billions of deaths.

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Forecasts: Cold Snowy Winter & Drought Relief in Parts of U.S.

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 11:43 AM
October 28, 2013

Snowfall-2013-2014    Forecasts by various weather scientists disagree on certain points, but most believe this winter season will be unusually rough and snowy in scattered sections of the country. Some claim much-needed water will fall on Western states.

Jillian MacMath from predicts in US Winter Forecast:  Snow to Bury Rockies; Slow Onset in East:’ “The season will get off to a slow start in the Northeast with only occasional shots of cold early on. The northern Plains and the Rockies, however, will be bitterly cold at times and buried in snow.

“The winter season will begin with well above-normal temperatures for the Southeast, Tennessee Valley and Gulf Coast areas.  December could yield daily record-breaking warmth for the Tennessee Valley, where monthly temperatures departures could average as much as 4-6 degrees above normal.”

MacMath and Doyle Rice, weather prognosticates for USA Today, agree that California and the West will receive  enough rain and snow to overcome past drought seasons. Rice predicts: “. . . most of the West will see the opposite weather pattern:  A cold and snowy start . . . good news for drought-plagued California.”

J. Liberatore, Jr., explains the Lezak Recurring Cycle’ in ‘Weather Forecasters Looking for 2013-14 Winter Weather Patterns to Set Up.’  Using this theory he surmises the Great Lakes region will have heavy snow this Thanksgiving week:

“Meteorologist Gary Lezak developed and discovered the Lezak Recurring Cycle which claims that a 10-month pattern of weather events will set up each year between the beginning of October and the first week of November.

“Then it repeats several times over during the winter and spring months. The wintry weather pattern that makes up theheavy-snowfall-2013-2014 Lezak Recurring Cycle ends with the return of summer’s warmth. . . it takes between 40-60 days for the cycle to return.”

The Weather Channel’s Chief Meteorologist, Dr. Todd Crawford, adds: “While we do foresee colder-than-normal temperatures across the SMidwest into the mid-Atlantic and Southeast in November and potentially into early December, there is a risk of much milder temperatures heading into the New Year, especially across the western and southern United States.”

However, Paul Douglas, founder and senior forecaster of WeatherNation TV, throws cold water on all of these weather predictions:  “To be honest, any forecast beyond two weeks should come with a warning much like on a pack of cigarettes. In the end, some things are inherently unknowable.”

Now there’s an honest man.  His warning mention of cigarettes is mindful of illness and death, which especially occur in winter months. Thus, readers must be prepared––in body, soul and spirit––for whatever the coming season may bring.  As Apostle’s Paul admonishes in Christian messages: “Do thy diligence to come before winter (2 Timothy 4: 21).” Excellent advice to know God in every season!

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Update on Space News: Ultra Number of Galaxies, Fireballs & Junk!

posted by Jim Seerfar @ 18:33 PM
October 25, 2013

rr0305b-lg    Cecil Certifier is absolutely correct. It is my job to report on ‘normal’ things going on in space. So let me offer a summary of recent ‘earth-affecting’ activities in space. It should be no surprise: 1) More galaxies grace the skies than men imagined; 2) Fireball as well as giant ice meteors continue to fall onto the earth; 3) Man multiplies space junk in the heavens; and 4) Stars are ‘eating’ planets!

Obtained from University of Minnesota scientists who worked with over 83,000 volunteer citizen scientists, posits some 300,000 galaxies are in the universe.  In a new catalog––10 times larger than any previous study of its kind––can be obtained online at  A paper on their findings is available in ‘Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.’

“The project, named Galaxy Zoo 2, is the second phase of a crowd sourcing effort to categorize galaxies in our universe. Researchers say computers are good at automatically measuring properties such as size and color of galaxies, but more challenging characteristics, such as shape and structure, can currently only be determined by the human eye.”

Dr. Kyle Willett, physics and astronomy researcher at the University says:  “This catalog is the first time we’ve been able to gather this much information about a population of galaxies. . . People all over the world are beginning to examine the data to gain a more detailed understanding of galaxy types.”

