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What Is The Mystery? Animals Falling Dead in Multiple Groups!

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September 19, 2013

White-Tailed DeerJohn J. Jr.: What do you kids want?  The group was disbanded.  Everyone graduated. You are suppose to be in Sunday school and Bible Study with my father, John, and Rev. Repriestly before a new group starts.

Sarah S.: My name’s Sarah.  My sister, Sissy, calls me the stubborn one. Look we are furious about all these animals dying everywhere, and you guys doing nothing about it. Fish are dying, dogs, elks, everything! Tell ‘em Reggie!

Reginald Eaves, III: Well my good man, as my father Reginald II would say, Benjamin Radford writes in Live Science:  “Officials with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish are puzzling over the mysterious deaths ofvmore than 100 elk, apparently all within a 24-hour period.

Terry B.:  And that’s not all. They weren’t shot or poisoned as with poachers.  What’s worse, over in Kazakhstan over 3,000 saiga antelopes died. In school     we read about it in the Tengrin News on the internet. They call it a die-off.

Gabriel:  Sir, I’m Gabriel. Kids just call me Gab.  We don’t mean no disrespect. But it seems to us something awful is killing animals in droves everywhere.    In Ohio even four dogs in the vet’s beds mysteriously died.  They think maybe something called circoviruses killed them.  But that’s found in pigs.

Lucy Lip:  Yeah, Buster and we wants to know what ya going to do about this. And why haven’t you guys put these stories in blogs before now.  How come we have to make you do it?  Tell him about the fish too.

Sarah S.:  Actually, it’s two fish stories. Carrie Arnold’s post on Nat Geo says: “The waters off British Columbia, Canada, are littered with dead starfish, and researchers have no idea what’s causing the deaths.”  Divers say the fish   just deflated and wasted away, and the sea bed was littered with their arms.

The other one is about the huge amount of bottle-nose dolphins washing up on the East Coast. says Officials examine dead bottlenose dolphin that washed ashore on the Long Island, New York shorelinemore than 333 of these dolphins have washed up from New York to North Carolina since last June.

Lucy Lip:  Yeah.  They’re saying its from a measles-like virus killing em.  But that’s crazy.  Fish can’t catch measles.  We’s still wants to know what you grown up people in Jael’s army gonna do about this.

John J. Jr., Show down there Lip.  First of all, we’ll ask the bloggers with Alvin Conway, founder of Extinction Protocol, who wrote in his book last year that the planet is being over-run by a deadly poisonous fungus.

Second I will work with Ms. Ambularie, Dr. Ad Versery and Dr. Jael will start our own research on these subjects.  And third, from now on Gabriel, Michael’s brother, will be your contact for us. Now back to Bible Study.

Remember the memory verse Rev. Repriestly put on your plus size Christian sweatshirts: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth(Genesis 1: 1).” And don’t forget the verses that go with it showing how people worked with Satan to ruin God’s perfect earth.

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