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Global Warming Driving Planet Into Death & Human Extinction, Pt 2

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 17:03 PM
September 10, 2013

Global-Warming-For-Dummies-Book    Global Warming threatens America’s food, families and ultimately, its security.  As shoppers watch grocery prices sky-rocket, and new diseases rush onto the nation’s shores, the inevitable question arises:  when will the government get serious about stopping the effects of these horrendous climate change.

A decade ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) began warning leaders of nations that climate increases would bring diseases.  In 2006, Kristie L. Ebi, public health consultant for WHO, warned that climate change could overwhelm public health services. Yet little as  been done about the causes of Global Warming.

Last year, a group of climate scientists and public health researchers predicted “ . . . global warming will lead to higher incidence and more intense versions of disease. The direct or indirect effects of global warming might intensify the prevalence of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, dengue and Lyme disease . . .”

Professor Gerald Friedland from Yale’s School of Medicine added: “Global warming will likely cause major population upheavals, creating crowded slums of refugees [making] residents more vulnerable to diseases . . .”

Dr. Maria Diuk-Wasser, also from Yale, theorized:  “. . . global warming may increase the infection rates of mosquito-borne diseases . . .Warming, and the floods associated with it, are like to increase rates of both malaria and dengue, a viral disease . . . transmitted by mosquito bites. . .effects of temperature increase are an increase in . . . mosquito biting rates, which increase contact rates with humans.”

This year, in ‘How Much Disease Would Climate Change Cause?,’ WHO gives the same warnings.  But, as the nation watches huge crops of mosquitoes spring up from coast to coast, still few in charge seem to be seriously listening.mosquito460

Even as she discusses ‘Climate Change ‘Driving Spread of Crop Pests’,’ Rebecca Morelle of the BBC ‘re-assures’ readers that insects increasingly destroy our food crops driving up food costs:  “ . . . it is estimated that between 10% and 16% of the world’s crops are lost to disease outbreaks. The researchers warn that rising global temperatures could make the problem worse.”

She quotes Dr. Dan Bebber from the University of Exeter:  “Global food security is one of the major challenges we are going to face over the next few decades.  We really don’t want to be losing any more of our crops than is absolutely necessary to pests and pathogens.”

So there you have it!  Leaders continue to piddle around the edges of action, while Global Warming steals the nation’s foods, makes its population sick and weakens viabilities for long-lasting lives.  Medical communities around the world fight to hold back tides of exploding epidemics, but that won’t always work.

As world leaders refuse to act, only Almighty God can make the difference.  Please ask Him to stop the swiftly falling decline of the human race, and return His Son to take charge of this earth immediately.  As Apostle John prays at the close of the Book of Revelation: “Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (22: 20).”

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