That number of volunteer space watchers represent what it would take one full-time astronomer to gaze in his telescope for 30 years. Lucy Fortson, professor of physics and astronomy in the University’ s College of Science and Engineering, adds: “With today’s high-powered telescopes, we are gathering so many new images that astronomers just can’t keep up with detailed classifications,”

In other news, at least four fireballs fell on the U.S. in a 24 hour period last summer, according to the American Meteor Society.  This month that society reports over 157 major fireballs fell over 17 states. Their site,, shows a map of where they fell over the East, West and Southern coasts.

According to The Extinction Protocol, in the same month the fireballs fell, a giant pure white ice meteor slammed into Bigbangbluff 01Tennessee near a playground filled with children. An extremely heavy and large chunk of ice, hit the earth with a loud shaking thud.  This megacryometeor is formed during strange atmospheric conditions. Somewhat similar to hailstones, they do not form in thunderstorms.

The Center for Astrophysics reports “billions of stars in our galaxy have captured rogue planets that once roamed interstellar space.  The nomad worlds, which were kicked out of the star systems in which they formed, occasionally find a new home with a different sun.” These stars speak of a “double-planet system.”

But worry not.  Those who are in Christ Jesus will soar through, even ruling these ever-expanding stars, planets and galaxies.  As Apostle Paul writes in Bible prophecies: “For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him: . . .(Colossians 1: 16).” So get on The LORD’s ‘space ship’ for He comes very soon.

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Australia: Fires Threaten Cities––No Official Belief in Global Warming

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 14:39 PM
October 24, 2013

bushfire-raging    In order to defeat a Prime Minister who tried to protect his country against affects of Global Warming, winning opponent, Tony Abbott, based his campaign on the premise that Global Warming is a hoax designed to interfere with continuing corporate business wealth. These denials boomerang into unparalleled brush fires!

Tabbott’s positions embolden both children and military leaders to commit ferocious dangers igniting some of those fires. Two boys, ages 11 and 15, are arrested, accused of starting fires destroying thousands of acres.

As the nation’s leader casually dismisses Global Warming, his military may also. writes: “Defense live ordnance activity” is thought responsible for three fires . . . “there are links between Defense, explosive” and fires.

Current brush fires have eviscerated over 200 homes at an estimated cost of $ 90 million. One person has died, and damages are expected to overwhelm present records set. Hazes of smoke and ash blanket the capital city of Sydney, where citizens suffer breathing problems, while anxiously waiting for fires to reach them.

Shane Fitzsimmons, Fire Commissioner of New South Wales––where 62 separate fires now burn––warned that today would be the most dangerous in the current week of fires, and that they would not be able to save all homes:

“The temperature will be in the mid to high 30s (90 degrees Fahrenheit), humidity down to 10% and wind strengths of 80 to 100km/h [160 mph].” He closed all schools and child care centers, and urged residents to leave the area.

Citing that danger levels are at the highest possible, firefighters claim: “. . . outbreaks could merge to create a ‘mega NSW_bg-408x264blaze’ west of Sydney. . . . New South Wales  . . . is facing an ‘unparalleled’ emergency.

Meanwhile, as Global Warming results decimate his nation, Aussie’s militant Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, still adamantly denies it exists.  When Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, insists on a like between his nation’s fires and Global Warming, Abbot says she is “talking through her hat,” and that “fire has been part of the Australian experience since humans first came to that continent.”

Former Vice President Al Gore, buffoons that position, likening it to tobacco companies denying that its product causes lung cancer:  “And bush fires can occur naturally and do, but the science shows clearly that when the temperature goes up and when the vegetation and soils dry out, then wildfires become more pervasive and more dangerous.”

In contrast to Abbott, his predecessor, Kevin Rudd, called climate change (Global Warming) the “greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time.” And the Labor Party leader who ruled before Judd even tried to enact a carbon tax to lessen that nation’s tendencies for such fires.

So guess which leaders deserve God’s rewards for protecting their citizens and telling them the truth!  As wholesale Christian books repeatedly warn:  “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy (Proverbs 29: 1.”

