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Is 2013 A Better Year of Health for the U.S.? Or Are We Just Not Told?

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 10:06 AM
July 31, 2013

mosquito-carrying-West-Nile-Virus-2    Just as I was beginning to write about 2013 being so far a year of health for American people, mosquito-carrying West Nile Virus sprang up.  Nonetheless, compared to 2010 thru 2012, this year has been a respite for Americans’ health!

Starting in 2010, this nation was faced with diseases from whooping cough to E. coli, including:  mad cow disease, Lyme disease, Babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, malaria, dengue, plague, measles, tuberculosis, leprosy, avian flu outbreaks, intestinal parasites, meningitis, chagas disease, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.

Of course, most of the diseases attacking Americans in those three years were caused by Global Warming. But immigration, and world-wide travel and population growth also accounted for soaring disease patterns.

Then there were the mishaps on grocery shelves, among farms and food processors, including foods imported from China and Europe. Even wholesale medical suppliers brought recurring deaths to Americans during those three years.

Lettuces were recalled because they produced symptoms of listeriosis; chickens, cows and pigs were often found to be disease carriers; some peanut butter was found to have salmonella; excessive amounts of mercury was found in most fish Americans eat; and beef from Europe was rejected because of horse-meat, not to mention the myriad of foods from China Americans could not eat.

By the end of last year, some 30 Americans had died and over 400 more were sickened because of filth in compounding pharmacies.  Poor treatment in some of the nation’s sewage treatment plants still contributes to new antibiotic resistance in bacteria.  Thus, doctors still find it more difficult to heal patients.

And by the end of 2011, 29 other Americans were killed when eating cantaloupes infected with listeria.  And state and listeria-on-cantaloupe county fairs were avoided because of possible contamination from swine flu, E. coli, and other health hazards.

Now, so far in 2013 things seem to be better.  But are they?  Here are some possibilities:  First: In spite of 00+ degree weather, few heat-related deaths or illnesses have been reported this summer; Hundreds of people died the last summer the U.S. experienced such hot weather, and there were stories everywhere about what was done to help people stay cool.  But not this summer.  One must ask why?

Second: It is possible that news about breaking diseases may be more suppressed than in prior years. For instance, victims of Hurricane Sandy, the Arkansas oil spill, or the Oklahoma tornadoes must be in the hundreds, but there is little follow-up news on illness numbers or types or patient conditions.

Third:  New U.S. government laws (i.e. HR 933) gutting food safety make it almost impossible to stop production of bad foods; Meat, livestock and other food producers are even pushing back against disclosure laws. For instance, as Dan Flynn writes in Food Safety News, meat producers fight disclosing nations of origin for the meat products Americans are told to eat.

Let us pray things are better in 2013 because God wills it. But as Christian messages insist:  “Watch . . . and pray always, that ye may be . . . worthy to escape all these things . . . and to stand before the Son of man (Luke 21: 36).”

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