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New Blogger Cecil Certifier Abashed at India Going to Mars!

posted by Cecil Certifier @ 16:50 PM
October 23, 2013

Rev. Repriestly:  Hi everyone.  Dr. Ever has asked me to introduce a new addition to our staff.  His name is Cecil Certifier, and Jael added him to address items that we consider are too ‘insane’ for our more serious reporters––who deal with such subjects as Global Warming, seeping nuclear waste, new diseases, etc.

Povety-IndiaCecil Certifier:  Thank you so much Rev. Repriestly.  The first thing Dr. Ever asked me to cover is the insanity of a nation like India––overflowing with billions of citizens living in dire poverty––plans to send a space missions to Mars.

Another new reporter is working on space travel issues, but any items Dr. Ever believes border on insanity, in any realm of earth or space, she assigns to me.  So I started my study looking at Indian society and its ‘need’ for space travel.

Get this!  Wikipedia says that India is “estimated to have a third of the world’s poor.”  That would be over two billion people.  The World Bank agrees, claiming that 32.7% of India’s population falls below the international poverty line of $ 1.25 a day, and 68.7% live on less than $ 2.00 a day.

Also, the last United Nations Development Program adds that 29.8% of Indians live below standard poverty lines.  And the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative insists that eight states in India have more poor people than 26 of the poorest African nations.

Yet this nation now has money to send rocket ships to Mars!!!????  But then you know in this 21st century world, public relations means everything.  Sooo, India’s political leaders decided to play ‘more favorable’ havoc with poverty stats!  Simply readjust what is considered the poverty line.

Sooo, while India distributes food aid to 67% of its population, it now claims that only 21.9% of the population is actuallylittle-kids-povety-India poor.  This way, the in-power Congress Party can claim it has helped to bring down poverty––just like China.

The difference is, India is not China! Presently only five countries plan missions to Mars:  the U.S., Russia, EU, China and Japan.  The United States, China and Japan are the first, second and third richest countries in the world.  The EU is made up of over 28 countries.

And Russia has historically been in the same league, even if not now.  These countries don’t admit to having poverty levels anywhere near India’s.  So how can the Indian Space Research Organization even exist, much less go to Mars.

Last July some 6,000 people in Dehradun, India, were killed when flash floods and mudslides washed away less than shanty shacks, poorly constructed tourists hotels, and squallers living on mats and rags over rough dirt roads.

Yes.  Now I see why Jael hired me.  This is absolutely certifiably insane!  India is not a Christian nation, but nonetheless it will be judged for such callous disregard for its countrymen.  As Amos cries out in wholesale Christian Bibles:

“For I know your manifold transgressions and your mighty sins: they afflict the just, they take a bribe, and they turn aside the poor in the gate from their right (5: 12).”  And they risk the wrath of God, just to go to Mars where men have no right to be.  Insane!  As are all nations that invest in such space travel foolishness!

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Deadly Smog Overwhelms City in Northern China

posted by admin @ 16:32 PM
October 21, 2013

Smog-ChinaLife-stealing smog fell on Harbin, capital of  Heilongjiang Province in Northing China, today shutting down all normal activity, including schools, highways, air traffic, in several lesser cities around Harbin.  Scientists estimate that such unyielding fog in China kills some half million people a year.

Apparently, the blinding smog was ignited by heating supply companies starting to burn coal preparing for winter.  Resulting ‘smog-soot’ air cuts visibility down to about 500 yards. In some areas it is less than 250 yards, according to BBC News reports. Some citizens tell reporters they cannot see even 10 yards away.

BBC also says that the density of airborne particles floating above China is “several times above World Health Organization (WHO) recommended limits.”  “PM2.5 levels, used to measure the amount of particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers in the air, were above 500 micrograms per cubic meter on Monday morning,” the state-run news agency Xinhua told the BBC.

In ‘China Smog Emergency Shuts City of 11 Million People,’ Reuters adds that the particulate matter over some parts of Harbin reached 1,000, while for WHO the acceptable level is 300. quotes Sun Qi who lives in Changchun, capital of a nearby province:  “The building 50 meters away cannot be seen clearly. I smelt irritative coal smoke when I opened the window of my house.”

The same type of smothering smog in the national capital, Beijing, earlier this month.  China is supposedly building a nation-wide network to deal with persistent fog in big cities, according to an official who spoke with Xinhua Press.

Voice of America writes in ‘Air Pollution in Northern China Blamed for Drop in Life Span:’ “The Ministry of Environment said last month that only 27 out of 113 major cities met government air quality standards in 2012. And a World Bank report in 2007 assessed that between 350,000 and 400,000 people die prematurely in China each year because of air pollution.”

Such smog reports particularly trouble Chinese government as: “Domestic media have run stories describing the china-record-smog-levels-shut-down-citexpensive air purifiers government officials enjoy in their homes and offices, alongside reports of special organic farms so cadres need not risk suffering from recurring food safety scandals.”

Thus, as Reuters relates, China’s “stability-obsessed leadership” is very worried because of “popular resentment over political privilege and rising inequality in the world’s second-largest economy.”

So they are worried about an uprising because their citizens don’t want to be chocked to death by smog?  But they don’t care enough about a half million deaths a year to stop burning coal? Do they gamble on that time when enough is enough?

Such shameful government neglect bring God’s judgment upon the nations.  As Bible prophecies promise in 2 Samuel 23: 3:  “ . . . He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”

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Global Warming Devastating Moose Populations Wakens Major Media

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 10:02 AM
October 18, 2013

moose-becoming-extinct   At last, effects of Global Warming are so unmercifully killing off a particular species that major press outlets howl.  The New York Times asks is it Global Warming, too much hunting, heat stress, shorter winters, more ticks, etc.?

“Winters have grown substantially shorter across much of the moose’s range.  In New Hampshire, a longer fall with less snow has greatly increased the number of winter ticks, a devastating parasite,” Jim Robbins writes in N.Y. Times.

But he contends:  “And no one is sure why.”  He explains that Minnesota once had two separate moose populations, but one has declined from 4,000 to less than 100. The other has fallen from a population of 8,000 to less than 3,000.

“In the Caribou Mountains of British Columbia, a recent study pinned the decline of moose on the widespread killing of forest by an epidemic of pine bark beetles, which seem to thrive in warmer weather. The loss of trees left the moose exposed to human and animal predators,” Robbins adds.

Erika Butler, former wildlife veterinarian for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, posits:  “It’s complicated because there’s so many pieces of this puzzle that could be impacted by climate change.”

Falling short of saying, “Its Global Warming,” the Washington Post says that in New Hampshire, scientists posit that ticks-on-mooseshorter winters induce growth of  winter tick populations.  “Up to 150,000 ticks can beset a moose at one time, bleeding it out until the moose is little more than ribs, antlers, and some loose skin.”

Unlike deer, moose don’t run in packs.  Because moose live and die alone, affected states have prohibited moose hunting. States like Minnesota now spend millions of dollars looking for and tagging the animals in efforts to preserve them.

These extinction threats are enough to have N. Y.Times editors cry:  “Moose are dying off across North America for a number of reasons, most of which can be linked to a warming climate and an eroding winter. Long, warm autumns and early, wet springs benefit winter ticks, which can cluster on moose in unbelievable numbers, causing anemia, loss of appetite, hair loss from rubbing—weakening the animals at the onset of winter, just when they need their strength most.”

Their editorial further reads:  “The collapse in moose numbers—one Minnesota population has fallen from 4,000 animals to fewer than 100—is something scientists can track but otherwise can do nothing about. “It is typical of the kind of shifts that a warming climate is causing, tipping the balance in ways that favor some species and do grievous harm to others. It is the sign of an entire ecosystem caught up in changes largely brought about by human activity.”

Well at least the editors spoke the total truth!  Global Warming is killing off animal populations in droves.  When God gave man dominion over the animal kingdom that authority included responsibility for animal life.  But man has abdicated that responsibility, and ultimately will pay for that failure.

However, used Christian books indicate that men still have time to fight Global Warming, and preserve themselves as well as the animal kingdom:  “Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.  Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid (1 Timothy 5: 24 – 25).”

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Don’t Celebrate U.S. Consumers: Today Is World Food Day!

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 19:02 PM
October 16, 2013

Download-the-Ending-Hunger-Anthem-for-the-G8-Enough-Food-for-Everyone-IF-One-Voice_web    Today a few knowledgeable people attempt to celebrate World Food Day, but sadness prevails among them.  Some in richer nations continue to exorbitantly waste food, while others in poorer situations constantly battle starvation.

Eager advocates still hope to establish what they refer to as global food security.  As Nicholas Nelson, North American Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization explains: “To live in a world free of hunger, we must create food systems that ensure a plentiful supply of nutritious food with minimal impact on our environment.

“Our food systems must consider sustainability in every step of the supply chain: from production to processing, transportation to retail, and consumption to post-consumption waste.”  But economic interests interfere with such idealism.

In ‘Masses of Food Wasted––‘Use By’ Dates Mislead,’ Carolyn Lochhead of writes:  “Americans throw away 40 percent of the food they buy, often because of misleading expiration dates that have nothing to do with safety.”

Her findings are based on a study by Harvard University Law School and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  Dana Gunders of the NRDC claims:  “The date labeling system is not a system at all.” It is based entirely on what retailers call “inventory control.”

Ted Labuza, University of Minnesota food science professor, says such control is based on what food ‘makers‘ and ‘sellers‘ believe to be peak quality.  “If food looks rotten and smells bad, throw it away, but just because it reaches a certain date does not mean the food is unsafe.  I don’t know of any food poisoning outbreak that came from people eating food that was past its shelf-life date.”

Thus, to preserve profits for such manipulators, almost half of the food in the U.S. is labeled ‘spoiled.’  In ‘About 40 Percent Of All Food In The United States Is Thrown In The Garbage, The Economic Collapse reveals:

“Even though 47 million Americans are on food stamps and millions of children go to bed hungry in this country every single night, we continue to waste approximately 263 million pounds of food every single day of the year.  One day people will look back and regard us as probably the most wasteful society in the history of the planet.”  The Seattle times says that such wasted food takes up more space in landfills than any other trash.

“Some $900 million of expired food is dumped from the supply chain annually, much of it a result of confusion. wasting-foodMisinterpreted date labels cause the average American household of four to lose as much as $455 a year on squandered food, according to researchers.”

So congratulations to those in the richest country on earth with enough abundance to throw away half of it to rot, contaminating land fills with massive greenhouse gas methane, emitting double the potency of deadly carbon dioxide.

Such waste is grievous sin in the eyes of God, and may well result in ultimate judgment.  As Bible prophecies quote Him:  “I will make waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbs; and I will make the rivers islands, and I will dry up the pools (Isaiah 42: 15).”

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Volcanoes: Frantic Nature, Military Sabotage, or End Time Sign?

posted by Jael Ever @ 23:24 PM
October 14, 2013

underwater-volcano1Aware that volcanoes usually coordinate with earthquakes, scientists watch both increasingly occur, and search for explanations. Bible readers point to the end times. But some military investigations indicate the reasons may be man-made.

Strangely, when the Anatahan Volcano erupted on the Mariana Islands of Guam in February 2005, people living there were sickened from “volcanic haze due to the eruption of Anatahan Volcano.” relates, scores of victims reported to Guam’s hospital with respiratory problems and headaches:

“Aerosol particles from the volcanic haze may cause headaches, respiratory ailments, watery eyes, sore throat and flu-like symptoms.”  Officials placed Anatahan Island off-limits for residency, and advised aircraft to stay 30 miles down wind from the island. However, most volcanic ash does not cause such sickness.

Volcano Live continues:  “At the same time, the eruption of the Manam Volcano in Papua New Guinea soared into the stratosphere at such a speed that, “in one hour the ash cloud reached a diameter of 180km (108 miles) and an altitude of 21-24km. (1.2 miles).” The island of Anatahan is only 1% of the volcano, which is 3700 m high from submarine base to summit, and a diameter of 35 km.

The volcano boiled over on February 1st, and on February 2nd, a large 6.2 mg earthquake hit Guam.  On 3rd February, fog was reported at Guam where visibility was reduced to 7 miles. The third historical eruption of Anatahan began one month ago on January 5.

In ‘The Earth is Erupting with Global Volcanoes,’ posits:  “It appears that this planet earth is Eruption-of-Mayon-Volcano-Kills-Three-German-Tourists-650x403exploding. . . . the “Finger of the Almighty One of Israel” is touching off as many as 1,500 active volcanoes around this globe. . .  all were simultaneously erupting within a few short weeks of time. The ash from the volcano fallout is also contributing to the chaos in the global weather patterns.”

However, William Cohen, Secretary of Defense in the Clinton Administration gave another explanation in 1997––terrorism:  “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves . . . So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. . . It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counter-terrorism] efforts.”

At his website, in an essay titled, ‘Soviet Weather Engineering over North America,’ Tom Bearden explores Cohen’s remarks:  “ . . . the technology has been developed into more rigorous longitudinal EM wave interferometry, which is the exact nature of those earlier weather engineering weapons.  The foundations of scalar electro-magnetics are also well explained . . .”

These possible reasons for poisonous volcanoes speak of earth in its end times. Bible prophecies describe such upheavals:  “And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done. And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great (Revelation 16:16- 18).”

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‘Wicked’ Month: Pole Shifts, Economic Haywire, Tornadoes, etc. Pt 3

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:07 PM
October 11, 2013

Tilted-Earths-poles    Scientists claim melted ice from Global Warming has tilted Earth’s geographic poles enough to cause a massive magnetic shift that: disorients aviation directions; will tear continents apart; and cause remaining animal and human life to have no idea where they are!  And seers admit it all may happen in October!

Bryan Nelson of Mother Nature Network reveals:  “The magnetic north pole is currently shifting at a faster rate than at any time in human history—almost 40 miles a year—and some experts believe that it may be the beginning of a complete pole reversal.”

In his study, ‘Adjust Your Compass Now: the North Pole is Migrating to Russia,’  Guy Adams writes:  “Scientists say that magnetic north, which for two centuries has been in the icy wilderness of Canada, is currently relocating towards Russia at a rate of about 40 miles a year.” He speculates, the field may soon split.

However, “No one can predict the impact of ‘polar reversal,’ during which magnetic north and south reverse, since one hasn’t happened for 780,000 years, the longest stable period in the past 5 million years.”

But Destination Yisrael adds further foreboding in  ‘As in the Days of Noah,’ the Earth Tilted and Became Inclined and Sudden Destruction Came upon the Earth––Part One; Prelude to a Pole Shift?’:

“During the last few months or years before the coming of the Messiah it is expected by those who have ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ will experience that our earth will be in the convulsions of major earth changes.

“These earth changes will include meteor and asteroids colliding into our planet, earthquakes, tsunamis, rising and 20080502_magnetic-fieldcollapsing islands and mountains.  Yet most of us do not consider that the days before the coming of the Messiah we will also experience a geo-magnetic polar shift in which the magnetic pole may actually become a complete pole reversal.”

In their lengthy report, Destination Yisrael says that the same shifting mechanisms occurred just before Noah’s Flood as reported in the Book of Genesis:  “This also suggests that within the next few months or years, believing that we are in the Seven Years of the last Sabbatical Week of Years before the coming of the Messiah, our world will erupt again into significant catastrophes and cataclysms.”  Note the words “next few months or years”!

In Noah’s Day, those who believed God obeyed Him and got into the Ark for safety.  They hadn’t seen a flood, or even a drop of rain.  But they believed God, or at least seven of them believed Noah, a prophet and the head of their family.

As wholesale Christian Bibles quote:  “By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.”  The LORD Jesus has already built the Ark.  It is time for people to believe in Him and get on board, before it is forever too late!

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